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Posted 22 December 2012 - 09:14 AM






Screenplay by Paul Taylor

Based on the novels of Paul Taylor




James Bond


Rene Mathis

Thug 1 with Machine pistol

Thug 2 at window

Thug 3 at window

Thug 4

Thug 5

Thug 6


Voice of Q

Guard 1

Kissing man

Eddie the guard

Tuxedo Guard 1



Saxa Jackson



Animated white dot moves from frame-left and centers on frame-right.  Iris veins surround the dot to fill the frame.  A MAN enters the dot walking from right to left, the iris moving to centre-frame with him.  He jumps to face, pointing a gun and shooting.  Red colour falls from the top of the frame.  The iris wanders then starts to fall to bottom-frame.  The iris and man fade out and the dot gets smaller, drifting to bottom right.


                                                                                                            IRIS CUTS OUT.


The dot opens on: Moon reflected in water.

Act 1

Scene 1


EXT: Tracking shot: over a river. Skimming over small boats tethered to the bank.

Camera slows, then focuses on a parked car on the road at the side of the river.


Reverse Camera shot: FG Side view of front of parked car, with river in BG:

Sound: Growling engine.

Aston Martin DB5 pulls up front bumper to bumper with the parked car.


INT car: James Bond looks around. He takes out his mobile phone and begins to text.

Close up of phone: Screen shows text message: Rene, where are you?

Action: Bond taps the steering wheel.

Phone rings. Bond answers



Voice over MATHIS:

Hello James, I’m in the bar with a friend. Just securing your funds for tonight


You’re meeting with Dimitri now?

Voice over MATHIS:

Don’t worry James. I’m almost finished. I’ll be with you in a moment. Use the time wisely read your file. Know your enemy.

EXT: shot looking into the car directly through the windscreen: Bond picks up a file from the passenger seat. Bond opens it. The name RISQUE is printed on the cover.

After a moment Bond throws the folder back on to the passenger seat.

INT car shot: Idly Bond checks his watch.
Action: Sound of a single shot. Bond looks over at Bar.

Camera shot from inside car. Bar in BG: Bond jumps from car and runs across the road.


Camera shot through the bar window: Bond draws his Walther PPK and kicks open the door to the Bar, the ‘Open’ sign rattles against the glass.


INT shot from the back of the bar toward the door, and the advancing Bond.

The bar is dark and deserted. But the tables have drinks upon them and lit candles burn in holders.


INT: Shot from behind Bond’s shoulder looking into the bar



Just like the Marie Celeste

INT: Tracking shot: Bond crosses the bar: He hears another shot from above.

Close up: Bond looks up.


INT: Long shot from behind Bond. Bond walks toward the bar: Thug 1 jumps up from behind the bar and shoots at Bond with a machine pistol.


INT: close up on Bottles and glasses disintegrating on the table in front of Bond.


Tracking shot: Bond dives onto floor, pieces of wood from the table rain down upon him.

Bond rolls over sending a chair careering across the floor. Gun shots follow his roll. Ripping the floor to pieces
Medium shot: Bond adjusts his position behind the upturned table.

Smoke and dust fill the air.

Close up shot: Naked flames from a fallen candle mixing with the spilled spirit on the floor. They ignite in a whoosh of flame.
Medium shot; through flames. Thug 1 fires the machine pistol again..

Wide shot: Bond rolls over and returns fire with three shots.

Thug 1 dies
Tracking shot: Bond runs to the back of bar dodging the flames as they lick at the fabric and wood in the Bar.

Close shot: Bond checks the thug is dead.
Sound: Machine pistol gunfire from upstairs.
Form Bond POV: Bond looks at his Walther PPK and then the machine pistol in Thug 1’s hand.

Medium shot: Bond holsters the Walther, and takes machine pistol from Thug 1’s dead hand.



Much obliged



Tracking shot: Fire takes hold. Flames spreading. Hissing crackling fire.
Tracking shot: Bond runs up the stairs three at a time.


