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4 things I'd like about Bond 24 score

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 09:34 AM

These ideas just came into my mind, so I wanted to share them and know if you agree or if you have some more else.

I thought about Thomas Newman when doing this, but it should be applied to whoever takes the role.


1. Use of Bond Theme What I didn't like about Skyfall, is that Bond theme never appears in its full, the classic guitar riff or the bebop (da da da da) during action scenes. I hope to hear it more often, rather than the "vamp" only.

2. Cues of Theme Song Again, this is something I felt Skyfall lacked, mostly because the song was written about one month before the movie came out, and, other than "Komodo Dragon", there was no use of the song. Both John Barry and David Arnold did an awesome job incorporating the themes songs into the score especially as romantic melodies (Bond meets Tania, That's my Little Octopussy, All in a Day's Work) and action music (Necros Attacks, Backseat Driver, African Rundown).

3. Use of Life-Motif This is something I really liked about Skyfall, Bond, M and Silva had each one their theme, (e.g. Voluntary Retirement and Mother for M theme). I think this should be developed in further films. The Quartermaster track from Skyfall should also come back as Q's theme.

4. No more use of David Arnold's The Name's Bond, James Bond Whoever will compose Bond 24, should write his own version of Bond theme, not just use David Arnold's theme from Casino Royale (I'm not blaming Newman because he probably didn't have any choice in this).


5. A secondary song as Ending Credits theme We had Bond theme at the end of the last three movies, I'd like to have a secondary song as closing theme, like Dalton's movies and Tomorrow Never Dies did.