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The "GoldenEye" story (SPOILERS)

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Posted 06 November 2010 - 04:35 PM

After playing the game and watching the walkthroughs online, here's what I feel is a pretty concise outline of the newly reimagined story:


Northern Dvina River - Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russian Federation - For the last three years, a high ranking Russian general, Arkady Ourumov, has been stealing Russian military equipment and selling it on the black market. MI6 believe that he's about to ship a cache of high-tech weapons to a terrorist organization and has been targeting embassies. An unmarked cargo plane is already en route to pick up those weapons within the next forty-five minutes.

Bond and 006 (Alec Trevalyan) take out a pair of Russian guards and then split up, with Trevalyan stealing a truck while Bond neutralizes the guards at the watchtower. Bond rendezvous with 006 and together they make their way to the security checkpoint, where they are stopped by two Russian guards. The situation soon turns nasty as the Russians realize Bond and Alec aren't who they seem and a shootout/chase ensues. The truck is flipped on its side during a rocket attack, forcing Bond and Alec to scramble for cover.

Bond grows suspicious after spotting an electromagnetic pulse-hardened helicopter swoop by overhead and land on a nearby helipad. He goes off to snap pictures of the helicopter for MI6 while Alec covers him. As the agents parachute to enter the facility, Bond is caught and forced to remove his parachute. He deploys it, using it as a distraction and base jumps into the waters below. The camera closes in on Bond's eye as we ZOOM in to...

TITLES: Featuring James Bond’s silhouette blasting off bullets, digital map readouts, satellite imagery and swimming nudes forming the profile of Daniel Craig's face, all intercut with footage of Bond plummeting through the dam and Nicole Scherzinger performing "Goldeneye".

As the story proper begins, we see Trevalyan helping Bond to his feet at the base of the dam. Both agents then make their way to the weapons storage facility. Bond and Trevalyan have nineteen minutes before the terrorists make the pick-up. MI6 won't be able to contact them but they'll be able to communicate with each other through the alternate channels on their smartphones' ultra low frequency sideband. Bond heads to sabotage the fuel tanks while Trevalyan goes after the weapons cache. However, Bond's presence is detected and the Russians' put the facility on lockdown.

When Bond arrives at the weapons cache, General Ourumov has taken Alec captive. When Bond refuses to give himself up, Ourumov shoots 006. Bond is able to perilously stalk across the room hidden behind a large trolley of gases, knowing that Ourumov has given orders to his men not to shoot for fear of puncturing one of the barrels. Bond uses his smartphone to detonate the fuel tanks and escapes on a conveyor belt.

Bond works his way out of the facility and calls for extraction but finds himself in a firefight close to the facility's airfield. He works his way towards a plane leaving the facility and steals a motorcycle to catch after it. A helicopter overhead attempts to target him and misses, but shoots the pilot inside the plane. Both the plane and Bond go careening off a cliff, where Bond manages to work his way into the plane's cockpit and gain control of the plane. He successfully gains control of the plane and flies it away from the facility as it continues to explode.

Bond is determined to follow up on his lead. The helicopter Bond photographed has been identified as a Ludmiller T1, specially modified EMP-hardened. Bond wants to know who would need a helicopter that could survive an EMP blast. Tanner informs Bond that Ourumov has been receiving large cash transfers that trace back to a Nigerian shell corporation known as the Janus Group. Moreover, he made a phone call last night to a Russian gangster named Valentin Zukovsky, looking for an EMP hardened helicopter. The Russian operates out of a nightclub in Barcelona. The local police have a mole inside, Sergeant Garcia, who can make the introduction. Zukovsky’s only known physical characteristic is a terrible scar running along his right cheek. “I gave him the scar,” Bond quips, hinting at a colorful history with the Russian gangster.

Barcelona, Spain – Bond seeks out Sgt. Garcia at the posh neon nightclub. A brilliant house piece by Deadmau5—“I Remember” ft. Kaskade—infiltrates the sound waves as Bond is hustled by a raven-haired Russian waitress, boasting her vodka as the finest in Russia.

BOND: “Not bad for a counterfeit. Perhaps you should tell your boss the real label is a darker shade of blue.”

Insulted, the waitress grabs the bottle back from Bond and turns to wait on some unruly barflies.

