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The car!

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 07:13 PM

Re: Bond's reaction. It is kinda obvious that this moment was for the kids.

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 07:45 PM

Re: Bond's reaction. It is kinda obvious that this moment was for the kids.



Yes, for the kids and casual audience which likes to witness Bond having a 'personal' moment.


I've thought about this for some time now, it is probably a symptom of a very obvious fact: Bond films are made for the majority of folks who turn up at the theatre to have two hours of a good time. Inconsistencies in character, plot or continuity are entirely beside the point. What counts is the number of people leaving the theatre with a grin, satisfied and safe in the knowledge that 'Bond will return'. The things we brood over, whether with good reason or not, are ultimately just footnotes in an ever-growing history. Most people neither notice nor care. These films are made for the audience of today. If that audience calls for a DB5 and for Bond showing emotion when it's destroyed, then that is what they will get. That wish is command.    

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Posted 10 April 2013 - 05:42 AM

I just don't see it as being something that Fleming's Bond would get that upset about. Yes, he enjoys his car in the novels, and he does feel some relief when it can be saved in CR, but the circumstances are very different. Bond doesn't go after Vesper expecting such trouble for his vehicle. He even doesn't seem all that concerned with rescuing Vesper, either, so when he wrecks the car, its more of an unforeseen incident that couldn't be avoided. SKYFALL sees Bond using the car as a shield far before its blown up, suggesting that he isn't all that concerned about its well being. He also doesn't seem all that angry about the fact that it's being riddled by gunfire at that point, but we're supposed to believe that he all of a sudden cares later? That's a bit of a stretch, I think.

It all goes back to EON's new portrayal of Bond as this immature individual. His reaction in SKYFALL, to me, seems more in line with that portrayal, as he is upset with his car being damaged by Silva moments after he himself put the car purposely in the line of fire, rather than coming from Fleming's portrayal, where Bond was a more mature character.


Personally, I think it can be traced much farther back, at least to Goldeneye.  Brosnan's Bond was portrayed as far more immature than Craig's Bond.  Eg. Goldeneye - Bond playing with Q's lunch, all the references to him being an over grown schoolboy, Tomorrow Never Dies - Bond's childlike delight during the parking garage scene.  Even Connery and Moore had their immature moments.  Bond's post-mortem quips can even be interpreted that way.  So I don't think it is fair to single out the Craig films as being any different in that respect.