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Could TRIGGER MORTIS work as a 1960s Bond film?

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#1 coco1997


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Posted 19 October 2015 - 09:25 PM

I just completed Trigger Mortis and intuitively began brainstorming ideas as to how the book would have worked as a mid-60s "lost" Bond film (perhaps set between TB and YOLT?).


For one, I'm not sure the villain's scheme would have been compelling enough for a Bond film, and having back to back Bond film plots involving the space race might have felt a bit redundant.


We also probably would not have had Honor Blackman return as Pussy Galore. Perhaps this would have been a good opportunity to bring Sylvia Trench back to the series and give her character some closure.


I'm also not sure if the locations--Germany and NYC--are exotic enough for a Bond film. Having said that, the locations in GF aren't exactly the most exotic, especially Kentucky.


Anyone else pondered a TM film?

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Posted 19 November 2015 - 07:50 PM

I'd agree that, as you've speculated, that you wouldn't be able to get Honor Blackman back to reprise the role of Pussy Galore and there's no room for deriving a pre-title sequence from the start of the novel - so we'd need a new one, introducing the Replacement Pussy character, who would then pop up in the main bulk of the novel (similar to how, I believe, Miss Caruso and 'the Rome Affair' were in an early version of the LALD pretitles, explaining her presence in the movie proper).


I'd hazard a guess you could even manipulate the frame of events so that the thugs after RP are from Sin and not from the pretitles villains - with the exception of RP, you could make it a clean cut. The only decent gap to insert the film into movie continuity would be 1966, between Thunderball and You Only Live Twice - so if you were determined to use an existing Bond girl, it might make more sense to use Domino and have SPECTRE thugs instead of Goldfinger's goons.


The first chunk of the movie with Bond learning to be a racing driver could obviously be expanded - and if you were determined to make the locations more exotic, you could always shift from Nurburgring to use the Monaco Grand Prix. In 1966 it was won by Jackie Stewart, so you could even use him instead of the novels fictional driver and perhaps instead of the castle, one of the French coastal forts?