Soft focus wide shot: along upstairs corridor: Bond advances

Sound: Gunfire from within the room. Bond crashes through the door.

Scene 3

Wide shot: Upstairs room, view from door toward opposite window.

Medium shot: Thug 2 and thug 3 firing out of the window. They turn at the sound of the door crashing open.

Medium shot: Bond shoots them with the machine pistol.
Tracking shot: from Bond POV. Bond moves along the corridor

Medium shot: Bond moves to next room. Gun extended.

Scene 4

Wide shot: Corridor outside Second room

Medium shot: Bond uses the machine gun’s stubby barrel to push door open further, carefully he enters the room, only the moon light filtering in from the window gives him a perception of movement in the shadows.

Action: The lights turn on.



Close shot: Rene Mathis.

Camera pans out: Revealing Mathis has been shot. A small amount of blood is on his jacket.

A man stands behind Mathis. A knife at his throat.


Back off or I kill him



You must be Dimitri. Mathis here thought you’d be much more friendly


INT shot from Bond’s POV: Cadre laughs. He takes tighter hold on Mathis.

Cadre: Nodding to the other corner of the room

No. Dimitri is over there…

Tracking shot: following Bond’s vision: Bond sees a body on the floor.


My name is Cadre. And you are?


My name’s Bond…


Wide shot: Bond is attacked. Thug 4 swings a baseball bat. The blow is quick, and hard enough to knock the machine pistol from his hand another blow is directed at Bond himself.



Opposite angle: Bond deflects the hand, and the strike misses his head by an inch. Dropping his weight Bond attacks with an elbow strike into the ribs of Thug 4.

Close up on Thug 4 face: The air leaves his lungs.


Opposite angle shot: Bond wraps his arm around Thug 4’s neck trapping his arm, forcing it upward.

Dolly shot: Bond locks his other hand around his own first and swings Thug 4 around squeezing his head against his own outstretched arm cutting off the oxygen supply to the brain.
Tracking shot moving around the fight: Thug 4 is a big man and Bond struggles to overcome his strength.

Close up of Thug 4 face: Thug 4 smiles and wriggles out of the death grip.

Thug 4 turns to attack


Medium shot: Bond is attacked by Thug 5. He aims his gun

Opposite angle shot: Bond kicks Thug 4 into Thug 5. A gun goes off.

Dolly shot: Thug 4 staggers back into Bond.
Wide angle: Bond uses Thug 4 as a shield. Thug 5 fires again. The bullets crash into Thug 4

Medium shot angle down: Thug 4 falls to the floor trapping Bond underneath him.
Close up: A number of shots hit Thug 4 in front of Bond.
Tracking shot: Thug 5 moves closer to Bond, and stands over him.


Cadre: in the BG

Kill him

Thug 5: sarcastically

But he’s unarmed

Wide shot: Bond feels the dead weight of Thug 4 bear down upon him as another two bullets thump into the dead flesh.


Thug 5 looks down at Bond

But I don’t care



Close up on Bond’s face; Bond opens his eyes and fires the Walther PPK.
Thug 5 drops to the floor.

Medium shot: Bond kicks out from under Thug 4 and springs to his feet.

Wide shot: Bond looks over at Cadre


…James Bond

Scene 5

Tracking shot: Cadre holds Rene Mathis and pulls him toward the open door

More blood seeps through his light grey jacket.


Don’t judge me Mr. Bond. We only came for Dimitri. This old fool got in the way. I suggest you back off and let me go….


I’ll have to hear what Mathis says about letting you go.  
Bond to Mathis:

Rene; I told you not to speak to any strange men in the bar.
The old Frenchman opens his eyes.
Mathis to Bond:

Where were you when I needed you? He mocks, and begins to cough.

Medium shot: Thug 6 appears at the doorway, he brings his gun to bear but Bond turns and fires, the first shot striking home and slamming the man back out into the corridor

Bond aims and fires another shot but his gun is empty.

Close up on Cadre: Cadre laughs. Recognizes his moment, and in one tearing motion slits Mathis’ throat and throws him to the ground.


