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Should Blofeld Return?

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Posted 24 February 2014 - 08:08 PM

Here's why rebooting Blofeld won't work. Unless you intend to remake OHMSS then there's no point building him up. Might as well re-tie the Craig chronology into the old series. Blofeld's main selling point was that he was the guy who would kill Bond's wife and then he became the guy who did kill Bond's wife. (Let's pretend Irma Bunt isn't holding the machine gun, of course.) Without either, there's nothing special about him, and no reason to re-introduce him, other than,


A) The Persian Cat

B ) Bond fanboys will spray their shorts to see him again

C) Austin Powers's own Dr. Evil


So either he's the guy who killed Bond's wife or let him rest.


Enough of the reboots.




If EON wants to (and I believe that they should at some point) revisit the Tracy storyline from On Her Majesty's Secret Service, then that would be the only circumstance under which I'd be willing to see Blofeld return.  Assuming they don't go that route, then what exactly would the point be, other than to give Bond a villain with some built-in name recognition.  Just go ahead and make an original villain and actually put some thought into making him the biggest and baddest villain Bond's ever faced rather than taking a shortcut to accomplishing that by giving him the name Blofeld.

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Posted 24 February 2014 - 10:55 PM

I watched CR 2006 and thought that "the organisation" referred to by Mr. White would turn out to be SPECTRE. We didn't get it - for legal reasons? - in QoS, but everything about "Quantum" suggested SPECTRE to me - the top level members involved in top level crime but beyond the law, for one.


It wouldn't surprise me if SPECTRE was to emerge from the ruins of "Quantum" - an organisation thoroughly "blown", and that Blofeld was revealed as the one behind it all. In the Fleming novel "Thunderball" we learn that he set up other syndicates before settling on SPECTRE. That said, there's no reason why a new Blofeld should in any way resemble the cat stroking character from decades ago. As I recall, he didn't have a Persian cat fetish in the novels, nor a liking for Mao style suits.