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The Ultimate Bond Project

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The circular gunbarrel pulls out to reveal we are in MOSCOW. The camera drifts over colorful church spires to a seemingly deserted warehouse. But behind tinted windows, ARMED GUARDS are inside, watching over the sleek-looking top secret AX-21 VTOL experimental aircraft. Two of the guards speak in Russian-tinged English* (Paul Haggis to actually make the dialogue bearable later on, of course )

Guard 1 - I am worried, Oleg. They cannot just steal an aircraft like this and not expect reprisals.
Guard 2 - Relax, Dimitri. It's easy work, and they are paying us double. And for what? Nothing! We are in Moscow. Nobody will be foolish enough to try anything here.

IN THE SKY - a jet black shadow of a stealth plane circles above the Square. The cargo bay doors open and a lone FIGURE CLAD IN BLACK drops out, camouflaged against the night sky. He NOSEDIVES for several hundred feet, plummetting straight towards Red Square, as he pulls a cord. An entire PARAGLIDER rig instantly unfolds from his backpack, sending the figure into a graceful swoop, arcing towards the warehouse.

Through NIGHT VISION GOGGLES, we see the figure's POV as he steers. A digital display reads "Scanning codes...FOUND". The figure presses a button and as the paraglider steers closer, the huge warehouse DOORS SLIDE OPEN at both ends.

Inside the guards panic. "They've found us!", "Kill anyone who enters!".

Still up in the air, the mystery figure withdraws a GUN and FIRES IT through the open doors. A tiny object imbeds into the concrete, as Guard Oleg rushes over to it. He examines it. "EMP? What is EMP?"

As if to answer, the tiny object FLASHES and a shockwave of energy fills the room, blowing out the power and plunging everything into blackness. Right on cue, the paraglider SAILS into the room. Guards FIRE WILDLY, missing everything as the paraglider calmly floats over the aircraft, dropping another tiny object on top of it.

The glider is already hurtling out of the other end of the warehouse before anyone has a clue what's happened. BEHIND THE WAREHOUSE, the glider finally touches down in a junkyard. The figure folds the chute up in seconds and stuffs it into a wrecked car. Finally he removes the goggles and helmet. It is JAMES BOND, 007. Peeling off his jumpsuit, he is wearing an unusually cheap/loud suit by Bond's standard. In the pocket is a tiny flask; he removes the lid and POURS THE CONTENTS OVER HIMSELF. Right on cue, SHOUTING AND FLASHLIGHT BEAMS light up the area. Guards pour in as Bond staggers around, clutching the flask.

Guard 1- "Who are you? Did you see anyone come through here?"
Bond - (Russian accent) "Where is...bar? I am out of vodka!"

The Guards LAUGH and JEER at him and move on. Once they're out of sight, Bond adopts a normal posture and walks out of the area. Unscrewing the bottom of the flask, he extracts a tiny DETONATOR. He casually tosses the flask away, in typical Daniel Craig fashion.

Round the corner, and Bond is in Red Square. We see the reason for the disguise - everyone else is wearing similar loud 'gangster' suits and Bond blends in perfectly. A PARKED CAR awaits with the engine running. Bond gets in to the back seat. Two Russians sit in the front.

Driver - You smell of cheap booze.
Bond - Well, I am trying to blend in as a Russian.

Bond hands over the detonator. "Want to do the honors?"
Russian Goon 1 "Da. I take any opportunity to blow up something American"

He hits the switch and BOOM, the warehouse goes up in flames.

Bond - "It's been a pleasure working with you".
Goon 1 - "Unfortunately the job is not quite over, there is a loose end".
Bond - "And what's that?"
Goon 1 - "You."

The Driver produces a SILENCED PISTOL and aims it at Bond. A SHOT goes off and the Goon looks confused. BOND has shot the Driver through the seat.

Bond - Tell your boss next time you plan a doublecross, don't send two men with assassin tattoos on the backs of their hands.

The Driver SLUMPS forward, kicking the car into gear. The car ZOOMS forward, jolting both men back in their seats. The Goon SLIDES into the back and pulls a SWITCHBLADE. The gun is knocked out of Bond's hand as the two men STRUGGLE in the back.

The car ploughs straight through Red Square, completely out of control, scattering TOURISTS and MARKET VENDORS in all directions. Bond SLUGS the goon in the face, stunning him; as the car races towards a wall, Bond opens the front door and hurls the driver out. Unable to reach the handbrake in time, Bond turns the car, slamming its side into the wall. Shaken (not stirred), Bond steps out only to realize the goon is no longer in the car; he's halfway across the Square. Bond gives chase as the Goon takes refuge in St. Basil's Cathedral.

Bond bursts through the door, at the ready. The Goon is DEAD, lying in front of him, a clear bullet wound to the forehead. Confused, Bond looks around, but the place is completely deserted. Hearing distant police sirens, Bond turns to leave, when he notices a tiny object on the floor right in front of him, seemingly there for him to find. He picks it up, examines it, then tosses it away before leaving. The camera pans in to the small object, a silver lapel pin in the shape of a Q.


as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007



Stana Katic
Talulah Riley

Ray Stevenson

Jeremy Renner
Lorna Morgan

John Astin
Rebecca Hall
Jesper Christensen

and Judi Dench

with Timothy Dalton as M

"Talk of the Devil" sung by Lady Gaga
"Talk of the Devil" composed by Lady Gaga and David Arnold

Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone

Directed by Michael Mann


Bond uncovers the systematic murder of agents associated with the intelligence agencies of NATO countries that were involved in a given project. He plans to replace the remaining agent and eliminate the sniper that is taking out the agents.

A figure riding a motorbike and wearing a motorbike helmet is seen to be riding through the FRENCY COUNTRYSIDE, followed by a snipers scope. Just as the figure fingers the trigger, he feels the cold metal of a gun on the back of his head -

Meet JAMES BOND, 007.

"You've been a bad, bad boy," quips Bond. The sniper reacts, pushes Bond away from him and makes a run for it - with Bond's P99 getting thrown out of reach. The chase smashes through fields and country lanes, passes a cafe on a country lane where a man checks his wine bottle in disbelief at what he's just seen.

The chase eventually reaches a farmyard which is undergoing serious renovation. A game of cat and mouse occurs between the sniper and Bond, taking full advantage of the building site - until Bond has the sniper at his mercy. Dialogue quickly establishes this is the same sniper that Bond encountered in Moscow.

At his mercy, that is, until the sniper takes a cyanide pill and falls dead at Bond's feet. The problem is, the pair are in a building that has been rigged for demolishing - and as the sniper dies, the building starts to come down around Bond and the agent has to rush to escape.

Bond, frustrated, walks back through the farmyard, battered and bruised - as the motorbike and the leather clad motorbike rider, pulls up at the side of the road.

Only now do we notice the shapely curves in the leather and as the jet black helmet is removed, luxurious red hair falls free revealing that the rider is a beautiful, porcelain skinned woman - this is FLEUR.

After the reveal of Fleur, we'd presumably cut to MI6 where Bond would meet M's new Assistant Chief of Staff, Miss Moneypenny, as part of the new regime change via the new M. We'd get Judi Dench in a final appearance like Q in TWINE to hand over the reigns to Dalton, cue an "emotional" scene between her and Craig.

