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Why Is So Overprotective Of OHMSS Whenever I Show Disdain For It?

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#31 JackUnion



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Posted 16 December 2008 - 01:46 AM

The reason I love OHMSS is because I think its really the only Bond film where Fleming shows through. Lazenby may have his faults as an actor, but I really feel like there are moments in his performance that are like 'yes..that is Fleming's James Bond', I believe more so then even Connery had played him. Who ever says the plot is silly, I think its rather solid. Hypnosis is rather common these days from the dentists office to the psychotherapists office. I think the plot lives up to an aspect of realism that the other films kind of fail at. This could happen today with all the chemical agents out there, who knows. Anyway, OHMSS is a good film. Its cinematically solid...some of the others leave things to be desired. Anyone who has distaste for this movie...is just way to into the campiness of Brosnan Bond films...or just isn't a real Bond fan. Definition of a real Bond Fan: Read the Books, Seen the films, knows the history of the character, the canon, and the elements that have made Bond over the past 46+ years.


#32 DR76


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Posted 16 December 2008 - 03:58 AM

Bottom line - we're overprotective because we are fanatical about it. And how many films in the series can really generate that much passion?

That's a good answer for me.

#33 Pete



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Posted 16 December 2008 - 10:42 AM

I've always felt that it came in for some harsh critisism or more to the point George Lazenby did. Mainly that he couldn't act, well I think he could act and Sean Connery would not have put in as good as performance as GL did. There has been points made that GL had to be dubbed for the Hilly parts well SC would have been as well.

OHMSS is a great film and is certainly better than at least 18 other Bond movies. I think some people are scared of liking it because for years it was the film to poke fun at. I feel it's one of the early Bond films that have stood the test of time, and stands shoulder to shoulder with FRWL as possibly the best Bond film until CR.

#34 delfloria



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Posted 25 December 2008 - 05:37 AM

Throwing in my 2 cents. So many things have been said allready that I wholeheartedly agree with so I will add just one thing. I saw DN, FRWL,GF T, YOLT first run in theaters and was a 007 fanatic who thought the end of the series was on hand after Connery left. But a funny thing happened, after the first 15 minutes of watching OHMSS on it's first night I was sold on the new Bond and everything else about the film. It was truly refreshing to see this fleming story unfold after Yolt. Lazenby brought a new energy to Bond and it became one of my all time favorite films. Period.

BTW, I look forward to watching it every Holiday season as a Christmas present to myself from 1969.