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Posted 02 July 2010 - 09:29 AM

The FAN FIC event 2010


The Odds can change. The Number remains the same

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Can you keep a Secret????


Launches 08 09 10

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Posted 03 July 2010 - 08:37 PM

We all have secrets

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 04:21 PM

We all have secrets

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The biggest spy swap since the end of the Cold War appeared to have taken place as Russian and US planes met in Vienna to exchange agents, defusing an espionage drama that threatened improving relations.

Two planes involved in the swap, one Russian, one US, parked side by side on the tarmac at Vienna airport for around an hour and a half as vehicles shuttled between them. The Russian plane then took off, followed by the US plane.

Local officials maintained a strict news blackout throughout. Moscow and Washington had earlier agreed to swap 10 Russian agents held in the United States for four Russians jailed in Russia on charges of spying for the West.

The dramatic conclusion to the espionage scandal which has gripped America came after spymasters brokered the deal on the instructions of presidents keen not to derail a series of important diplomatic breakthroughs between Russia and the US.

In the first step of the carefully choreographed swap, the 10 Russian agents pleaded guilty on Thursday in a New York court to charges against them and were immediately deported. Then, around midnight local time, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree pardoning four spies serving jail terms in Russia on charges of spying for the West.

The US and Russian legislatures are also considering ratification of a key treaty cutting nuclear weapons and Russian accession to the World Trade Organisation, things neither side wants to jeopardise.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the spy swap "gives reason to expect that the course agreed on by the leaders of Russia and the US will be consistently implemented in practice and that attempts to knock the parties off this course will not succeed".

But the swap itself may add fuel to Republican accusations that President Barack Obama is being too soft on Moscow.


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Posted 18 July 2010 - 10:25 AM


In the countdown to A SECRET TO THE GRAVE
Please feel free to catch up on BOMBSHELL

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Back Jacket Synopsis

From the depths of the Baltic Sea, a Royal Naval submarine intercepts a single covert transmission; revealing the existence of a Russian spy as that of a prominent UK Banker.

James Bond embarks on a mission to determine the fate of the suspect. But soon discovers he is not alone in his search.

As the World prepares for war, its fate hangs on the questions posed by a Church of death and a man of vision

When Bond discovers the answers, he is propelled on a roller coaster ride to stop a disaster of biblical proportions.

As time runs out, the odds against Bond grow longer, until he is forced to take the ultimate gamble.

“To gamble everything is dangerous, Mr. Bond”
“But the Double 0 gives me the best odds”
“Odds can change, Mr. Bond”
“But my number remains the same”
“Then I guess you’re a dangerous man, Mr. Bond”
“Then I guess you’re right”
“I can see now you’re a double 0 man, Mr. Bond”
“Then you know why I’m here”

Extract from The Pre title Sequence (Where Bond is in Tahiti; assisting Mathis to arrest a terrorist)

Suddenly it was quiet in the smoke filled room.
Bond’s eyes adjusted quickly to the gloom
and then in the shadows he saw
Rene Mathis.
He was standing just over ten feet away from him,
Bond could see he had been shot and his blood now seeped through his light grey jacket.

Behind Mathis stood Efraima; the man they had come to arrest.
Efraima had caused all sorts of problems for the French authorities
when they had last come to the island to detonate their atomic weapons.

Intelligence had reported that Efraima had been smuggling guns into Tahiti
and was intent on terrorist activities to thwart the next detonations,
due at the end of the month. It was the guns that had brought about the warrant for his arrest,
but it was his knife that he now used as his primary weapon.

Efraima’s dark tribal tattoos stood out in stark contract to his well muscled arm.
His knife rested against Mathis’ throat. The man stood well over six feet tall.
His bulk dwarfed Mathis, as the man held him, pinned to his heaving chest.

His breath was deep and steady, his eyes blazed; the whites shining in the dark smoke filled room.
Slowly Bond got back to his feet

“I told you not to speak to any strange men in the bar” Bond said to Mathis.
The old Frenchman opened his eyes.

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Posted 31 July 2010 - 06:12 PM

With just 40 day until the launch of A SECRET TO THE GRAVE
A little snippet of the action in BOMBSHELL - Just to whet your appetite

Chapter One


10 Downing St. London, England.
The British Prime Minister addressed his Cabinet, his voice was cautious.
“Gentlemen; an American war with Iran, is a war that would unleash an apocalyptic scenario in the Middle East,
we cannot condone this action”

The First Secretary, Ben Tolliver sensed the mood and commented
“And it could begin in as little as three days”

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Posted 08 August 2010 - 01:29 PM

Chapter Two

Men of Neptune

The more she was involved in her comfort zone the more she warmed to the conversation
“Situational awareness, translates into jamming and giving a false GPS recognition position
to anybody transmitting a covert message”

Tolliver smoothed back his hair and nodded in approval
“False GPS recognition positioning” his tone exuded the most vital understanding of her comment,
and he made her feel important just for saying it.