Scene 6

Medium shot from Cadre’s POV: Cadre attacks Bond.
Tracking shot: The knife slashes right to left, and Mathis’ blood flies from the blade. Bond tries to smother the attack using the empty Walther PPK

 Cadre slashes again from the left. Bond blocks the attack forcing attacking hand wide, and

Bond counters with a ridge hand to throat.
Tracking shot reverse angle: Cadre steps back, soaking up the pain from the attack. He flexes his muscles and his hand flashes out grabbing Bond’s right shoulder, his fingers dig into the flesh, dragging him down, trying to turn him.

Close up: Bond drops the Walther and counter grabs the knife hand.
Tracking shot: Cadre’s well-muscled arm wet with sweat slides around within Bond’s grip, the blade continues its deadly path toward his throat; Bond braces himself, and pushes back, the effort is immense, and Bond knows he cannot beat this man on pure strength.

Close up: Bond stops his resistance and allows himself to be pulled in.

The blade is only an inch from his neck


Close up of fight: The blade touches Bond’s skin and at the last moment Bond twists inside guard, striking backward with his elbow then firing up with his fist, the second strike catches the man on the nose, the pressure of his knife attack hand slackened. Bond side steps to the right and steps behind Cadre, sweeping his leg forward. He crashes to the floor.

Wide shot: Bond stamps down hard on Cadre’s wrist. The knife falls from his grasp. Bond kicks it away and it bounced across the floor with a hollow metallic ring.


Cadre reaches up and grabs Bond’s leg but the pain in his broken wrist makes the move ineffectual. Bond drops his weight and slams his hand into the man’s neck with a classic karate chop.
Cadre lays motionless.


Scene 7

Dolly shot: Bond goes to Mathis

Close up: Bond cradles Mathis in his arms.
Mathis looks up from under his heavy eye lids


I always wanted to die in France

Wide shot from floor level: Mathis tries to reach for his gun, which lays some distance away on the floor.
Bond looks at Mathis’s wound and applies pressure


Be quiet and there’s a chance you still can


Oh James, there is a lot more to France than just l'hexagone. Little specks of her are dotted all around the world, all in spectacular settings

Medium shot: Bond looks around the bar and shrugs



Mathis, just shut up, I need to get help.

The blood is forcing its way up between his fingers.
Mathis closes his eyes


Please James, help me get my gun


Don’t be stupid


Then get me a brandy
Mathis points to a bottle of brandy on the floor

Keep still or you’ll die right here

Like Dimitri? I came here to offer him protection.


He doesn’t need it now


I failed him

Yes, now keep still


James I have to tell you what Dimitri told me




The funds are going to be transferred tonight at the Betting Rooms.


I’ll try to stop that


You need to know about the Betting Rooms.


Go on


The club is a front for an international money laundering operation; tonight’s proceeds go to funding the terrorist group that’s heading for London. Demitri’s contact is the only one that can get you close enough to the man you’re after. James, if he transfers the money tonight the attack on London will be unstoppable. You have to stop him.


I will. What’s the contact’ name?


Her name is Saxa


How do I make contact?... and don’t say ‘phone’

Mathis: Shaking his head

Sorry I don’t know. Now get me some brandy

Close up from Bond POV: Bond looks deep into his friend’s eyes, all pretenses are futile.

Bond reaches for the bottle, and offers him the brandy.

007: Smiling

Trust a Frenchman to find a bar where the brandy is free

Medium shot: Slowly Mathis brings his arm up and holds on to Bond’s sleeve


Ha let that be my epitaph.

Mathis grip fades and Mathis dies.


Scene 8

Wide shot: Cadre speaks

Very touching.

Medium shot: Cadre Struggles to his knees; blood dripping from his shattered nose. He wipes his face with his good arm
Bond watches him with a cold curiosity as the wounded giant reaches across with his good hand and thrusts it deep into his pocket, he grunts and groans, and finally begins to withdraw the hand, but he only extracts his mobile phone.
Close up from Cadre POV: Cadre gestures toward Mathis with the phone



I want to call my lawyer

Now why would you want to do that?

