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Entire Bond collection for sale!

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Posted 29 May 2014 - 11:11 AM

Hi all. I've been a Bond fanatic for 41yrs and have been collecting all things JB since I was 8yrs old. Instead of focussing upon just one area (which would have been sensible), I adopted a scattershot approach, and have consequently accrued an enormous amount of memorabilia over the years.

Unfortunately, due to both financial and spatial constraints, I have to reluctantly sell my collection. If you're a serious collector you will be interested...

Regarding the sale I have three conditions:
1/ It must be sold as an entire collection, rather than piece-meal.
2/ It must go to a really good home and a collector who will appreciate the love I have poured into it.

3/ I won't haggle on price. (I have priced it fairly and it would be worth more than I am asking if broken down and sold on an individual item basis.)


The basics are as follows:
Cost - £7000
Contents: A comprehensive list will be emailed to perspective buyers
Contact: [email protected]


To give you a rough idea of the contents, the collection includes:

  • Hundreds of Mint On Card/MOC toys (including limited editions)
  • The entire Sideshow figure collection (all mint)
  • Other MOC figures (Polar Lights / Dragon, etc)
  • Hundreds of books (paperbacks and hardbacks including first editions) in several languages
  • Entire carded Gilbert figures collection (and other Gilbert items)
  • Action Man tie-in figures
  • Corgi Icon collection (including several Bonds and rare figures like Jaws & Q)
  • Playing cards and trading cards (including an incredibly rare silver Roger Moore card, valued at £400/$600 10yrs ago)
  • MOC vehicles (Corgi / Micro Machines / SpyGuise / JoyRide, Johnny Lightning, Airfix, etc)
  • Boxed games and jigsaws (Milton Bradley / Spears / Victory, etc)
  • MOC guns
  • Standees (various films and promotions)
  • Entire video collections
  • Limited edition / international dvds
  • Lobby cards / photo sets / framed prints
  • Posters (Quads / US one sheets / internationals)
  • Props (official and fan-made, including Die Another Day uniform piece / Golden Gun / YOLT rocket)
  • Scrapbooks and thousands of cuttings
  • Ephemera (cans / Easter Eggs / toiletries / lunchbox, etc) 
  • Golf sets
  • Film cells
  • Clothing (t-shirts / caps / ties, etc)
  • CDs, talking books and vinyl (LPs / singles etc - many rarities)
  • Poker chips
  • Badges / pins / tie-clips / cuff-links
  • Watches

There's so much stuff...

If you're interested please send me an email.

Cheers Bond fans!