M explained “The UK is a high priority espionage target and a number of countries
are actively seeking technological information and material to advance their own military,
political and economic programs. Basically your new system has been targeted by the Russians;
Armstrong’s mission was to steal it”

Jenifer looked disheartened she had totally been taken in by Armstrong;
she began thinking back over the detailed explanations she had given as to the workings of the new devices.
Now the awful truth dawned on her he was a spy.

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Posted 14 August 2010 - 07:52 AM

Chapter Three

Autumn Red

They sat on the terrace overlooking the fast flowing river behind the property. Beyond the river the trees were turning autumn red, their leaves blowing in the gentle breeze.
“Are you under surveillance?”
M sat back; Bond could tell she was bristling under her calm exterior “Yes”
Bond made no move
M smiled “But they are away tailing my husband and my housekeeper”
Bond smiled in return; the comment had answered many of his questions.
“The proximity monitors are looped at between two to three a.m. and the microphones are switched off. Q saw to that”
“Good. Is there any evidence?”
“I wasn’t given a reason”
“What’s the latest Intel you received?”
“Tanner, was able to confirm that the French were surprised at the size of the weapons haul. It appears there are some very sophisticated weapons missing from their itinerary”
Bond’s eyes narrowed “Then the whole operation could have been a set up”
M looked sad “Yes. Somebody wanted you out of the way when the coup took place”
Bond knew the ‘who’ would come up in the briefing
M cleared her throat “Tanner also discovered that a number of French mercenaries had dropped off the radar”
“I’ll keep my eye out”

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Posted 21 August 2010 - 08:46 AM

Chapter Four

Men of War

To the south the Americans were rattling their sabers at the government of Iran.
Medyev knew this show of hostilities could result in a bloody war,
galvanizing the countries of the Middle East into a concerted action; stopping the flow of money,
and basically raining on his parade.

If only he had the virus to wave beneath their decedent noses, he would stop them dead.
A war was not what he wanted now. He wanted to wait, and allow the 'colour revolution' in Iran to gather momentum.
He wanted the financial system in the west to collapse.
Russia was cash rich at the present; this was his moment.
He had to recover the virus and use it to halt the insane American march into Iran.

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Posted 21 August 2010 - 01:31 PM

Chapter Five

The fairytale of Helsinki

Where James Bond pays a visit to a laboratory; rummoured to be conducting vivisection experiments.

The tray was covered in a brilliant white cloth;
with slow deliberation he placed the tray on the table next to the cage; his eyes locked with Bond’s.
With dramatic effect he pulled off the cloth.

Bond looked at the scalpels, probes and clips and clamps that the tray contained.
The man picked up a scalpel, and began adjusting it in his hand,
scrutinizing the razor sharp blade; very slowly he let out his breath

“You want to talk about vivisection?”

“Not really” Bond replied, totally uninterested in the topic.

The man checked his watch.
Bond added “If you need to be somewhere else, don’t let me keep you”
The man nodded “I think I just have time to find out who you are and why you are here”
he began to crank the handle at the rear of the cage, the metal mesh side pressed in upon Bond’s shoulders.

Bond suddenly realized a real danger was emerging from his captor.
The man’s eyes had taken on a glazed dead look; it was as if he was distancing himself from reality.

The odds were swinging away from Bond; suddenly he felt vulnerable.
The man obviously knew his way around the cage and its specialties.
The next trick was that the side of the cage moved down; when the gap was six inches,
Bond’s left hand was forced from the cage, as the mesh side was lowered Bond’s arm was released.

With a smile that held no joy the man started to wind the side back up.
Bond’s body was forced up against the advancing metal rim; it pushed up under his armpit.
The crank made a screeching noise like fingers on a blackboard

With well practiced speed the man took something from tray; it was a thick leather cuff, he snapped it over Bond’s wrist. In one smooth movement he attached the cuff to a chain which dangled to the floor.
As if the action had been strenuous he stopped and controlled his breathing.
Bond recognized that the man was savoring every action; imagining the pleasure he was going to get from the actions he was going to facilitate.
Slowly he pushed the table close to Bond’s exposed arm, the instruments rattled against the metal dishes.