We then cut to...the surface of the moon! Where Russians are secretly mining uranium under the cover of a corporate space program, say, they are building the first commercial moon base. (If you want to anchor it in reality a bit more, we could explain that the uranium was uncovered as a result of NASA causing an explosion on the moon in 2009. EON usually likes to blame Americans at least once per Bond film). As the astronauts load the shuttle up with uranium, one astronaut inside (consults his list of stereotypical Russian names), PAVEL, cuts off the others' oxygen supply remotely, killing them all. He blasts off on his own, taking the uranium with him.

In the Earth's atmosphere, Pavel ejects the container of uranium at a predetermined point and the shuttle lands safely in a remote location in Siberia. Pavel emerges to be met by a man named COSTIGAN, who asks if the uranium was released safely at the exact location. Pavel answers yes, and Costigan promptly executes him.

A quick news report goes out in Russia claiming that the shuttle collided with a satellite and there were no survivors.

Back at MI6, Bond and the new M discuss these events. An obscure radar station in Venezuela reports a mystery object appearing briefly on the scope near Saba at the time of the "collision". (This report comes courtesy of South American section chief Felix Leiter, who since we have opted not to use him, doesn't have to be shown, or can appear briefly on a video conference screen, etc). And if we want to get cutesy with the in-jokes, we can have Dalton say something to Bond like "Ah yes, Felix Leiter, I know the man. Next time you see him, ask him how the leg is.". Looking at files on Maxim Rusayev, they find he owns property on Saba, so Bond is sent there to investigate.


Bond arrives at Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport and takes a taxi to the government house. Here he meets Serafin Melendez, an octogenarian in a crisp white suit and panama hat, the Head of Station for the Netherland Antilles. The Dutch and the islanders are giving MI6 a great deal of leeway into their investigation but he suggests taking a walk to a nearby cafe where they can speak freely.

Melendez is, it transpires, a former Double-Oh - it is heavily suggested that he may even have been a previous holder of the infamous 007 designation. Either way, it's clear that Bond has a lot of respect for the elder man and so has M, judging from the fact that they've kept an eighty year old in the field.

At the cafe, Bond orders two ice-cold beers from the buxom bartender -

"Hello, I'm Ti-ti"

"I never would have guessed"

Bond and Melendez discuss Rusayev on the bar patio overlooking the harbor and that he's expected to arrive tonight. Melendez points out a ruggedly handsome man flirting with women at the bar.

"His name's Costigan. Ace pilot, former US rangers until they threw him out for insubordination. Now he smuggles, or at least that's the rumor since no-one's actually caught him".

Melendez points out a luxurious silver yacht docked in the harbor and says that it belongs to Rusayev. As they watch, the rear of the yacht opens up and a sleek grey sports car drives up a ramp and onto the quay before turning down a street and vanishing.

Melendez has arranged for Bond to attend a charity gala event that Rusayev is throwing <for the launch of SEEL> Bond will go undercover as James Stock, a reporter for the London Financial Times writing a report on the corporate space program that Rusayev controls.

As Bond climbs into Melendez' sedan, Bond muses that they'll need a better car if they're to infiltrate the charity event. And on that we CUT to the BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics pulling up outside of the building used to hold the charity event - the heads of other attendees turn.

There's a nice comedy moment here where Maxim pulls up in his car, drawing a crowd, until a tuxedoed Bond turns up in his BMW, and the crowd all turns to look at him instead. Cue Bond smiling politely at Maxim, who storms inside in a huff.

Inside the reception, Bond notices Corinne Veneau on the arms of Costigan who cuts a dashing figure in his tuxedo. Bond and Corinne meet each others gaze across the crowded room but no words are spoken.

Bond relays the sighting to Melendez who is listening in to Bond using an earpiece.

"I'll be damned. Corinne Veneau. A woman I once met. Canadian Intelligence, or she used to be."

"Canadian Intelligence? Didn't know there was such a thing."

Bond explains to Melendez how he met Corinne in Russia several years earlier after his adventure in Bolivia.

Maxim then makes his Big Villain Speech to the crowd, he announces the launch of SEEL (Soviet Environmental and Ecological Legislature), an organization to establish and regulate new green policies worldwide. Afterwards, he mingles and meets Bond. (Here we can maybe have a good old casino scene where Bond faces Maxim at the tables. Roulette, perhaps? Maxim goads him with "I hope you handle your money better than the British handle their oil, Mr.Stock". Of course Bond wins, and when Maxim hands him a check for his winnings, Bond refuses and says "Why don't we just donate that to the families of the victims of the recent shuttle disaster?". Maxim glowers at Bond and leaves but is cornered by Costigan and the two man step into a side-room for several minutes.

"Rusayev keeps some interesting company."

At the end of the night, Bond slips a coat check attendent a crisp note to slip a piece of paper into the pocket of Corinne's coat. When Corinne comes to retrieve her coat, alongside Costigan, she finds the piece of paper in it and unfolds it, covertly reading it as she climbs into Costigan's rental car.

"What is it?"

"Just a note to remind me of something I have to do tomorrow."

Corinne crumples the piece of paper up and drops it out of the window as the car moves along the only road on the island, the paper flutters down in the breeze to the gentle waves of the water as we -

It's the next day. Bond has found a table at Ti-ti's on the balcony overlooking the harbor. He is reading a copy of an international broadsheet which he folds in half and puts on the table - as Corinne Veneau, wearing a light cotton dress that plays in the breeze.

"I hoped never to see you again. But you just had to walk back in my life, James," says Corinne.

"For a woman who hoped never to see me again, you accepted my invitation to meet me for breakfast with little thought"

Bond tries to warn Corinne away from Costigan because of his questionable history in smuggling and the black market. He brings up the topic of Maxim Rusayev and asks why Costigan spent several minutes in private speaking to Rusayev the previous evening.

Corinne explains that Rusayev has hired Costigan to make aerial surveys of several oil pipelines on the Canada/Alaska border, making sure that the environment is safe. He's not involved in anything illegal, Corinne assures Bond - but the fact that Bond is making inquiries has raised her suspicions, though she won't admit it.

Her suspicions are raised enough that she brings up the question of the legality of the work that Costigan is doing for Rusayev whilst the pair sit in bed, the sheen of sweat on their bodies whilst Costigan enjoys a post coital cigarette. The fact that she questions him raises his ire and he becomes physically abusive to her - as she lies crumpled on the floor, tears streaking down her cheek she comes to her decision.

As Costigan sleeps, the thin sheets draped across his scarred yet muscled body, Corinne slips on her cotton dress and sneaks out of the house where she pays the receptionist of the hotel to deliver a message.

Bond and Melendez are enjoying the conversation on the balcony of the cafe when Ti-ti approaches and hands a slip of paper to Bond, containing the message from Corinne.

It explains that Costigan will be ferrying an unknown cargo from Saba to the Yukon early the following morning. Bond slips the piece of paper into his pocket, tells Melendez that he will need an early morning wake-up call.

It is the next morning and Bond is watching through binoculars as a canister is loaded onto Costigan's plane whilst it idles near the end of the runway at Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport. He takes a snap of the caniter and sends it, via picture-text (using his brand new Nokia cameraphone) to Loelia Ponsonbury at MI6.

As Costigan's plane starts to taxi down the runway, Bond feels a tranquiliser dart snap into his neck and sees Melendez aiming the tranquiliser gun.

Bond wakes to find he has been transported to an abandoned sulfur mine on the island that Rusayev owns and is tied to Corinne. Rusayev has housed a number of wild and dangerous animals in the caverns which have been secretly ventilated - though nobody will go near them for fear of falling victim to the sulfur fumes. Rusayev has been planting freziera undulata - a species of mahogany tree previously abundant on the island and the area is generally off limits.

