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A Positive View. (SPOILERS)

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Posted 07 November 2015 - 08:17 AM

First of all I want to start by saying that this the first time I have felt the need to put a review for a film since frankly I'm not into doing reviews but I feel this film needed the proper review, After this watching the film just recently I have to say I don't fully understand the negative reviews on this film. I'm going to be putting out a review on Why I thought I was great and in my eyes, better than Skyfall but just falls a bit short Casino Royale.


Nothing makes me more glad than seeing the gun barrel at the beginning, After having most of the gun barrels lately quite different it's nice to see it back at the beginning again. The opening scene in Mexico was absolutely magnificent, beautiful cinematography especially the one long shot of Bond walking into the building up the elevator and into the hotel room, All done in one magnificent shot, Sam Smith's Writing On The Wall fits absolutely with the intro and the whole theme of the film. It's very easy to grow on.


I just want to go on an get to the important part, Essentially I want to talk about all the negative factors the people said ruined the film. First off Christoph Waltz...Okay so essentially people have been picky about the fact the Franz only appears for a few parts. I get people want to see Waltz character on screen more but when he DOES show up towards the end It's all worth it his acting is amazing. Now for those who watched the film found out that he was Blofeld, Part of why I loved this movie so much was because it gave a good amount of story that was missing from the previous Bond films, For example when he told Craig why he hated Bond, You can feel a definite grudge between that starts the beginning one of films most popular rivalries. In previous Bond film's we saw Blofeld with that scar on his eye, it isn't until now when the finally explain how he got it, And man do I have to say Waltz looked absolutely badass with that scar.


Now I want to talk about all the little cool easter eggs in the film. Okay so the part before Bond had reached Blofelds lair he had taken the ride on that Rolls Royce, Seeing that the first thing that had popped into my head was Auric Goldfinger's Rolls Royce. I believe it essentially isn't the same vehicle but there's not thought it was a nod to that, The fight scene in the train an obvious nod to Grant's fight with Bond in From Russia With Love. Blofeld's lair being out in the desert I kept imagining YOLT where he had the hideout under the volcano, only difference was this inside a crater. The entire film has little hints like this to the Bond fans. When Bond goes to Austria looking for Mr.White nearly identical area to OHMSS Blofelds lair. 


After all that being said I still have feeling there will be one more Bond film, for Craig. I say this because we all remember Blofeld having bald hair they explained the scar but they didn't explain how he lost his hair. At the end you can see Blofeld watching Bond walking away with Swann, Just looking at him laying on the floor you can see the how much hate he has towards Bond. There is a couple of seconds that camera stays on him. There is no doubt in my mind he's going to come back, Blofeld is just going to give up that easily. I can go on all day talking about how absolutely great this film was. SkyFall is still one of my favorite, But I can't stand hearing people pretend like this film was average. SkyFall while it had great visuals it barely had any scenery, It doesn't feel like a grand adventure like SPECTRE does, Most locations in SkyFall are only for a couple of scenes and that's about it. For example the Shanghai scene. Essentially Bond only went there for a bit and that's it the location didn't have as much scenery as most of the locations in SPECTRE, when Bond got to Rome you managed to get a good about of time seeing the different areas of Rome, same with Austria. When Bond visited SkyFall it was only about his old house and that's it the action took place there as was never taken anywhere else. It felt more like a sandbox and confined action film. Although it look great. But part of what makes Bond great his he's suppose to feel like a amazing adventure. SPECTRE did that it took Bond to locations he wasn't familiar with.


In the end it's all depends how people see it but, there's not doubt in my mind that SPECTRE didn't get the appreciation it deserves. This film was built for Bond fans, it must be the reason why it got average ratings.