Bond moved and started to shake in the cage.
Deliberately the man stopped his action. He locked eyes with Bond, and began to crank the handle again.
The sides of the cage bit into Bond’s flesh; and immediately he was forced to remain still.

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Posted 27 August 2010 - 05:02 PM

Chapter Six

The Kirov conspiracy

Bond was just a darker shadow in the recesses of the Institute’s grounds.
He picked his moment and carefully slipped silently behind the two guards patrolling the perimeter;
disappearing into the shadow of the building.
He jumped onto the window sill and leaning out, stretched up and caught hold of the drainpipe.
His rubber soled boots bit into the wall as Bond climbed quickly to the first story roof;
here was a narrow ledge which he had to traverse; Bond knew it was the quickest way to his target.
Bond walked past the flower boxes which were in front of the now darkened office windows.
Carefully he walked along the ledge like a tightrope walker.

A quick glance down at the grounds confirmed the guards were still on their rounds.
Confidently but quietly he continued past the rows of office windows.

Suddenly, from inside he heard voices; realizing they were coming from the next office he was about to pass,
Bond stopped and carefully peered into the office.
A single lamp burned on the desk, illuminating the silhouette of a woman.
The voice of a man filtered out onto the ledge. His words were illegible.
The sound of laughter, intrigued Bond, he crept forward.
Bond watched as the woman slowly peeled off her jacket, revealing her milky white back.
Her bright blonde hair was piled in a bun, tight and high on her head.
She held the black jacket out at arms length, and let it drop to the floor.

The male voice said something which Bond could not catch.
But the girl’s movement continued the story. She un-zipped, then stepped out of her trousers.
She lent back against the desk, naked save for a diamond necklace,
which sparked in the half light.

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Posted 29 August 2010 - 06:53 AM

Chapter Seven

The Lake

The Rocket propelled grenade smashed into the outer casing of the Squirrel’s left engine,
the fragments sliced and embedded themselves into the spinning pieces.
The helicopter lost its stability and began to spin. The tail rotor cut out and the Squirrel dropped into the water.
On impact the machine began to break up, the tail snapped off and the heavy engines turned the small cabin upside down.
The main rotors broke and somersaulted across the surface of the lake making the noise of an arrow in flight. The windscreen, already cracked by the impact of the missile,
shattered and the icy cold water poured in soaking Bond, the shock galvanising him into action.
The cabin filled rapidly, and within twenty seconds the helicopter completely vanished under the surface of the lake,
Bond’s chest strained against the safety belts; in the crash they had retracted pushing him back into the seat.
The cold numbed his fingers, frantically he pushed at the release button but it would not move.
He needed to expel the lungful of air he had snatched before going under in order to loosen the belts and make his move, but he knew that to do so was certain death.
At just a few feet beneath the surface the light dimmed, the silt stirred up from the helicopter’s movement swirled about the cabin, Bond closed his eyes. In total darkness the noise of the machine braking up around him filled his mind with dread, then the equipment he had in the cabin began to float, then something heavy collided against his shoulder.


Skedar stepped out from behind the truck, he watched the Squirrel break up and sink into the lake; the single shot and current scene was another indication that Manic’s appointment had been the right choice
“Well done Mr. Manic, good shooting, thank-you”
The man called Manic lowered the laser sighted RPG launcher from his shoulder
“Is no problem, is my pleasure”
“Ok, let’s find that plane”
Manic was the head of Skedar’s security force; like the majority of the private army he was ex French Foreign Legion.

Manic was from Marseilles. His ruthlessness at completing tasks had set him apart from other hit-men (mainly KGB / FSB), that Skedar had had the misfortune to meet over the years. But this sadistic rock had however come with baggage; his partner was the nymphomaniac Bee. Where Manic killed for money, Bee enjoyed the experience for free. Skedar recalled their first meeting, and how he had quickly weighed up the odds and hired them both.

Manic had come with impeccable credentials, and a stash of weapons. When Skedar first saw them, his oversize jaw dropped “Where did you get these?”
Manic stood folding the heavy sheet that had covered the piles; he hardly seemed to notice the arsenal that surrounded him; because his mind was, as always totally focused on the woman across the room from him. Her name was Bee, she to was French. With the feline serenity of a pedigree cat, Skedar watched as she rubbed her hand over one of the gun barrels which lay in an open wooden create, her eyes never left Manic’s.
Manic put her to the back of his mind and answered Skedar’s question “They were destined for a friend of mine in Tahiti; but he never turned up for the transaction” Manic lay the sheet on the weapons. “That is why I’m ‘For hire”

Manic had recruited the security force heavily from among his former colleagues; unlike Manic and Bee the men were predominately from the Eastern Bloc. Skedar had been impressed with their discipline and assured of their loyalty.