Bond can't believe that Melendez has turned on the government he worked for and devoted his life to. Melendez apologises but he explains that Costigan was holding his granddaughter for Rusayev and would kill her if he didn't cooperate. Melendez feared what Costigan might subject his granddaughter to. Bond and Corinne know what the smuggler is capable of.

Rusayev has Melendez dropped into the caverns where he breaks his leg and howls in pain. The Russian clarifies that Melendez' granddaughter died the moment that Melendez agreed to his terms.

Bond and Corinne are dropped into the caverns where they try to help Melendez by fashioning a splint from their clothes and wood that has been dropped. The trio make their way through the dark caverns, fighting off an attack by a hungry lion.

Melendez sacrifices himself (and, ultimately redeems himself) to a pair of Siberian Tigers, allowing Bond and Corinne to escape through a tunnel that is submerged in a pool of water. Despite almost drowning as the tunnel is much longer than either person expected, they find a small hollow to take another breath before swimming the rest of the distance down the tunnel and emerging onto Saba's golden beach where they collapse into each others arms.


Corinne has been taken to the Dreamy Pines Motel in the Rocky Mountains where she is being guarded by MI6. However, Quantum have tracked Corinne down and have sent two men - Morant and Horowitz - to take her into custody. They claim to be working for the motel owner (whom they have killed by shooting him between the eyes so that his car veers off the road, over a cliff and into a valley where it explodes in a fireball) to get past the guards and shoot them. The guards are shot and after binding Corinne's hands and feet with rope and throwing her into the boot of the car, they douse the motel in petrol and throw a burning match onto the surface - the hotel bursts into flame.

Morant and Horowitz drive away from the burning motel with Corinne stashed in the boot of their car.


Meanwhile, in Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon. Rusayev appears at a public press conference announcing SEEL has formed a treaty with Canada (represented by the Premier of the Yukon) and the Alaskan governor to allow his teams to retrofit and restructure certain sections of pipeline in order to bring them up to new green standards (and thus he brings in trucks and equipment without arousing suspicion). Rusayev poses for a photo op with a slightly familiar looking Alaskan governor, who jokes about being able to see Russia from her house.

Elsewhere, MI6 have tracked Costigan to a remote airstrip in the Yukon Territories. It is a private airstrip and the ownership is tracked to one of Rusayev's companies. Bond has co-opted Fleur to help him infiltrate the airstrip, uncover whatever Rusayev has planned and to recover the mysterious cannister jettisoned from the shuttle that supposedly crashed in Siberia. The airstrip can be accessed only by a single road and that is under heavy guard. The only other option is to go cross country which would involve several miles of hiking and skiing - which is what happens as a helicopter skims low across the surface of a frozen lake and two figures wearing combat suits bungee out of the back. This is Bond and Fleur - and they unclip the bungee cord when they reach the ground before putting together skis and ski poles from the packs on their backs.

The duo set off across the snow covered landscapes, dodging around trees and closing on the airstrip, even climbing up a waterfall that has frozen solid. Fleur's ski SMASHES on the frozen waterfall and severely hampers their travel until Bond comes up with an idea. Fleur balances on Bond's ski's behind him and she holds on to his waist - as she hitches a lift, they fly across the snowy ground. As they get closer, they set off a perimeter alarm and a squad of guards on snowmobiles are dispatched by Costigan on skis, snow mobiles and a caterpillar tracked antarctic snow cruiser carrying a squad of troops. It is clear that this is a major offensive for the organisation as their plan depends on the succesfull maintenance of the staging post at the airfield. There follows a pitched fight between Bond, Fleur and the guards - as Bond and Fleur's ski-poles are revealed to mask rifles and their ski-goggles double as targeting scanners and night-vision goggles. Bond fells the final guard with a precisely placed shot to the head - and he and Fleur swap suits into the uniforms of the guards before climbing onto the antarctic snow cruiser and moving onwards to the airstrip.

At the airstrip, Costigan is supervising scientists unloading the uranium from the canister and manufacturing a low yield nuclear bomb that Rusayev wants him to eject from his plane in a precisely placed drop zone near an oil pipeline on the Alaska/Canada border. Several bombs have been placed - this will be the last.

Bond and Fleur infiltrate the airstrip and uncover a list of locations the bombs have been planted. As Fleur is radioing in the locations, Costigan shoots her through the heart and engages in a face-off with Bond. Costigan claims to be sad that Fleur is near death and that he hasn't had intercourse with her - but, he points out, that the other party being dead hasn't stopped him before. Bond is disgusted. The pair engage in a close quarters fight through the airstrip complex - and Bond learns that Corinne has been kidnapped from protective custody and is being held by Rusayev. If the bombs don't detonate, then the Russian will shoot Corinne.

Costigan dies when Bond pushes him into the rotor blade of an idling plane and blood splatters everywhere. Bond radio's for a team to come in and recover the uranium and secure the airstrip.


His plan exposed and the authorities coming for him, Rusayev flees over the Russian border into China, taking Corinne and his last squad of loyal men with him. There he has a hidden base at a former Chinese Army arms depot in the Flaming Mountains (a desert region, to balance with the tropical and icy locales we've used so far!). In a huge hangar, we find an AX-21 aircraft. Hmm, wasn't this the thing that Bond destroyed in the PTS? Why, yes. Through some dialogue probably involving M and "his opposite numbers in Moscow", General Anatol Gogol of the SVR and they piece together that the AX-21 was stolen from a CIA facility by Costigan and delivered to Moscow. But, anticipating the west would be onto the theft quickly, Rusayev left a dummy lookalike plane in the Red Square warehouse, secretly moving the real one to a foreign location - but where? What's so special about this plane? It is able to completely submerge, dive, and travel underwater.

Mr White arrives at the warehouse with a team of Quantum technicians and goons to take possession of the AX 21. It's clear that Mr White (and, by default, Quantum as a whole) are disappointed with the way that Rusayev has handled the operation to bomb the pipelines sitting on the Alaska/Canada border but are taking their payment for lending him the help he requested - the AX-21. Mr White's personnel secure the AX-21 on a larger plane and Mr White climbs into a Sikorsky CH-53 and vanishes over the horizon leaving Rusayev to his fate.

As the Sikorsky CH-53 vanishes into the distance and the heat haze, Mr White pulls out his cell phone and dials a number. CUT TO the airstrip in the Yukon where Bond picks up his phone -

Mr White - James, such a pleasure to hear your voice again. It seems that we're dealing with the same person. I'd like to lend a hand. There's an arms depot in the Flaming Mountains that the PLA would have you think is abandoned - it isn't. Take these numbers down - you will find the arms depot at these coordinates ...

Bond listens as Mr White gives the GPS coordinates of the arms depot and as the call comes to an end, we see Mr White wind down the window of the helicopter and drop the phone out into the air until it tumbles to the ground and smashes to pieces on the hard desert floor.

Bond contacts M, who arranges with the CIA (and Felix?) for a special forces team to join Bond in storming the Chinese compound. We see a "preparation" scene where everyone suits up and loads their weapons, set to an Audioslave song in true Michael Mann fashion.

The team blows open the entrance and invades the hideout; a huge firefight breaks out inside the base, a classic "big team battle" style climax a la GF, YOLT, TSWLM, etc.

Bond chases Rusayev into a huge hangar/garage filled with jets, jeeps, and a tanker truck. Rusayev surprises Bond and strikes him with a tire iron; a brutal physical fight between the two men ensues. Bond is slammed against a control desk in the middle of the room as Rusayev takes out a gun from a hidden compartment in the desk.