There’s no way I’m going to prison

Close up then pan: Bond wipes the blood from his fingers on Mathis’ jacket; slowly he reaches forward and picks up Mathis’ gun.


Close up: Cadre pulls out a £1 million bearer bond



No need for violence. Money talks Mr. Bond. This is a £1million bearer bond

Cadre: Waving the bearer bond

With this little baby doing the talking my lawyer will have me back on the streets in less than one hour

Medium shot: He laughs at the effort it takes to press the buttons. He waits for the connection. Slowly he shakes his head and looks at Bond with contempt


You think you have the upper hand? Just because you have a gun? I won’t ever spend a single night in jail

                                                        You’re absolutely right
The shot is loud in the quiet smoke filled room.

Fade to black

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Posted 29 December 2012 - 12:44 PM

Act 2

Scene 1

Overview shots of London landmarks.

Tracking shot: Aston Martin DB5 driving through the city.

Sound: Car engine. Cut in sound of mobile ring tone.

Tracking shot of car: Voice cut over. Conversation whilst showing the DB5 driving.




Good evening 007, this is Q. Ah 007, I can see from your GPS signal that you’re just approaching the Betting rooms


That’s right Q don’t worry I’m on official business


I know all about your mission 007. Don’t forget I’m the one that signed the authorization for Emma to go out with you tonight. Now where did I put that note?


Hurry up Q I’m already late for my dinner date.


This will be Emma’s first mission, please be gentle with her. Ah yes. You may have to go hungry tonight 007. I’m sorry to have to advise you that your contact has been compromised. Mister Risk…


… It’s pronounced Risque


Whatever 007. You need to know that Mr. Risque has increased Security at the club.


That’s a shame


The club is on high alert. I’m afraid your name just isn’t on the VIP list anymore


Oh dear; I’ll have to find another way in.


James they are expecting you


I’ll bear that in mind


Scene 2

Medium shot: Aston Martin pulls up to camera.

Dolly shot: A run-down back alley. Wheelie bins are overflowing with rubbish. James Bond steps out of the car, resplendent in tuxedo.

Tracking shot: Bond picks a door lock and enters a building.


Scene 3

Internal shot Office block.

Dolly shot: FG Bond walking along corridor. BG View through window to lights of city

Sound: Guard 1 whistling.

Medium shot: Bond slips inside nearest door.

Tracking shot inside room: It is a laundry room

Medium shot: Guard 1 hearing what he thinks is the door shutting checks that the door is locked


 Close up: Inside the laundry room. Bond is holding the door handle.


Long shot: Guard 1 retreats whistling.

Medium shot: Bond leaves the laundry room.

Tracking shot from Bond POV looking down the corridor through a partial glass door.

Guard 1 is positioned beyond the door.

Tracking shot: Bond goes to outside window.

Bond sees cables going from his building across the gap to the casino. Bond goes back into cupboard and picks up a large white towel.

Bond opens the window and climbs out onto ledge.

Long shot: looking down to the ground

Scene 4

Dolly shot from ground level: Bond walking along the ledge like a tightrope walker.

Close up: Bond loops the towel over the line. Bond launches himself off the building. Zip wire to building across gap.
Long tracking shot from Bond’s POV through a window into the casino he is approaching.

Ext medium shot: Man and woman kissing. Her back is pressed against the window. Bond notices she has a cobra tattoo on her shoulder.

Static long shot: Bond zipping past. Towel is now smoking

Now there’s dedication to the job

Ground shot of Bond on zip wire


Scene 5

Medium shot: Bond lands on the casino roof. Bond drops the now blazing towel and adjusts his bow tie.  He enters the casino building

Close up: A hand clamps down on his shoulder
                                                             Eddie the Guard:

Halt. Get your hands up. No one gets in here without an invitation

Reverse angle medium shot: Bond raises his hands. A Flashlight is thrust into his face.

