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ChickenStu on "Westbrook"'s Moneypenny Diaries

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Posted 13 July 2014 - 07:54 PM

The Moneypenny Diaries: Guardian Angel 


I found the framing device of Moneypenny's niece and the constant footnotes a bit annoying - but otherwise a brisk and easy read. I enjoyed the account of the Cuban Missile Crisis and how it played into SIS's world - and also enjoyed the additional exploration of Our Man's psyche during the events of On Her Majesty's Secret Service and You Only Live Twice. 

However the story of her quest to find her father lacked a certain "pep". Still, a fair brisk read.


The Moneypenny Diaries: Secret Service 


The framing device nor that footnotes were that annoying this time. Still, to be honest I didn't find this to be much different from the first book. Her quest to uncover the fate of her father just was not compelling or interesting enough. Also I find the idea that M would send her out to do fieldwork to be complete eyewash.

Still - enjoyed Our Man's cameo appearances - and enjoyed the account of his recuperation from the events that opened up The Man With The Golden Gun. I also liked the idea of a budding romance between Moneypenny and Tanner...


The Moneypenny Diaries: Final Fling 


No footnotes this time and the footnotes were involving rather than intrusive. Again, just like the other books. Not really very interesting at all. The "You've already met him" twist at the end was a highlight though. 


BTW a question regarding that: Are we supposed to know who that was as the reader? Cause if so - its totally lost on me.


Now all is said and done I just don't really get the point of these books. The whole idea of transposing events into real life and Bond, M, Tanner and Moneypenny et al all being real people... John Pearson already did it. Much better. In ONE book. 


I am unsure of what the fans in general think of these books - but in my opinion - all a bit pointless with nothing really to them. Oh well, thanks for reading! 

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Posted 15 July 2014 - 01:16 PM

While I haven't read through all of the Moneypenny Diaries books, I have to say that I thought Weinberg did a pretty good job with them.  I'll take what I've read of them over Devil May Care, Carte Blanche, and Solo, that's for sure.