He gloats as he has Bond at gunpoint; cue a mad speech somewhere along the lines of "You have won nothing, Bond. I will strike again in a matter of weeks; with Quantum's backing, all accusations against me will be dismissed as lies and propaganda."

"Speaking of lies, Maxim, who do you think told me where to find you? You're a man without a country, and without a friend"

As Rusayev realizes he's been given up, a radio report blasts out from the console "Sir, we're being overwhelmed! Recommend activate self destruct sequ---!" as gunfire cuts the voice off. While Rusayev is distracted, Bond HITS a switch on the console and the ROOF OPENS UP, instantly bathing the room in sunlight.

Rusayev SCREAMS as he's exposed to the light and flails around wildly, looking for an escape. (*Did we keep in that scene where we explain he's allergic to sunlight?) Bond grabs the gun as two of Maxim's soldiers burst in; Bond drops them both in a shootout as Maxim crawls into an office.

Maxim locks himself into the office: Bond shoots at the window but it's bulletproof, the heavy door won't budge. Through the glass, Maxim holds up his cellphone and says he's just dialled in the destruct code; Bond has five minutes to get out. He demands to know where Corinne is; Maxim tells him she's locked in a room on the far side of the compound. "Should take you about four minutes to get there. Or you can stay and see that I die. Your choice, Bond". Angrily, Bond leaves, knowing Maxim will escape as soon as he's left the room.

Bond runs out of the room, through the ongoing shootout, tells the CIA to get out of there, and then finds Corinne tied to a chair in a hidden room. The two race back out through the complex as explosions go off, huge girders and debris collapsing everywhere. Dodging into the hangar as wreckage caves in, Bond sees the office is empty and the tanker truck has gone. Most of the vehicles are on fire or can't be moved, but leaning against the wall is a battered motorbike...

The two get on the back and Bond races out through the exit tunnel, steering to avoid collapsing beams, and vaulting over burning debris. If we want to do an over the top stunt, try a barrel roll/flip maneuver, say something like this :

Bond and Corinne emerge from the exit as the complex collapses into the ground behind them. The surviving assault team are waiting for an airlift as their truck was destroyed in the blast. Bond looks to see a small moving speck in the distance disappearing along a dirt round...Maxim in the tanker truck.

Bond gets a machine pistol from one of the assault team and starts up the bike again, Corinne getting on the back.

Bond - What do you think you're doing?
Corinne - What do you think YOU'RE doing? I'm going after him!
Bond - Get off the bike, you'll just slow me down.
Corinne - You know, the longer you sit here arguing, the further away he's getting.

Bond rolls his eyes and heads off after the truck, Corinne sitting behind him. As they move away from the troops, Corinne reaches out and GRABS a M72 LAW single shot rocket launcher from one of the CIA men and slings it on her back.

The chase is on...

Bond guns the accelerator and the bike whips through barren sandstone landscape, the mountains rising in the background and the tanker truck coming closer, the faster bike closing the distance in next to no time. Corinne, wielding the M72 LAW tries to get off a shot at the truck but can't get a good lock on it - after all, she is forced to admit, she was an accountant for Canadian Intelligence and not a sniper. Bond and Corinne swap positions without cutting speed - it's a dangerous and deadly maneuvere but it works. Just. Corinne almost gets flipped from the bike and ends up with a nasty scrape down her exposed thigh. But now, Bond is able to maneuvere the M72 LAW and brings the tanker truck into his sights, fingers the trigger and BLASTS the tanker truck to kingdom come.

Rusayev is thrown free of the truck - he's bleeding heavily after being thrown through the windscreen and rolling across the truck. As Bond and Corinne dismount the motorbike, Rusayev throws himself through the desert at the entrance to the Bezeklik Caves rising in front of him. He rolls down an incline into the courtyard before ducking into the shade of an entrance way. Bond and Corinne follow and therein follows a cat and mouse chase through the seventy seven rock-cut Thousand Buddha Caves. Bond eventually corners Rusayev on the balcony that overlooks a valley with a winding river running through it - there are no tourists in sight, the attraction is closed. It's just Bond, Corinne and Rusayev.

Bond aims his P99 at Rusayev - as the thundering sound of a helicopters rotors rises from the valley below the caves. Rusayev climbs into the open door of the helicopter and waves adieu to Bond. The helicopter, with machine guns attached to its landing skids angles to face Bond - in slow motion, Bond and the pilot look at each other as the pilots finger closes on the trigger and Bond dives for the cover of one of the caves.

KA-BLOOM! The helicopter blossoms into an immense fireball. Corinne stands off to the side with another machine gun that Bond grabbed at the depot, she drops it and runs over to Bond as the flaming helicopter crashes into the valley floor and explodes - shooting another giant fireball into the sky. As Bond takes Corinne into his arms and takes a moment to take a deep breath, he turns to her and raises a questioning eyebrow -

"Lucky shot," she shrugs.


It is a late night at MI6 and M is burning the midnight oil, through the open doorway to his office we can see Moneypenny sitting at her desk, speaking on the phone. She puts the phone down, edges into the doorway as M looks up from the paperwork he was completing.

Moneypenny: The Americans impounded the flight AX-42 as it passed over the Korean Peninsula with fighters from their Kunsan Air Base. No sign of Mr White, though -

M: And Double-Oh Seven?

Moneypenny makes an innuendo laden response and M frowns - it's clear he knows EXACTLY what Bond is doing and there's nothing he can do about it. He sighs as we:

Saba, Netherland Antilles

"No television, no radio, no telephone ..." whispers Bond as he runs his fingers up Corinne's sweat slick abdomen. He's lying on his stomach, tastefully naked as a thin cotton blanket is draped across both himself and the Canadian woman. The balcony doors are open and the sounds of the Saba rainforest drift in and fills the simple luxury of the Ecolodge on Saba.

"Whatever are we going to do, ma cherie?"

Bond pulls her closer, propping himself up on a muscular forearm and laying a kiss on her lips. She responds, hungrily and greedy.

"I don't know," responds Bond. "But I'm sure we can find something to occupy our time ..."

He rolls on top of her as we pull out through the open doors of the ecolodge and into the gentle sounds of the rainforest, further out to the exotic landscape of the island of Saba and we hear - "Oh, James ..."

And we HIT the end credits.



Acapulco, Mexico

OPEN on a bird-eye view of a figure swimming underwater through clear blue water. The figure, a beautiful full-breasted woman in a barely-there bikini, surfaces - water cascades down her sun-kissed figure as she pulls herself from the pool to reveal that we're at the HOTEL ENCANTO in ACAPULCO, MEXICO. DEXTER SMYTHE is by the side of the pool - a handsome figure cutting a pleasant sight in sleek black swimming trunks - adjusts his sunglasses as another fan asks for his autograph. Think Lewis Hamilton crossed with David Beckham. He's fed-up of being bothered by the public - THIS was supposed to be a relaxing getaway after turning down a contract as a driver with the Faust Grand Prix team.

Frustrated, he throws his towel around his shoulder and arranges to rent a jeep which he takes down to an isolated beach. He unloads SCUBA equipment from his jeep, pulls the oxygen tank onto his back and puts the rebreather into his mouth before wading into the surf and submerging.

The underwater landscape is beautiful - delicate fish flitting to and fro between rocks and underwater flora. Smythe surfaces, pulls his goggles from his eyes and blinks - setting his eyes on what could be a cruise ship out in the distance, its pearl white hull glinting in the afternoon sun. His dive continues, he takes a few pictures using an underwater camera and then returns to the shore where he begins unstrapping the oxygen tank and loading it all into the jeep.

