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Colonel Sun and its rarity...

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Posted 27 November 2002 - 10:37 PM

Colonel Sun the great the rarest of all priceless James bond items, a Ebay item to boot and a no-find at book stores except used....
I read the book sometime ago and thought about it afterward and it was good but it seemed diffrent.
The touture was flemingish but the whole middle part is on a boat...
It got a little boring and the climax was a thrilling though
but one qustion lingers in my mind...a qustion that has haunted me since George Smiley told me to get a life,
since Jack Ryan said to think outside the box,
Since Q told me to grow up,
Since Jason Bourne couldn't remeber who he was,
SInce Dr. Jon Smith said Covert-one didn't exist,
Since the Lion told me it wasn't his game and the Generals Daughter went Up Country!
Could it be that Colonel Sun's wonderfulness or purity could be from its rarity and not is qualtity?