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Bond 22 Title: "Coded Lies"?

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#31 Thunderfinger


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Posted 29 July 2006 - 07:50 PM

Bond 2.2 will not be called DEATH 2- SPIES,CODED LICE or BEYOND THE EYES.


#32 killkenny kid

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Posted 29 July 2006 - 08:05 PM

Weel, I like Bond 2.2: Codes That Never Die Tomorrow.

#33 Stephenson



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Posted 31 July 2006 - 02:14 PM

I don't think Bond needs to show any loyalty to her to want to avenge her, he just has to feel it's the right thing to do

Well, true. But I'd much prefer it if they made Dench's M a surprise villain and Bond had to take her out. Would finally explain her baffling bitchiness, for one thing.

Just noticed this; where's M so bitchy? In GE and DAD, yes (especially the former), but that I felt it worked well enough in the context of those films; in GE, she's new to the job, with a bunch of underlings who don't have much respect for her, forcing her to assert herself, and in DAD, she suspects 007's been leaking information to the North Koreans; later, she does accept him back. In TND and TWINE meanwhile (and later in DAD too), M obviously does respect Bond, and indeed generally lets him get on with things.

I'll grant that she does seem somewhat incompetent at times, especially in TWINE (she goes from far too sappy to just careless), as well as not checking Miranda Frost's references properly, but I don't think you can damn her for being horrible to 007. Okay, rant over!

Have to agree with Loomis. Every M has treated Bond like he was a spoilt brat. No one called the males "bitchy". And incompetence? How about having your 00's killed by an enemy assasin on a training mission? Our having the same agent kidnap a defector from your safe house? Granted, Dench's M has had some pretty big foul-ups, but the other M's weren't perfect.

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