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The Darkov War

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The man steadily held his grasp onto the suppressed barrel of his barrette .50 caliber rifle. The scent and the touch of the prickling pine quietly brushed against the back of his neck, causing his hair to erect.

He slowly lowered his dark grey eyes to the greased rim of the holographic sighted scope. Through the glass, he sighted an armed man, dressed in winter attire, attempting to fight off the ice cold wind that made the territory ideal for their agenda. His index finger slowly eased onto the trigger and pulled.

A small array of darkened burgundy mist burst from the shaft of the target's jugular, he had fallen to the soft cold ground from the brute force of the rifle. The man would feel the burning wound until his warm steaming blood would be gone from his lifeless body.

Satisfied with the kill, Lieutenant James Bond quickly packed away the rifle into his musette bag full of other various paraphernia that included his preferred weapon for close quarters, a suppressed ACR assault rifle; he had only used the weapon for his passed two assignments, but knew it would save his life countless times in the near future.

Bond slowly stood up, gradually stretching his cold, and tight muscles, careful not to strain them as he upholstered the ACR from his strap and adjusted the sights before swiftly sliding down the powdery snow-covered miniature slope that quickly came to an end on the side of a frozen dirt road that was heavily occupied by foreign military forces, at that moment, it was difficult to identify the specific country the forces had originated from.

The scent of the diesel engines filled the cold air, which burned the nostrils of James Bond with every breath taken. As soon as the last supply truck passed, the young lieutenant quickly paced himself in crouch position, carefully moving closer to the nearest checkpoint that was guarded by several enemy soldiers and definitely posed as a threat to Bond's infiltration. He would have to take them quickly and quietly, and then moved the bodies so the guards inside the towers directly down the road wouldn't become suspicious. It wasn't the greatest situation, but it would have to do.

Bond blended himself under the cover of the heavy snow, and waited until the winds would carry a cloud of snow and would temporarily blind the soldiers.

Several minutes later, the cloud that Bond had hoped for had arrived; he jumped up from the snow, reached into his jacket and produced his suppressed semiautomatic Walther pistol, along with a tactical knife. James sprinted through the snow that stung the very souls of his feet, and the half covered face that was being tinged by the flakes.

He was now slowly pacing himself, and took aim at the guard standing at the window left of the other two, Bond had been afraid that the shot would have been heard by the others, but it went unnoticed and the soldiers went about talking amongst themselves and smoking.

James Bond swiftly ran over to the window of which a dead guard lay lifelessly, his brown eyes turning grey. Bond remained focused, unaffected by the kill and fully uncovered his face, he was sitting inside of the checkpoint room, and surprised by the heater that didn’t usually exist in places like this. In the area, the governments weren't able to afford heaters in such unimportant places where the soldiers themselves could just wear their winter gear.

Bond put away the pistol and unpacked his ACR and rested the barrel on top of the open sill...

HE FIRED OFF THREE shots before the men fell to the ground. Bond removed the weapon from the sill and exited the checkpoint, moving north towards the main towers that were over-looked by several men armed with Sniper rifles. He moved quickly through another cloud of heavy flakes and sprint towards his objective.
Suddenly, a loud roaring sound created a ringing sound in his ears. It was an American F22 Raptor fighter jet that did a flyby. Bond stopped running and leaped into a small area of bushes in front of the towers, we glanced by at the fighter, curious of why it was flying over of what seems to be a Russian military base in Kazakhstan. Both were out of kilter and gave a Bond a strange feeling his spine.
Then the alarms went off all around the base just as the Raptor flew over once again, only this time around, it released a series of missiles that traveled through the base and stuck several oil tankers, giving off an intense explosion that sprayed shrapnel everywhere.
Bond suddenly knew it was time to get out and doubled back for his original position up on the hill near the first kills of the assignment originated.

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