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The Paradise Entrapment

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#1 Binyamin


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Posted 21 February 2011 - 03:31 AM

The sun was setting. Across the water, dancing orange colors shimmered on the waves, and there was the faint scent of salt in the air. James Bond’s lips tasted of salt as well, but his flavor was of the glass and not the sea. He held the shot glass between his thumb and index finger, gazed through it, and peered at the distorted reality it reflected.

Yes, distorted reality -- that was one way to put it, he thought to himself. F-ed up was another. Bond glared through the glass again. It was supposed to be routine. Get in, find the contact, get out. Clean. Simple. But the mission, like the ocean breaking over hidden rocks beneath the water, was not as serene as it seemed.

A footfall startled the agent back to reality, and he whipped his head to the left. Behind him was a stand of trees, tall palms, their branches swaying casually in the breeze. There was a woman. Bond squinted. She was tall, lanky, with a tan as rich as burnt umber. At her waist were the bottoms of a bikini, and at her chest she wore nothing. James smiled, slightly.

“Good evening.” Bond’s voice was strong, but smooth. The woman -- or was it a girl -- looked startled, and for a moment he thought she would run. Instead she stepped forward.

“Perdóname...” The woman blushed. “Esta playa.... está desierta....” Her soft voice faded into the ocean wind.

Bond squinted and smiled. “It’s okay. Está bien.” He swept his hand graciously, then realized that it still held the glass. “Tequila?”

The woman looked at him for a long second. There was contemplation in her eyes. Suddenly she softened, and stepped forward.

Gorgeous tits, Bond thought to himself. Latinas were a gift to men. Warm, caring, and amazing in bed. For a moment he was lost in the pleasure of the moment. Then he heard the switchblade.

There was cold, sharp steel pressed against his right jugular. Bond froze.

“Do not move a muscle, pendejo, or I will cut your throat.”

To Bond’s left, the woman blushed. Then he felt fresh blood trickle down his neck.

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#2 Bryce (003)

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Posted 21 February 2011 - 05:35 PM

Not a bad start at all.

Now, is it Bond's blood or belong to someone else?

Trust me, I concur on your opinion of Latin girls...I know from experience.

One suggestion, not that I'm a prude by any means, but change "tits" to "breasts". Just more suited to both Bond and Fleming IMO, but your work is your own.

Anxious to read more. Cheers.