Close up: From Guard POV. He notices a large diamond ring on Bond’s little finger.

Medium shot: Bond notices the guard looking at his ring


Perhaps I can persuade you

Eddie the guard:

                                                              Hey show me the ice

Close up of Eddie: He inclines his head toward the signet ring


Radio voice:

Hey Eddie is everything OK?

Medium shot: Bond sees that the guard is going for his radio.
Tracking shot: Bond brings his hands down in a double chop, which impacts with the neck and wrist of the radio hand; the guard staggers back. Bond takes two paces forward and hooks his leg behind the guard’s leg; with a swift open hand to the throat the guard falls back. Bond kneels and takes the radio from the man’s jacket.
                                                                  007: imitating Eddie’s voice

                                               Eddie here everything is fine

Tracking shot: Bond goes to a door and turns the handle. The door is locked.

Close up: Bond kneels and picks the lock. The door opens…



There that was easy

Cut away shot to a Security room: Intruder alarm (light) goes off

Wide shot looking down the stairwell: Bond running down the stairs


Scene 6

Tracking shot of casino guests. Stop on fire exit: Bond enters.

Medium shot from Bond POV: The lights are low and smoke rises through the perfumed filled air emanating from expensive Cuban cigars. The men are dressed in tuxedos and women resplendent in variously coloured glamorous cocktail dresses.

Close up shot: Bond enters the casino.
Cut away shot: The smoke swirls about in the lights over the tables.
Laughter and the mummer of voices continue as Bond closes the door.
Close up: Tuxedo Guard 1 stops Bond. Without a by your leave he frisks him and takes both his gun and the £1 million bearer bond.

Tuxedo Guard 1 grins as he puts the gun and money into his jacket pocket. He gestures for Bond to go forward.

Medium shot from Bond’s POV: Bond comes face to face with a beautiful girl


Good evening Mr. Bond. My name is Saxa, I’ll be your personal guide for tonight.


That’s very good of you


You might not think so


Tracking shot: Saxa turns on her heal and walks away from Bond.

Pan in on Saxa shoulder: Cobra tattoo on her shoulder. Bond realizes she was the girl he saw making love to the man in the office as he zipped into the casino.




Saxa: over her shoulder

Many men have tried to charm me Mr. Bond


I believe some have succeeded, going by your work load tonight

Saxa: turns, close up on face

Sometimes you have to put the hours in to get the rewards  

Wide angle shot: Saxa turns again and walks away. Party goers part in front of Saxa, revealing a man in a white suit. He is stood by a black jack table.

Close up of the back of the man’s head:

Medium shot: Tuxedo Guard 1 guides Bond to the side of the man. Saxa is on the other side

Close up: Saxa whispers in the man’s ear.

Close up behind the trio: The man stiffens and sniffs the air. He turns toward Bond…

Risque: Large bald headed man with goatee beard.

Welcome Mr. Bond, we’ve been expecting you. But please tell me why all the theatrics. You could have just called Saxa, and arranged an appointment for tomorrow.


Close up track shot of Risque’s mouth: He whispers in Bond’s ear


A little bird tells me you paid a visit to the Bar tonight.

Medium shot from Risque’s POV. Bond looks Rique up and down


Yes I had a bit of a thirst


Mr Dimitri, the owner of the bar was holding something for me. I sent one of my most trusted men to retrieve it. But alas he has not returned, I don’t suppose you…

Tuxido Guard 1 takes the £1 million barer bond from his pocket


Ah excellent. I see you brought it for me. What a good fellow you are


I try

Bond notes that his face seems out of proportion; the bald head appears massive; his skin tone varied from a healthy pink to a stodgy white

Medium shot from behind the black-jack table: Tuxedo guard 1 puts the £1 million bearer bond on the blackjack table


I already have nine of those already. That completes my set.


The ten million you are intending to give to the terrorist group.


A most deserving cause


I’m here to make sure you a have a change of heart




I’ll play you for it

Medium shot: Bond pulls out a chair and sits at the blackjack table


No I don’t think so.