A SERIES OF CUTS show someone hefting a weapon of some sort - a futuristic machine gun with technological extras. It's like something from Star Wars. The sighting mechanism of the weapon locks onto Smythe - and a finger nudges the trigger. The weapon FIRES ---

Smythe staggers on the beach. Screams. Grabbing his head. He's in pain. Doubles over. Falls to his knees - blood trickling down his nose, he grabs his stomach and vomits profusely before he collapses, face down into the sand. The surf laps at his bare feet -

CLOSE ON A HAND holding a cell-phone and the sotto voce words. "Smythe has been neutralised, Sir ..."

As the surf laps at Smythe's dead body, we hear the opening chords of the themetune and transition into the title sequence. We're inside an engine, the spark plug ignites the fumes, the flames and the exhaust taking the shape of sexy dancing girls as we move through the mechanism of the engine.

Through it all, Bond being stalked by a shadowy figure.


as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007



Claire Foy
Lena Headey

Rachel Weisz

Joey Ansah
Ling Bai

Jeffrey Wright
Emily Blunt
Garrett Dillahunt

with Timothy Dalton as M

"The Property of a Lady" sung by La Roux
"The Property of a Lady" composed by Elly Jackson and Michael Giacchino

Soundtrack by Michael Giacchino
Title Sequence designed by Marc Kraste and John Klassen

Directed by David Fincher

Seattle, USA

Seattle, Washington, United States of America. And it's raining. Sheets of rain drench the pedestrians but not those within the SEATTLE TECHNOLOGY FAIR. Held in a massive stadium sized space, there are companies from across the world present including Microsoft, Google, Apple and a stall that demonstrates a laser that boils the inside of a melon without piercing the surface but our focus is on the stall that hosts FAUST TECHNOLOGY and several Faust employees including DOCTOR ARMAND SCHULLER. Schuller is a bespectacled, balding and middle aged individual who explains a new technology known as computational fluid dynamics, a computer simulation that can produce prototypes so quickly that it will reduce cost by as much as eighty percent - and it has both civilian and military implications. The Faust employees unveil a Faust Grand Prix JFX 01 racing car and explain that the car, developed using computational fluid dynamics, is due to make its debut at the Singapore leg of the Grand Prix circuit - which will also be the debut of the heavily promoted Faust Grand Prix team.

The technology fair winds to a close and the companies start to pack up. As the lesser employees are hard at work, Schuller unplugs a laptop and slides it into its case before leaving the stadium - unable to shake the fact that he's being watched by a tall, handsome man of mixed ethnicity that he glimpsed earlier during his presentation. This man is CARMEN MURIK. Schuller ducks out into the rain and makes his way through the streets of Seattle towards his hotel, becoming aware over the course of his journey that he IS being stalked by Murik. He ducks into the closest busy doorway - the main entrance to the SEATTLE UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE and crumpling his hat into a nearby trashcan, he pays his cash and vanishes into the crowds. Or so he thinks. As the tour continues, he realises that the man has followed him into the experience - and seperates from the group, ducking under a cordon and into an unsafe area of the experience.

Schuller stashes the laptop in a darkened doorway and fingers a revolver that he's previously been hiding in a pocket, ducks into the decaying carcass of a century-old bar. Murik follows and a shoot out ensues - with both men taking shots at each other until the man stalking him takes a lucky shot and dislodges a beam from the roof, impaling Schuller and letting blood gurgle through his mouth.

Murik quickly leaves the carcass of the bar, picks the laptop out of the darkened doorway and rejoins the tour before exiting the experience and vanishing into the pouring rain, just another soaking pedestrian rushing to his destination.


Bond is called into MI6, fresh (or, not so fresh, judging by the crumpled suit he's wearing) from a plain flight from Acapulco to Heathrow and brought before M who waits for him alongside JULIANE FAUST and FELIX LEITER. M explains the events we have just seen in Seattle and explains that the body of Doctor Schuller has been found. three weeks after going missing in the aftermath of the Seattle Technology Fair. Schuller works for Faust - who is understandably worried as an employer that one of her employees appears to have been murdered - and, as M prompts, his laptop having vanished at the same time and the CFD process having been potentially compromised.

M had brought Bond in at the behest of the Prime Minister because the CFD process was funded by the British taxpayer through the defence budget as the MOD want to use it to develop a new fighter jet. Schuller's death could be nothing to worry about but, Leiter suggests, because of the death of famous race car driver Dexter Smythe in Acapulco (also, as a single event unworrying ), there could be more going on then they presently realise. M wants Bond to accompany Faust as Acting Head of Security and give things a once over. Bond agrees and picks up tickets to the Canary Islands as he leaves M's office.

Moneypenny greets Bond upon his departure from the office and he says she looks different and compliments her on her new haircut. Moneypenny sighs, watching his besuited shape leave her office.


Bond arrives on El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands and the base for the Faust Grand Prix team and an ancillary office for Faust Technologies. Bond is curious as to why an English company, completing an English project and funded by English money has selected a Spanish territory for its base of operations - and Faust brushes the question off, explaining that the tax incentives offered from the Spanish Cortes Generales was simply too good to resist. Bond seems happy with this explanation and finishes the meal that he has been eating with Faust that includes several Spanish dishes whereupon he is offered the chance to tour the testing facility - which includes an intricate custom designed and built racing track where the Faust Grand Prix team have been test driving their CFD cars.

It is at the testing centre that Bond encounters Yvonne Munroe. The beautiful woman was promoted in the aftermath of Schuller's murder to Director of the JFX-01 team and gives Bond a tour of the testing centre - showing him the JFX-01 prototype before escorting him to an observation deck where they watch the racing car being driven around the track. Reunited with Faust, the owner of the racing team offers Bond the chance to drive one of the JFX-01 around the track and, not wanting to be ungrateful, he accepts the offer despite the fact that he has begun to experience a headache. He is introduced to Vargas, the man who was driving the car they were watching from the deck, and accepts the chance to race against an experienced racing driver. But once the race begins, Bond's headache turns to near-fever as he begins to hallucinate spectral forms of Vesper, Mr White, Dominic Greene and Costigan taunting him. Vargas' maneuvering becomes tactical and he drives to drive Bond off the track and force him to crash - but Bond fights the hallucinations and feverish sensations and turns the same tactics back on Vargas and the experienced racing driver spins his car off the track where it explodes in flames.

Faust is fuming at the loss of the JFX-01 that Vargas is driving but Munroe suggests that there must have been a fault in the cars design. Faust states that a fault simply wasn't possible and that the fault was a result of Vargas' reckless driving. Bond watches Vargas' burned body being loaded into an ambulance to be taken to the morgue - but notices that the handsome Spanish man had a Q shaped ear stud. Bond files this away under intriguing details -

Yvonne wants to speak to Bond and reveal something but she is swept away by enquiries from the other technicians and Faust demanding that she will need to prepare a statement for the press to deliver later as well as contact Vargas' family. Bond, likewise, is preoccupied by making a phone call through to M (via Moneypenny) who investigates Vargas and discovers that Vargas received an unusually large amount of money from a handsome Italian man connected to crime and the drugs trade known as ENZO POMADORI who is based in Roseau, Dominica.

It's also confirmed that the fever, hallucinations and headache were due to a cocktail of drugs that Bond was administered, presumably during the meal with Faust before his participation in the race. Bond has started to become suspicious of the powerful businesswoman.


