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How Bond Got Over Vesper- A Proposal for All CBn Users

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 08:42 AM

Each of the last three films were directed by people who wanted to make a good movie each with different artistic approaches. Of course the last movie, Skyfall was an anniversary film, so it paid lots of tribute to classic movies in the series and took itself less seriously at times than its predecessor films in fact it was somewhat apologetic for the last two, not to say that it was bad because I liked Skyfall too.

Two particular films, whose storyline was inter-connected very well were Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace. The latter film had too much action but it had some very effective drama. The drama was highly propelled by a  tragic love story between James Bond and Vesper Lynd, as you all know.

I have a proposal for a Kickstarter that we could use to raise money for a charity that addresses a cause like human trafficking or bullying. We can work on a script together that expands upon what happened at the end of Casino Royale or in between scenes of Quantum of Solace all focused around Bond's grief for Vesper Lynd.

This will be a dramatic screenplay kinda meant for a soliloquy or monologue. It'll emphasize Bond's alcoholism which is a running theme in the last two movies, and how he gets over the tragedy that happened with Vesper. It should only be played by Daniel Craig. Nobody else who plays James Bond, no other actor can do this convincingly for the fans. Unless maybe an older actor like George Lazenby, who isn't as expensive, has played 007 before in a tragic movie like the one he did.

Ideally the event would draw lots of people and all proceeds would go to chairty while boosting your credibility in this tough industry.

I can hire us some interns if need be to help with the project if you're up for it.

#2 Dustin



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Posted 17 August 2013 - 09:14 AM

Very unlikely to happen, truth be told. That aside the only place for such proposal - any proposal involving Danjaq/Eon property, which James Bond on screen obviously is - would be Eon's doorstep. If you can get them interested - everything's possible. If not...