Your friends will have trouble keeping hold of the money. My friends will make sure it never leaves the country


I don’t think so. If your friends are as competent as you are... But; no matter. My friends won the money fair and square it will be in all the newspapers


I don’t necessarily believe what they put in the papers. But if you think they can win it fair and square, your luck is about to change

Close up: Risque looks about the room.


One man against all of my people. Now what do you think are the odds against that happening?

Medium shot: Risque leaves the blackjack table and walks over to a roulette table.  

Risque holds out his hand. Saxa hands him a pile of chips. Casually he places the chips on the table.


You have a very active imagination Mr. Bond. But I’m afraid that’s all you have.

Close up of roulette wheel: The ball lands in a pocket and the croupier begins to take in the chips from the losing punters, and then with deft skill began issuing out the winnings to Mr. Risque. Players around the table clap.

Wide angle: Risque sits at the roulette table. He piles the chips in front of him


Do you play roulette Mr Bond?

Not seriously, there’s too much chance involved, I prefer games of skill

Medium shot: Risque wags his finger in defense of the game


Legend has it that to understand Roulette you must first bargain with the devil to obtain its secrets. You see the sum of all the numbers is 666; the Number of the Beast

Close up: Risque leans over the table and lovingly rubs his hands over the green baize; then taps the wheel



This is the heart of the beast. The wheel and its numbered pockets.

Tracking shot: Risque stands up and walks around the head of the table his fingers trace along the rim of the table.


The walls and curved surface make the ball spin towards them. Gravity dictates that as the ball loses momentum it will drip into one of the pockets. Like blood

Medium shot from foot of table: The croupier starts the wheel spinning and deftly flicked the ball into the dish


Rien ne va plus

Medium shot: Risque sits in a seat across the table from Bond. His eyes never leave the wheel


Every pocket has a number and a colour. 1 to 36 are red and black. Zero and Double zero are green. That’s the difference between American and European roulette; the American wheel has a double 0. The additional pocket affects the odds in favour of the house, from 2.7 to 5.26 percent
007: bored


Close up: The ball drops into number twenty two.
Medium shot: The croupier uses his rake to push the winnings toward Mr. Risque and draw in the other chips from losing squares on the table.
Medium shot looking up from table level : Saxa appears at Bond’s shoulder. She holds a stack of chips in her hand.


Saxa to Risque:

We cashed in his bearer bond


Give him the stack

Close up: She places the neat stack of chips in front of Bond.
Close up from Bond’s POV: Bond looks up from her breasts and into her eyes



That was very nice. Thank-you

Medium shot: Tuxedo Guard 1 removes Bond’s dinner jacket and hands it to Saxa.

Saxa blows Bond a kiss and walks away.

Tracking shot: Bond watches her walk away, her female form swaying


 Medium shot of table: The other players leave. Tuxedo Guard 1stands behind Bond. He takes out his gun.  



Looks like she gave you the kiss of death

007: looking at the table

Shall we play?


One final spin of the wheel?


I’m game. Let me see if I can work this game out. The colours alternate; as do the pairs of numbers.

Close up: Bond picks up his stack of chips.


That’s right Mr. Bond when you study the wheel you see a clear pattern in the disposition of numbers…

Medium shot: Risque splits his stack of chips, dropping chips onto various squares of the table



This play is known as the pyramid. A theory devised by the French mathematician, D'Alembert. Applied to even-money outside bets; the progression is simple: Whenever the number of wins equals the number of losses, the net gain is equal to the number of wins. Although naturally I always win

I can see the advantage of making multiple bets under different odds…

007: looking at Risque (he lifts an eyebrow)

You always win?
Risque: slowly nods his head

I’ll make you an offer Mr. Bond. You can play using those chips. If you win you take the winnings. But if you lose. I take your life.