Bond arrives at Canefield Airport where he picks up his company car - a silver Peugeot 407 Coupe - which he drives to his destination, the Fort Young Hotel. There he checks into his room, makes sure that it's free of bugs, changes his clothes and heads into town to meet Johann Krieghoff. Krieghoff is an expatriated Russian, former FSB and Spetsnaz with his fingers in several unorthodox pies - he's carried out mercenary work that has brought him into both conflict and alliance with 007 on several previous occasions. And because of this, he'll have his finger on Pomadori's movements within Roseau. Much to Bond's frustration, Pomadori is a relative hermit - and although he has a small property on the island, he lives off the coast on his luxury yacht. However, they're in luck - the weapons smuggler is holding a party that evening. The bad news is that it's invitation only and an invitations to one of Pomadori's soirees is like a golden ticket.

Bond, frustrated, makes a list of equipment that he asks Krieghoff to acquire at short notice and the Russian agrees, raising his eyes as he comes across the list. Returning to his hotel whilst Krieghoff puts together the items on the list, Bond decides to go swimming and donning his swim shorts, he heads down to a beach near the Fort Young Hotel - whilst he prepares to strap on a SCUBA tank to survey the waters around Pomadori's yacht, he is interrupted by the beautiful raven haired thirty something THAILA SHAW. Shaw is the wife of a multi-billionaire - or, should that be - widow of a multi-billionaire. Her husband recently died and she's using his money to travel around the world, charting a course through the alphabet. She has been to Australia, Botswana and China - and her alphabetical trip has landed her in Dominica. Next step of the trip will take her to Egypt - and she'll be in Finland after that.

Bond smiles. Thaila's joi de vivre is somewhat refreshing to him after a run of women who have had serious issues and he finds he's unable to turn her away when she says that she'll join him on his diving expedition. Together, they explore the underwater world off the coast of Roseau before returning to the beach where Bond learns - to his surprise - that Thaila's husband was familiar with Pomadori and that she has an invitation to that evenings exclusive event on the yacht. When the door to Bond's room at the hotel is knocked on that night and opened to reveal Krieghoff with a hold all full of equipment - and more stowed in a crate at reception - it frustrates the Russian to find that Bond has found himself a route of fewer obstacles.

Bond accompanies Thaila to the party and, accidentally on purpose, looses her in the milling of the attendees. Sneaking along the corridor, he finds his way into Pomadori's office where he searches for information linking the arms dealer to Vargas - which he readily finds - but also that Pomadori sustains links to Juliane Faust herself and that Faust appears to have consented to the assasination of both Dexter Smythe in Acapulco, Schulmann in Seattle AND the attempted murder of Bond himself in the Canary Islands. As he's about to be interupted, Bond ducks into the shadows and blags that he was merely looking for the toilet and got lost on the beautiful leviathan yacht. The valet seems to fall for this and guides Bond to the bathroom where he considers his discovery when he washes his hands.

That night, he spends his time making passionate love to Thaila in her hotel room at the Fort Young Hotel. He leaves in the morning whilst Thaila is still asleep to discuss his findings with Krieghoff and consider their options - and when he returns to check on Thaila that night, he discovers that her room has been ransacked and that she appears to have been abducted. Luckily - this has only just occured and Bond and Krieghoff are able to give pursuit in the Peugeot 407. They follow a jeep that carries two thugs, Thaila, a driver and - it turns out - Enzo Pomadori himself. They arrive at a location several miles outside of Roseau, park up and follows the villains on foot through the flora. This, as Krieghoff explains, is the path to the Boiling Lake - which does just what it says on the tin, as Bond discovers when they reach their destination. A massive lake that through the miracle of geothermics bubbles away merrily.

Pomadori knows that Bond is a secret agent and is sneaking around on the island and on his yacht and believes that Thaila is, as opposed to just being the widow of an acquaintance of his, actually in league with Bond, is aware that he is a secret agent, and is consciously aiding and abetting him. He threatens Thaila with bodily harm if she doesn't explain what Bond is doing - which she doesn't know. He threatens her with being boiled alive in the lake. Bond and Krieghoff leap into action, having previously throttled the driver to death in his car at the road, the two men take out the two thugs. Krieghoff is shot and taken out of the action as he ties a ripped arm of his shirt around a bullet wound in his leg leaving it to Bond alone to stop Thaila's murder. Thaila is rescued and, in the final moments of the fight, as Bond tries to find out Pomadori's connection to Faust, the arms dealer falls into the boiling lake - screaming as he goes under, his body surfaces moments later. He is dead and his face is horribly burnt and blistered.

Bond holds Thaila close as she turns away in horror, comforting her with the explanation that the weapons dealer was a very very bad man indeed.


Bond arrives in Singapore where he arrives at the MI6 Safe House and encounters a beautiful Chinese woman - this is MEI. She's the Head of Station for Singapore and wants to know how he's going to proceed. Bond wants to check in with Faust but wants someone to keep an eye on her whenever he's not around - that, assures Mei, will be simple.

Bonds first port of call is Faust - but she's busy with the premiere of the JFX-01 and instead he is cornered by Yvonne Munroe, who has joined Faust to supervise the debut of the race car. Yvonne takes Bond aside - able to confess what she wanted to confess on El Hierro: that she is a corporate spy and that she is working for the opposition but, more importantly, that there is no reason that the JFX-01 ought to win the race. It is simply not up to the specification that the press releases have claimed until that point.

Bond asks why she's confessing this to him - and she reveals that Schulmann was going to deliver details of this to the company that she works for in Seattle but that he was killed before he did so. It's been all she can do to hide her true allegiance.

Eventually meeting up with Faust, he raises doubts about the specifications of the JFX-01 and she rubbishes his concerns. The car WILL win, she assures him, and she's even willing to put money on the outcome of the race - she will give one million dollars to a charity of his choice if she fails to win. Bond agrees, catches eyes with Murik as he leaves the Faust compound - which shows off various items that Faust Engineering is involved with, including a compact submarine perched on runners near the coast.

Mai arranges for Bond to look at the other race cars under the guises of being a racing authority representative. Bond questions them about things to do with the car and comes to realise that the same company provides the gear boxes in seventy five percent of the cars - and the other twenty five percent are expected to have lower race rankings than Faust Grand Prix anyway. This raises Bond's interest - and makes a call through to Moneypenny who digs up information that the gear box company that provides the gear boxes is tied in with Faust Engineering too. It's cleverly hidden, though - if you didn't know what you were looking for, then you wouldn't notice the connection.

Bond suggests to M that she ought to use her authority to pull the race, but she's unable to do so because the evidence is tenuous at best.

Bond decides to visit the Faust compound that evening in order to gather further information and comes across concrete evidence showing that the CFD design is a sham and that Faust will ruin the British economy if the government should fall for the bluff and invest their money into the project. However, the secret agent is uncovered, and a foot chase ensues through the compound - we learn that it's Murik who takes on Bond in a fist and gun fight. Bond looks on the verge of winning when Murik locks himself into the submarine and launches it off the runners and into the water, escaping.

Bond watches the submarine vanish and turns his back, returning to his hotel and driving his car onto the ramp which raises the car up to the level of his room, allowing him to drive the car into the room itself. Bond sleeps when he hears people coming up the lift - alerted by Mai that these are thugs, he jams to car into the ramp and the bonnet is crunched by the lift, but it stops the lifts progress. Bond ducks out of the hotel and is chased through the streets of Singapore by the thugs AS THE GRAND PRIX takes place!!!

