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So the Blofeld death scene in NSNA WAS filmed...

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#1 Shaun Forever

Shaun Forever

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Posted 28 August 2015 - 12:11 PM

I can't speak french, but looks like this is the proof we needed, look at the picture on this website.




#2 Major Tallon

Major Tallon

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Posted 28 August 2015 - 02:53 PM

Wow, hadn't seen these before.  Thanks for posting!

#3 hoagy



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Posted 28 August 2015 - 09:24 PM

Failure of recollection and don't have the DVD to check, so, please, kindly, remind me how they DID show Bond and Blofeld finish things off with each other in NSNA.  ? ? ?  The best I can do to recall the ending has more to do with the actor who later would portray Mr. Bean and with the spectacular and oh-so-lovely KIm Basinger, and Bond (well, Connery...) winking at the audience.  As for the penultimate scene...I just remember explosions, etc.  And, yes, I am quite pleased that I got to use that 10 cent word.  Not one I often get to throw around.

OK, apologies.  I just refreshed (thanks, Wikipedia)...I was remembering Bond and Largo at the end and, of course, as in TB the novel and film Domino dispatches of Largo...I am QUITE surprised the filmmakers even contemplated Bong polishing off Blofeld in NSNA !!!  The "rogue" producer would have killed his primary villain ?  Odd, because I've read that McClory entertained thoughts of remaking TB over and over, with changes, of course, but re-using the source material and his rights to it.  Hence, it would have been good to keep Blofeld around.


I get the feeling someone already cited written material on this topic in an earlier thread, which I missed.  Many apologies to all...

#4 Guy Haines

Guy Haines


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Posted 29 August 2015 - 06:23 AM

I've read that McClory & Co. were considering a series of Bond films that would basically be variations on TB/NSNA, although I imagine after the first one or two surely the film reviewers, if not the audiences, might have spotted certain similarities. Indeed, I'd I have thought that Eon's legal people would have insisted that the only film that could be remade by McClory would be TB and that any remake would have to stick closely to the story rather than loosely - which would make endless remakes of the same story pointless.

As for killing off Blofeld - the scene may have been included because it dawned on the NSNA producers that this probably would be a one off film, but bumping off Blofeld would make it difficult for Eon to bring him back in the event that they regained control of the rights for TB. Then again, that might be an explanation too far - in the 1980s, with McClory very much alive, would it seem likely that the TB rights would ultimately be gained by Eon?

More likely, perhaps, having filmed this scene there was a change of mind - the possibility that a follow up film could happen and Blofeld was one character they could definitely use, so why get rid of him?

Who kew what was on their minds? The main thing was to get the film made and see that it did well. Of course it didn't do quite as well as expected against a "regular" Bond outing, and we saw no more remakes.

#5 marktmurphy



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Posted 31 August 2015 - 03:25 PM

It does sound rather good, actually! Blofeld calling Largo on a videophone saying "Come in Largo! Come in Number One!" only for Bond to pick the call up and say "I'm afraid you have the wrong number. This is 007"? That's great! :D

#6 Moneyofpropre



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Posted 14 September 2015 - 07:48 AM

New link and infos by the way : http://www.commander...scenes-coupees/(use google translate).

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#7 trevanian



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Posted 14 September 2015 - 12:03 PM

Kind of amazed nobody here had read the CINEFEX in question, I've been reposting the Dryer quote about Blofeld being scratched by the cat in various places for years.