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OHMSS on the big screen, next week in LA

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Posted 10 September 2010 - 04:01 PM

He might have, but once it was over, he left the theater, but did make a brief appearence in the lobby.

The CBn crew had decided some pints were in order. Hence, we went down the block and ordered some. Major shop talk ensued along consumption of said pints.

Excellent dinner before hand thanks to John Cork. Thank you good sir. *tip of "THE" hat* to you my friend.

The print wasn't 100%. The sound was fine but a few scenes might have been snipped a bit between reels. Nothing major but just a few jumps here and there. George was very candid about a number of things but really seemed to enjoy the whole event and got a couple of standing ovations. It was a full house and the audience cheered and I heard a few sniffles with the last scene. The whole Tracy/Blofeld scene got a lot of laughs from the women.

A grand night and good fun.

Lads, until the next time. As to our resident Moneypenny Athena, see ya when I see you. ;) Take care kittycat.

Terrific evening all round;
The print looked great, as Bryce pointed out, it did have some very minor trims, but given that it was an original print thats not surprising;
OHMSS is one of those Bond pics that just looks luminous on the big screen; Michael Reed's photography is wonderful and for me, probably the 2nd best of the series behind only Tournier's beautiful work on 'Moonraker'.
Laz was witty and warm and the audience seemed very appreciative.
Great to meet some more folks and argue the finer points (I think Neil is still in shock over my thoughts on GE); Bryce was in fine form and even wore his hat!
Great night!