Bond eventually locates Sgt. Garcia, who brings him to the backroom to meet Zukovsky. Zukovsky is a young, well-built, womanizing twit with a floozy in his lap when Bond finds him. Standing in front of a large, Warholian painting of himself, Zukovsky tells Bond to go to the arms fair Dubai. Before he can say more, he is shot and killed by the waitress from before. She frames Bond for murder and calls the police, who arrive in no time and surround the nightclub. Bond moves from a backroom to the dance floor, cueing Billy Holiday's “The Man I Love” - a sassy, slow centerpiece of 1930s music that forms the soundtrack for an ensuing firefight. Eventually Bond finds his way outside and steals a motorcycle, fleeing the scene.

MI6 have identified the woman who murdered Zukovsky as Xenia Onatopp, ex-Russian military, assigned to Ourumov during the Russian invasion of Georgia. The two of them entered Dubia on false passports, presumably to attend the arms fair, featuring a demonstration of a brand new EMP-hardened helicopter. Bond’s mission is to make sure the helicopter doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Dubai carrier – Bond passes through security and meets with CIA agent Sky Briggs, his contact in Dubai. Briggs wants to introduce Bond to the pilots of the chopper, but before he can do so he is gunned down by Xenia and Ourumov. Bond pursues the two Russians through the densely populated arms fair. Outside, Bond is unable to do anything but watch as Ourumov and Onatopp make off with the helicopter. In a last ditch effort, he makes a running jump onto the landing skids of the Ludmiller and plants his smartphone on the side of the chopper. Bond then escapes by diving into the harbor and swimming to safety.

MI6 have used Bond’s smartphone to track Ourumov’s helicopter to a remote base in Siberia—the Russians claim it’s a climate change observation facility with no military purpose, but someone recently sent out a distress signal using military channels. The Russians have already sent in combat troops. Bond is to infiltrate the facility and find out what they’re up to. Meanwhile, Bond has received a new EMP-hardened smartphone. In a worst case scenario, MI6’s satellites will be temporarily blinded, but Bond’s phone will survive.

Severnaya, Siberia – Bond, now in white camouflage fatigues, tracks his smartphone to the climate change observation facility. Suddenly, the blinding flash of light from the EMP causes massive short circuits in electronics. The electronics in an approaching MiG fighter are also affected, causing it to crash to the ground near 007. Bond then systematically takes down Ourumov’s men as he makes his way to the lower compound.

Bond reports to MI6 that he’s in the observation facility—which is, in reality, a control center. After neutralizing Ourumov’s men, he rescues a woman and helps her to safety. However, they make it out just in time to see Ourumov and Onatopp escaping in the Ludmiller. The woman introduces herself as Natalya Simonova, a computer engineer for the GoldenEye satellite. Bond and Natalya are then captured by Siberian troops and taken to St. Petersburg.

Russian Military Archives – St. Petersburg, Russian Federation – Minister Dmitri Miskin has begun interrogating Bond and Natalya. Miskin demands to know why Bond set off the GoldenEye. Bond tries to persuade Miskin that he has a traitor in his ranks and Natalya blurts out that Ourumov was the real culprit and that there is another GoldenEye satellite.

Suddenly, Ourumov bursts in and tries to protest about the interrogation and murders Miskin and a guard with Bond's Walther PPK, trying to make it look like he shot them while trying to escape. Ourumov takes Natalya hostage while Bond fights his way through the building, pursued and shot at by Russian soldiers.

Bond steals one of the Russian tanks and sets off on a highly destructive chase through the streets of St Petersburg in pursuit of Ourumov and Natalya. Bond calls MI6 and asks them to track a Humvee through the streets of St. Petersburg—specifically, the one being chased by a tank. 007 wreaks havoc as he demolishes buildings and dozens of cars in his relentless pursuit. Ourumov takes Simonova to a railway siding where they board a train. Bond, seeing them making ready to depart, speeds on ahead and slams the tank into the side of the train, causing the carriage carrying Ourumov and Natalya to derail.

Bond fights his away aboard the train where he confronts Ourumov. Bond asks Ourumov what he plans to do with the GoldenEye satellite. He tries to pit Ourumov and Xenia against each other, but that trick doesn’t work this time. Xenia betrays Ourumov and kills him, then takes the GoldenEye controller and leaves Bond and Natalya to die. Bond neutralizes Xenia’s men, but not before Xenia flings a grenade into the carriage. Bond shoots his away out of the burning train carriage and helps Natalya crawl to safety.

Outside, Natalya confesses that she overheard Ourumov make a phone call to someone about a meeting at Memorial Park that night. Bond wants to leave Natalya in the hands of one of his contacts in St. Petersburg, but she demands to go with him.