Evading capture for long enough, he witnesses the Faust Grand Prix team being declared winners of the race after cars all crash out at vaguely the same point in the circuit. Smashing into an apartment building, he discovers a hi-tech set-up with some sort of remote device that decimates the gear boxes but makes it look like an accident. He smashes the machinery but it's too late to prevent a Faust victory. Alerting Mai to the set-up, he makes his way to the party celebrating the Faust racing victory which is taking place on the pool deck of the Marina Bay Sands resort.

Bond makes it clear to Faust that he knows what she's up to, but she brushes his accusations aside and both look like they may be about to meet their maker when a crazed opponent reveals that he has explosives strapped to his chest. Bond pushes the bomber into the pool, but the bomber pulls Faust into the pool too ...

Bond and Faust fight the crazed bomber in the Marina Bay Sands swimming pool. The glass edge of the pool overlooking the cityscape is obliterated, and thousands of litres of water are pulled over the edge. Faust is able to swim her way to safety, but Bond is pulled over by the current. He falls over the edge, but catches onto a balcony several storeys below. Unable to withstand the water, he lets go, but catches onto a second balcony. He uses this to perform a controlled descent down the side of the hotel.

He lands on the ground, straightens his tie, drenched to the bone - and walks away from the decimated hotel. Picking up where he left off with Faust, he discovers that Faust has escaped by getting a helicopter - she's believed to be enroute to Taiwan.


Bond is sat in the cab of a helicopter next to Mai as it cuts over the water and comes up to the coast of the Republic of China, popularly known as Taiwan. More specifically, the aircraft comes in close to the sprawling city of Taipei. Bond tracks Faust down to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall at the end of Liberty Square. She's on a goodwill tour of the city and paying tribute to the fallen leader of the country - and Bond trails her from this point, eventually reaching the towering Taipei 101. A massive skyscraper wherein Faust is renting floors to form the headquarters of the Far East Division of her company - as in Seattle and Singapore, there is a technological exposition coinciding with the opening of the Faust offices.

This, Bond speculates, is an excellent method of moving people and technology into a country under the eyes of the government. A maneuvere which could benefit Quantum, both financially and tactically - and it's here that we put the final pieces of the puzzle into place.

Bond spies Faust in a conversation with a corrupt Chinese General. He wants China to invade Taiwan and reunite the Chinese people's, believing that the current communist leadership of China are weak and corrupted by capitalist desires. Faust assures the corrupt General that the weapons will be smuggled into the country under the guise of research equipment for Faust and that they will then be passed out amongst hardline anti-Communist groups in China who will then target coastal locations on mainland China provoking the leadership of China into hostilities against Taiwan.

Further acts that Faust will covertly supply arms for will facilitate the corrupt officers invasion plans. Faust prepares to demonstrate one such weapon that will be handed over - the microwave rifle we glimpsed earlier - on a shackled Yvonne who is manhandled into the room by Murik, who has survived by escaping in the submarine.

Faust has discovered that Yvonne is a corporate spy and that she knows the CFD process is faked - that when the UK government invests billions of dollars into the project to build their new fighter jet, the money will be funelled away and it will leave the United Kingdom destitute and broke.

Bond is forced to act, throws himself from his hiding place in the air conditioning vent and grabs Yvonne - pulling her into a corridor. Faust has geared up the microwave rifle but the action cause the blast to go astray and the corrupt Chinese military officer collapses to the floor, falling prety to the same symptoms that Dexter Smythe fell victim to in Acapulco at the movies opening. Murik gives chase through the corridors of the Taipei 101 floors that Faust has rented. A stray bullet from Bond blasts the generator pack of the microwave rifle, rendering it useless, unknown to Bond and Yvonne.

The pair can't go down, so they go up instead - and eventually come to the observation deck. But they can't go further and are cornered, allowing Murik to corner them wielding the non-functioning microwave rifle and conning them into surrendering and backing them into a service lift. Faust arrives - explains that the lifts in the Taipei 101 are said to be the fastest in the world and, as she speaks, she disables the breaks of the lift as it plunges to the basement, killing him and Yvonne almost instantly. The sad result of an unfortunate accident that she and Murik will escape from accusation free.

Faust begins to work at the control panel - but reckons without Yvonne's rival computer skills and as the lift begins to drop, it suddenly screams to a halt several floors down. Yvonne's reactivation of the breaks having cut in a milli-second too late to stop the movement of the lift in the first place.

Bond and Yvonne climb out of the lift, shaken but not stirred ;) Bond tells Yvonne to forward the data that she has on the plot to bankrupt the United Kingdom to M, who gladly recieves it and makes all the necessary phonecalls to halt the money being put through. Meanwhile, Bond rushes upwards and finds that Murik and Faust are escaping a helicopter - with Bond radioing to Mei for immediate pick-up, he jumps into the helicopter and takes the control yoke.

A disconcerting chase through the towers and streets of Taipei results in Faust's helicopter crashing somewhere in Yehliu, amongst the natural rock formations. Murik is killed instantly - or, if not killed, he survives but Faust kills HIM in order to survive.

A final confrontation between Bond and Faust occurs amongst the rock formations. Faust is working for Quantum, she started out an honest businesswoman but 'sold her soul' to Quantum to attain investment without which her company would have been sunk. She doesn't regret the maneuvere though but begs Bond to eliminate her - she knows what Quantum will do to her should she be brought in, they'll either have her killed or hang her out to dry.

Bond sighs, fingers the trigger -

A bullet blasts into a natural rock column. Bond has turned his hand away at the last moment. He holsters his gun and signals for Mei to come back with the helicopter and handcuffs Faust to one of the rear railings. The pair return to Taipei -

Later. A luxurious suite in the Grand Hotel in Taipei - a luxurious bubble bath overflows with bubbles that run across the floor and soak into an already sodden carpet. M is on the phone to Bond who stands in the nearby bedroom, wearing just a terrycloth bathrobe. The Prime Minister is very pleased at the uncovering of the plot to bankrupt the country and bring Faust into imprisonment sends his highest thanks to the secret agent and the corporate spy - and wants to convey these thanks in person. Bond tells M that his datebook is full for the next couple of days, but he can possibly fit the Prime Minister in Wednesday Next. M frowns as Bond hangs up - and slips into the luxurious bubbles, tastefully naked and joins Yvonne.

Yvonne - Who was that?
Bond - M. He wants me to bring you in.
Yvonne - And in the meantime?
Bond - Oh, just that I ought to take down your particulars ...

And Bond leans in for a kiss as the pair descend beneath the horizon of bubbles -

Bond - (faintly) And what fine particulars they are.

- and, with a delicate feminine laugh from Yvonne ending in a traditional 'Oh, James', we cut to a long shot of the island of Taiwan and ...





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The gunbarrel opens on a long shot of the island of Taiwan, then cuts to a luxurious suite in the Grand Hotel in Taipei -- a marble bathtub overflows with bubbles that run across the floor and soak into an already sodden carpet. M is on the phone to Bond who stands in the nearby bedroom, wearing just a terrycloth bathrobe. As Bond slips the Walther into the pocket of the bathrobe, he listens to a rather well-chuffed M, who is very pleased at the uncovering of the plot to bankrupt the country. British Intelligence have brought Faust into imprisonment, and the PM sends his highest thanks to the secret agent and the corporate spy -- and wants to convey these thanks in person. Bond tells M that his datebook is full for the next couple of days, but can he possibly fit the Prime Minister in Wednesday next? M frowns as Bond hangs up -- and slips into the luxurious bubbles, now tastefully naked as he joins Yvonne.