Close up: Tuxedo guard 1 fixes the silencer to his gun
Pan shot following movement: Bond places the entire stack on the double 0 square at the top of the table.
Close up of Risque: Risque lets out his breath in a long whistle


To gamble everything on a single play is very dangerous, Mr. Bond

But the Double 0 gives me the best odds

Odds can change, Mr. Bond

But my number remains the same

Then I guess you’re a dangerous man, Mr. Bond

Then I guess you’re right

I can see now you’re a double 0 man

Then you know why I’m here

I guess I do. Seems this will all be over very quickly

Medium shot: Risque looks at Tuxedo guard 1, then points to Bond, then draws his thumb across his throat
Close up: Croupier releases the ball “Rien ne va plus".
Close up: Tuxedo guard 1 places the muzzle of the gun against the back of Bond’s head


When he loses kill him

Medium shot: The ball courses around the wheel.
Close up shot of ball in the wheel: The ball makes a shrill plink, plink noise as it jumps and bounces over the entrance to the pockets.
The ball drops into 00
Close up shot of Risque’s eyes: They widen in disbelief.

Long shot of Risque and Bond from the foot of the roulette table


You were right there was no need for theatrics. I’ll make that appointment to see you tomorrow shall I.


Wide angle shot: Bond begins to walk away. Risque and Tuxedo thug 1 look at the ball in the wheel.


 I’ll collect my ten million winnings then…

Close up: Risque looking at the ball sitting proud in its pocket as the wheel comes to rest. 


No Mr. Bond stay where you are

Close up: Tuxedo guard 1’s gun presses into Bond’s spine.


I told you the odds can change; you won’t be seeing anyone tomorrow


That’s a shame. I didn’t think you were going to be such a bad loser
Risque: shouting, and rising from the table

I’m not the loser Mr. Bond you are. Goodbye Mr. Bond.

Medium shot: Risque gestures to Tuxedo Thug 1 to get Bond out of the casino

Medium shot reverse angle: Saxa arrives at the table.

Medium shot: The croupier attempts to give Bond his winnings.

Close up: Risque slaps the croupier. Taking the rake from his hand he breaks it.

007: to Saxa

Cash that will you
Dolly shot: Tuxedo guard 1 bundles Bond toward the elevator. They wait for it to arrive.

Tracking shot: Saxa hurries to the elevator and looks appealingly at Bond.


Sorry you have to leave so soon

It’s a very strict dress code tonight
Saxa gives Bond his dinner jacket. Bond puts it on

Tuxedo Thug 1 pushes Bond into the elevator. The door closes.

Scene 7

Close up shot of the elevator floor indicator: Reducing 3,2,1, G

Long shot from reception area: The elevator doors open on the ground floor.

James Bond walks out into the large reception area of the casino; Tuxedo guard 1lays motionless in the lift. The doors slowly began to close.
Medium shot: Bond checks the money from his dinner jacket pocket.



Well done Saxa, this will make someone a nice Christmas present.

Tracking shot: Bond holsters his Walther PPK. Bond drops the guard’s gun into the nearest plant pot.


Scene 8

Interior shot: Bond driving the Aston Martin

Sound Ring tone

Voice of Q:

Universal Exports

Interior shot in Aston Martin, looking at Bond


Mission accomplished Q


Very good. How was Emma?

Close up shot of Bond’s hands on the wheel: Bond lifts his hand from the steering wheel examines his signet ring


Emma was magnificent. I only had to use her once

Exasperated Q:

You bet all the money on one turn of the wheel?


You told me Emma wouldn’t let me down…


Really 007 the Electric Merge Magnifying Apparatus has never been tried in the field before.

Bond lifts his hand and looks at the E.M.M.A signet ring. Pause.


It has now


Jolly good 007. I’ll write my report on the effectiveness of the signet ring devise right away. I’ll see if I can get one to all the Double 0’s. It’ll be a nice present.


Generous to a fault Q


Will you be reporting back to HQ straight away?

Cut to external shot: The Aston Martin pulls up outside another casino


Shouldn’t be long.


Long shot: Bond and Saxa go into the casino.

The End