Now Skedar let out a long breath, and shook his head, as he looked out over the water, the realization of what had just happened hit him like a ton of bricks. The surface of the lake became calm once more, and as the men on the shore began to prepare to dive; Skedar understood that finally James Bond was dead.

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Posted 02 September 2010 - 06:24 PM

In the countdown to A SECRET TO THE GRAVE
You can catch up with the previous story; with a quick exerpt here.
With just seven days to go; you don't want to miss a thing

Chapter Eight

Death of a Sparrow

Jenifer heard a thud, something had hit the window. Cautiously went to see what had caused the nose.
The bird was squawking and moving in eccentric jerking movements on the ground to the rear of Q’s house.
The sparrow was obviously in distress.

Pity overcame her fear and she rushed to the alarm panel, and switched it off. It was the one thing Q had told her not to touch.
Quickly she unlocked the back door and went to the bird, gathering it up in her hands.

Sharvin watched the action, through the monitor housed within the lens of his glasses.
It was time, with skill and precession he quickly picked the un-alarmed lock on Q’s front door and he let himself in.
Speedily he descended the stairs and waited in the basement.
Without delay he placed his ‘Efergy’ monitor against the control box.
Moments later Jenifer switched on the motion alarm and the power output went up; but only to the level of one person. Nothing showed on the security alarm log.

Sharvin knew now was the time to wait, soon the sparrow would die; and the girl would concentrate her emotions on its passing; she would relax her guard, and then he would make his move.

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Posted 04 September 2010 - 07:14 AM

Chapter Nine


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Bill Tanner


Q entered the office and stood at M's desk “Good Evening Sir” his smile was genuine

“Cut the crap Q what’s all this about a break in?”

“Yes, strange thing that, an attempt was made to gain access to my home, but my defences saw them off, it’s all in the report that I submitted”

M lent forward, his face softened “Yes, I’m sure it is. One more thing Q, when did you last speak to 007?”

Q pursed his lips and raised his eyes toward the ceiling “Oh, let me think. He’s in Tahiti isn’t he? That would mean maybe five weeks ago?”

M sat back and interlocked his fingers, a mock look of surprise on his face “Really: his Jaguar’s been parked in your garage for the last couple of days”

Q reacted in character “Has it?”

M turned to Tanner, “…and before that he was in Scotland”

Tanner remained calm “Really, I had no idea”

M’s hands came down onto the desk, the sound resonated throughout the office; his eyes darted from one face to the other “Same day as the shootings at Faslane. You are aware gentlemen that I am in charge of MI6. When a Royal Naval Commander and a Defence communications officer go missing on the same day as two unidentified men and a Royal Marine are killed in Faslane, I notice things like a car belonging my department being in the area”

M paused for breath, his North East accent was on the verge of escape.

He continued “Now unless, that Jag can drive itself down to London”

Q cut in “Well I am working on a remote…”

M jumped up “Shut up Q, I know Bond was in the country. I know he’s in Sweden right now, the bloody Americans told me. What I want to know is what the hell he’s been doing there?”

Tanner stepped forward, nervously; like a naughty school boy. “We believe you sent The Sea-lex girl, Jenifer Foxwell to download data from the Vigilant”

M stood his ground, it was not the reply he had expected “Yes I did, based on evidence presented to me that Commander Armstrong was spying for the Russians”

Tanner looked at Q for confirmation “We think that evidence was false”

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Posted 05 September 2010 - 06:12 PM

Chapter Ten

The Sedlec Ossuary

Posted Image

As they decended down the stone steps, the light began to fade. Skedar’s voice boomed in the emptiness.
“In the year 1400; a church was built in the centre of the cemetery. The lower chapel was to be used as an ossuary for the mass graves unearthed during construction. The task of stacking the bones, of the skeletons exhumed, was given to a blind monk”

Bee felt the darkness close in around her; instinctively she wanted to put out her hand to guide herself along the corridor, but she held on to Manic’s hand and closed her eyes and let him guide her down the steps.

Skedar was ahead, his voice guided them and stopped the feeling of claustrophobia setting in completely

“Between 1703 and 1710 a new entrance was constructed to support the front wall, and the upper chapel was rebuilt.
This Baroque style work was designed by Jan Santini Aichel. In 1870 over 200 years after the bone stacking was first started, Frank Rint, a local woodcarver, was employed to put the heaps of thousands of bones into a decorative order.
He had a vision”
Skedar stopped; suddenly Bee realized it was pitch black and deathly quiet. Then in a blaze of light the room in which they stood became illuminated.

