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*Teaser* Dark Profession

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Posted 26 February 2013 - 07:04 PM



To: M


From: Head of V


Subject: Query reply into nazi war criminal Dieter Eichmann, a high ranking S.S. commander.




Reporting in regards from query directed by Sir M- M- on Dieter Eichmann, allegedly using the alias of Dr. Hugo Gotlieb. Subject, as seen by Sir M- M- in Vienna last month, appears to have a posible resemblence towards the identity of Dieter Eichmann. However subtle differences are present. The eye colour being different; (Eichmann, hazel) (Gotlieb black) possibly due to specialized contact lenses. Height and stature overall could be adhered to hunched back, specialized shoes, et cetera. Slight deformity on the right side of neck in the shape of a deep scar. Which could very well be intentional.




If Dr. Gotlieb is in fact Eichmann, then it is of the extreme importance that his identity be verified and brought to justice. Included in Appendex brief file on Dieter Eichmann.


Proposed Counter Operation:


It would benefit the allies of the North Alantic Treaty Powers if this war criminal were to be captured and tried for his crimes. However if M is  adamant about further investigation, then FBI would gladly take over the query. However if M wishes: then we should pursue direct action immediately.




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Posted 28 February 2013 - 12:54 PM


A period piece, I assume?