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BOND 25 confirmed for 2019 release

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#211 Odd Jobbies

Odd Jobbies

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 07:03 PM


Yes, and then there was that originally planned last line of SPECTRE. 

Aw, don't be a tease! What was the line?

#212 Odd Jobbies

Odd Jobbies

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 07:11 PM

I hope the script is worth the wait this time.


Craig's films except Casino Royale have been pretty scrappy in some way or another...

I've found that with Sprectre if you simply turn the telly off the moment Bond flies away from Blofeld's exploding desert lair the movie is significantly improved...


I find everything up to that point to be a wonderful Bond movie, with some very classy and nuanced dialogue, direction, performances and score.


It's just the last act of the movie that sucks balls - particularly in the script department; it totally gives up on suspension of disbelief and turns into a superhero tv movie.


One of these days i'll recut the end, lopping off the London rubbish, cutting instead to a 'To Be Continued...' slate. Then straight to end credits. Sure, C's fate will then be unresolved, but that's a small price to rescue the tone and class of that majestic, dark thriller of a movie.

#213 Shrublands



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Posted 09 August 2017 - 10:34 PM



Yes, and then there was that originally planned last line of SPECTRE. 

Aw, don't be a tease! What was the line?




Bond to Madeleine "We have all the time in the world".

#214 Bryce (003)

Bryce (003)

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Posted 16 August 2017 - 12:09 AM

*finish reading entire thread*


*adds splash of Balvenie 10 to second cup of Blue Mountain roast*


*lights cigarette with Dunhill*




"I never left."


The games have begun. Right then.


Confirmed released date by official source: Check


Everything else: Wild speculation and hopeful thoughts. Double Check


Uninformed and ignorant UK press reports: Triple Check


*adds more scotch to coffee*


Here we go.


2019. Not happy but I can live with it. The wheels are in motion and I'm guessing there's certainly an outline and *maybe* (BIG maybe) a rough first draft. If they go with Shatterhand/YOLT as the model, it could work for all the above mentioned reasons in this thread. Also, a few other issues could add to be being the perfect send off for Craig's run and the story arc now with Blofeld's architecture of Bond's pain. Man, I thought sibling (or even pseudo sibling) rivalry was bad with blood relatives, but in the spy world it's a whole new wing of the library that would send Freud back to the pub (or his dealer) to ponder.


As a what if, Bond loses Madeline, goes cold and gets thrust back into a seemingly suicidal assignment. Take it from there and follow the Fleming to it's conclusion. Blofeld dead, SPECTRE crippled if not destroyed, revenge extracted and Bond escaping... but keep the ending. I've always liked the amnesia element. End it with Bond slowly regaining some memories and his desire to pursue them. Granted, nowadays though, it would venture into Bourne territory. Not to say it couldn't be done though.


Could it work? With the right touch/tone, yes. It also would set up a great intro for Bond #7 and utilize the opening from TMWTGG. Also, with a 2019 release, it gives EON three years to make a 2022 release for Bond 26 with a new Bond and the 60th Diamond anniversary.


Which would be lovely.... But, I don't work for EON....


*stretches and lights cigarette*


As to Daniel's potential return, I concur that it's been agreed to yet maybe not signed, sealed and delivered so to speak. Hence, regardless of his PR junket duties for Logan Lucky, Bond will be asked about, but politely dismissed. Anyway, he'll be back. The two films back to back stuff is old news. I remember talk of that sort of idea back when DAD was gearing up.


The last issue is distribution. If Sony (who have been oddly silent) don't jump back in, 007's new home will either be WB or possibly FOX. Fox has been regularly eyeing buying up what's left of MGM on and off for years but Warner's really want Bond. I have that on pretty good authority. 'Don't ask, don't tell" sort of authority.


As to locales, Croatia does have some great old castles and estates tucked away. A source of mine there does confirm location scouts have been about via info from the film/TV offices in Zagreb.


So, until the next real source comes about...


Two Years, Two Months, Three Weeks..... and counting.


Bond isn't back.... But he's on his way... and that's pretty cool.


*glances at Rolex*


Hmmm.... Just after 5pm here in L.A. Enough coffee... Time for the scotch.

#215 Dustin



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Posted 16 August 2017 - 02:36 PM

Hah! Welcome to the club then...