“The results of his vision speak for themselves”

As their eyes adjusted to the light, the room began to shine brighter showing the entire space.
Four enormous bell-shaped mounds of bones occupied each corner of the chapel.
The colour sickened Bee; it looked as if they had been bleached and polished.
From the centre of the knave an enormous chandelier of bones hung, festooned with garlands of skulls draping the vaults.

Manic directed the men to put the cases on the floor, when they had; all of them looked around in awe of the morbid decorations.

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Posted 06 September 2010 - 07:44 PM

Chapter Eleven

Traitor’s gate.

Bond approached with caution, it was steep here, and the shale was loose.
Sharvin’s gun lay a metre away from his outstretched hand. There was no sign of life.
Bond traversed the body and kicked the gun away with contempt, and a feeling of disappointment at the quick demise of his foe.
Bond knelt at his side; his hand began to search the fallen man's pockets; Bond lent over the body; at the last moment Sharvin kicked out and caught Bond on the inside of his knee.
The pain flared and his senses blurred, fighting for balance, Bond felt himself begin slipping down the embankment. Sharvin struck again with the speed of a rattle snake, in an instant he was on him, his hot breath rasping in Bond’s ear.

Bond flung his arm up in a pathetic attempt to block the blow; but it slid past his arm and crashed into his head; as the arm was being withdrawn Bond caught hold of Sharvin’s sleeve and pulled him down over the top of him.
Momentum took hold and Sharvin slid down the bank, locked togehter with Bond; they begn to gain momentum, dislodging more chippings as they fell.

Chapter Twelve

Storm before the Calm

Upon the desk were a Laptop and a Walther P99.
Behind the desk, sat in all his finest city gent splendour was the villian. As their eyes met the villian reached out and took hold of his gun.

“Well, 007. I’m very pleased to meet you” his tone was neutral,
but his eyes seemed to glow in the semi darkness,
like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

Bond stared back into his eyes “Where’s the virus?”
the villian looked taken aback; he blinked and broke the contact
“Oh dear, not one for pleasantries I see”
“Where’s the virus?” Bond could barely contain his anger; this man was a traitor and a murderer. Bond needed to control his emotions.

“On the roof” the villian gestured with the gun
“It’s the best place to distribute it” the villian aimed the gun back at Bond.

Bond stood his ground “I thought you were going to do the decent thing and bring the temple down upon yourself?”

He laughed “No, Mr. Bond that was just figuratively speaking, when it comes to the final act I will use this” he tapped the Walther with his long well manicured fingers

“Better say goodbye to whomever and get on with it then”
The villian made a dismissive snort “Very magnanimous of you Bond, let me kill myself then you can disarm my detonator” his hand hovered over the key board
“Then give some virus to the Americans”

“They already have some” Bond replied quickly
The villian shook his head, the sickly sweet smile never left his lips
“Not so Mr. Bond” he checked his watch “Right now Mr. Sharvin is on a helicopter to…”
“…right now Mr. Sharvin is on a train...
...well most of him is” Bond smiled a thin lob-sided grin

The villian digested the information “Oh, had a little conversation with him did you?” His lips parted, Bond was put in mind of a python about to devour its prey.

Bond took in the dynamics of the laptop. “Absolutely”

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Posted 06 September 2010 - 08:44 PM

Well worth the re-visit.

You know, the members who still haven't read BOMBSHELL yet do not know what they're missing and that is not [censored].

This FANFIC novel is written with style - cool bloody style.

It is action packed and, I think I've said this before but what the heck, powerfully character driven to the point that you end up actually totally involved in what is going on. As for the twists and turns and the beautifully paced plot and red-hot action, believe me it is worthy of the best of them out there and the man who calls himself Volante has a damn cool style in the way he writes it all, the basterd:)

Thrilling and entertaining. If you are a Bond fan and like the Bond novels then you've got to be from another planet not to like BOMBSHELL. Don't let the Fan-Fiction label fool you.

Harry Fawkes

(And no, Volante did not pay me to write the above! Mind you, if he offered I wouldn't say no:) )

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 10:57 AM

A big thanks to all those that have downloaded BOMBSHELL.

It currently sits sixth in the MOST VIEWED category.


1. A SONG in the NIGHT  --  Gene Laurenciano

2. NOBODY CHEATS DEATH  --  Harry Fawkes

3. DECREE ABSOLUTE  --  Volante

4. A SECRET TO THE GRAVE  --  Volante

5. NIGHTINGALE  --  Nataliya