That night, as rain pounds the streets the St. Petersburg, Bond and Natalya pull up in front of Memorial Park. Bond orders Natalya to stay in the car--it's too dangerous--and arms her with a gun for protection. After investigating the maze of icons, busts and statues, Bond concludes that the park is some sort of staging area and begins sending MI6 pictures for analysis. He then witnesses Natalya, who has since disobeyed 007's orders, captured by Ourumov's men.

Bond is suddenly blinded by floodlights and disoriented. When he regains his bearings, he is face to face with none other than Alec Trevalyan, alive and well. Bond realizes that Alec is Janus--the two-faced Roman god who rained fires down on those who betrayed him. When Bond asks his old friend why he did it, Alec advises Bond to look at the last ten years--the wars, the financial meltdown--who profited? The bankers.

ALEC: "For England, James? I think not.”

Bond is knocked out by a poisoned dart to the neck. He's woken some time later to find that he's been strapped into the cockpit of a helicopter and a counter is ticking down. Bond realizes that the helicopter's missiles are about to fire and that they've been set to double back and hit the Ludmiller. In desperation, he head butts the emergency escape button and the Ludmiller's cockpit is fired out of the rest of the machine just in time to avoid the incoming missiles.

Bond charters a plane to Africa. MI6 have learned that Pan African Power have recently completed a clean energy facility in a protected area of northwest Nigeria. When Bond is about ten minutes from the solar plant, his plane is shot down by a surface to air missile. Bond needs to continue on foot to the solar station through the Nigerian jungle, avoiding Alec's patrols along the way. After a shootout with Trevalyan’s men, Xenia rappels down from a helicopter and attacks Bond. As she has Bond in a stranglehold, he manages to fire one of the STA missiles and shoot the helicopter down. Still attached to the rappel cord, Onatopp is pulled down with the helicopter and killed in the explosion.

Bond plants explosives on the cooling towers to destabilize the main facility. He sets off an alarm and must shoot his way to the main cradle structure. There, he is captured by Alec's men and taken to the main computer console where Trevalyan is holding Natalya. Trevalyan plans to use Natalya's fingerprint on the GoldenEye control to detonate the weapon; his plan is to hack into the banks, transfer the money electronically, and erase his tracks with an EMP blast. Every transaction on every computer in London will be gone in less than four minutes.

Bond tricks Trevalyan into activating the detonator on his smartphone. When the charges don’t trigger, Trevalyan thinks he’s won. However, before Alec's men can begin hacking into the banks and start transferring the money, the charges go off—the blast was merely delayed. Bond orders Natalya to deorbit the satellite while he provides cover. Frustrated, Natalya realizes that there must be an override module at the top of the tower. Bond once again arms Natalya and promises to return.

After a brief scuffle with Trevalyan in the tower, Bond makes his way to the tower’s control room where he causes a system overload. Trevalyan once again ambushes Bond and the two former friends fight each other with lead pipes as the entire structure collapses around them. The struggle culminates in Bond shooting Trevalyan and sending him to his death from the top of the tower. Meanwhile, Natalya has hijacked a helicopter gunship and swoops in to save 007. Bond jumps onto the landing skids of the helicopter and gets away as the tower explodes.

Later, the helicopter lands in a clearing somewhere in the Nigerian jungle. The pilot is arrested after Bond and Natalya abandon the helicopter. Just as they’re about to touch lips, their moment is interrupted by a phone call from M, who has received information that the GoldenEye has been destroyed and wants Bond’s full report. Eagerly, Natalya tosses the phone to the ground and they kiss.


Did I miss anything? I think this covers all the bases pretty well. The only thing I think could better be explained is the fight between Bond and Alec (for instance, what was that bright beam of light that they fight near in the control room--the one Bond wrests Alec's fire axe into?)

Having said this, is there anything about the game's story you would change to reimagine the original story even further? I think Bond should definitely visit MI6 HQ at least once (most likely after the Arkhangelsk sequence). I also don't think it would've been too much to ask to fit Boris into the story. What do you think?

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Posted 06 November 2010 - 05:18 PM

Thx for this!!

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Posted 09 November 2010 - 02:22 AM

How did I miss this thread?

Have to say - not convinced about some of the apparant changes, the plot doesn't seem to flow quite as nicely and logically as it did in the movie. That said, I've not played it yet - so my thoughts might change once I've played the game.

Good work on the outline, coco1997.

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Posted 09 November 2010 - 03:38 PM

I didn't like the twists on the plot either.