YVONNE: "Who was that?"
BOND: "M; he wants me to bring you in."
YVONNE: "...and in the meantime?"
BOND: "Oh, just that I ought to take down your particulars..."

Bond leans in for a kiss as the pair descend beneath the horizon of bubbles --

BOND: (faintly) "...and what fine particulars they are."

A delicate feminine laugh trickles up from Yvonne, ending in a traditional "Oh, James"... but, suddenly, a hard pair of hands reaches down and forces Bond's head under the water! Yvonne's head pops up from under the bubbles, and she screams in horror, grabbing Bond's terrycloth bathrobe to wrap around herself as she backs out of the water. 007 struggles within the tub, but finally holds his breath and bites the wrist of one of the hands -- the owner of said hands screams faintly from above the water, and he lets go.

Bond erupts from the bath, ready to face his attacker -- Murik. He has survived Faust's attempts to kill him, and now wants revenge on 007 -- but is momentarily distracted by Bond's nakedness. Bond uses this to his advantage; as Murik stands in shock, muttering, "Really?", 007 lunges at Murik's side, hitting him near the vagus nerve... but not close enough to keep him down. Murik grabs Bond between his neck and shoulder, and forces him back into the luxury suite mirror; the pair knock over various toiletry supplies and beauty products from the sinktop as Murik pushes Bond against the wall. Finally, Murik has Bond's head against a cupboard, but 007 desperately boxes at Murik's ears, until he scores a direct hit on the third jab and disorients Murik, and he involuntarily lets go of Bond.

We hear the ringing in Murik's ears as he stumbles back towards the tub, groaning in pain and holding his head. Bond wings an elbow at Murik's jaw, but Murik is not finished yet; he aims a well-placed jab directly at Bond's hip socket. Another kick at the thigh, and Bond is on the floor, immobilized. Finally, it seems as though Murik has 007 at his mercy, but then a shot rings out. Murik clutches his chest in shock, looking to the shooter -- an equally shocked Yvonne, clad in Bond's terrycloth bathrobe and holding his gun. She fires another shot into Murik, who releases his last breath, wobbles, and collapses headfirst into the bubble bath with a loud splash.

Yvonne sighs in relief, sliding the gun across the floor to Bond, who picks it up. He somewhat painfully rises to his feet, and limps over to the lip of the tub. Yvonne explains:

YVONNE: "I found it in the pocket of your robe."
BOND: "Well... a very good thing it was loaded, wasn't it?"

Yvonne chuckles, and Bond ejects the spent casing from the gun; it slows to a crawl as it falls to the floor, the surroundings go black, and we start titles...


as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007



Yvonne Strahovski
Emmanuelle Chriqui

Michael Nyquist

Ludivine Sagnier
Andy Lau
Chin Han

Omahyra Mota
Daoming Chen

with Emily Blunt as Miss Moneypenny

and Timothy Dalton as M

"Choice of Weapons" sung by Duffy, ft The Killers
"Choice of Weapons" composed by Brandon Flowers and Akira Yamaoka

Soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka

Directed by David Fincher
Written by Tim Minear


Representatives of the Intelligence Agencies of the G-20 countries have been gathered in Iceland at a geothermic power station positioned over a volcanic vent. The power station is owned by a man named Wilhelm Krause, a German businessman born on the Soviet side of the Iron Curtain and raised on the coast of the Caspian Sea. James Bond is present at the conference as bodyguard to M - and M introduces Bond to the Chinese representative, a former classmate of hers at Oxford. Bond sizes up his opposition, a lithe forty-something man called Jiang Yimou.

The conference is on the subject of how various governments are handling the threat of Quantum and how they may be able to work together to better combat the organisation. Unbeknownst to the representatives, Quantum have planned a terrorist attack on the conference. As the conference reaches a critical point, the Saudi representatives bodyguard discovers a series of explosives planted so precisely that they would destroy not only the power station but also ten kilometres of surrounding land.

As the other bodyguards and attendant staff rush to evacuate the representatives, Bond and his Chinese counterpart, Jiang, spring into action and trace the location of the remote detonation device intended to detonate the explosives (a Krause supply train, racing away from the plant at top speed). As the officials begin to make their escape they are seized by armed rebels, security agents blast their way through the rebels, as they fight to clear a path for the representatives, but this severely hampers evacuation procedures.

At the depot, Bond and Jiang hijack what should be a single person repair transport and push it to it's breaking point in order to reach the supply train before the terrorists can detonate the explosives and decimate the power station and the surrounding area. At speeds nearly hitting the sound barrier Bond and Jiang catch up to the train in little time, but Bond still fears he may be too late. Bond slows the single person transport as he nears the supply train, then boards it from the rear. Locked into survival mode and feeling every second tick by Bond and Jiang shoot their way through the first car.

At the second car the pair run out of ammo and takes out several more men with stealth, a serrated knife and adrenalin alone. At the last car before the engine there is but one man to face, and he's giant. A thickly accented German, muscled from neck to toe, head shaved, dark eyed, menacing Tattoos on each arm and a near missing lower jaw. This mountain of a man seems to have been expecting Bond, and looking forward to his arrival. Bond and the giant go head to head in hand to hand combat as Jiang tries to slip by and stop the explosives. Jiang is knocked out by the giant and it takes all of Bond's dwindling strength to stay on his feet. Just as Bond gets a few good blows in someone signals the giant German from the engine. The massive thug smiles sadistically, he was just toying with Bond all along. Before Bond can respond a quick uppercut to the chin sends him flying to the end of the car. As Bond looks on through stunned vision he sees the enormous brute step into the engine and lock the door.

Bond shakes away his pain and struggles to his feet. Bond gets to the door just in time to see the front of the train lift off it's framework and fly forward into the air. The engine of the train is a helicopter and the villains are making their escape. The giant German thug looks back at a frantic Bond and raises the remote control for the hydrocarbon plant explosives. The monstrous brute smiles an evil grin as he presses the detonator's trigger. Thinking as fast as his anguished mind can Bond reaches into a pocket and produces a small device, from Q Branch. Bond sets the device on the door in front of him, presses a button and moves away. The train's door is blown from it's housing in a matter of seconds. Bond grans the semi-conscious Jiang and climbs out the freshly made exit and on to the top of the still speeding train, just in time to see several massive explosions blazing in the distance.

Enraged Bond looks back at the still hovering copter. The massive German smiles again and points menacingly at the train. Bond's eyes grow wide in expectant terror as the thug laughs silently from above. Explosions start at the back of the train and work their way toward Bond. Moving purely on instinct Bond throws himself and his Chinese counterpart from the train as his car erupts beneath his feet. Bond's body hits the harsh ground hard and skids. With nothing to stop himself and little strength left Bond must allow momentum to carry him and Jiang closer and closer to an ever approaching cliff face nearby.

Jiangs body rolls to a stop but Bond contiues to slide, goes over the edge and the enormous German orders the helicopter pilot to "Go." As the chopper flies away from the smoking devastation just wrought we see Bond's hand gripping the cliff's face. Bond, bloodied, drained and haggard uses his last ounce of strength to pull himself back from the brink of death. Bond watches the helicopter fade into the distance through blurred vision. Bond wonders, as he lays there on the cliff side, slowly dying, if the German Brute is somehow connected to Wilhelm Krause...


A few days later, Bond is given a greenlight to return to active duty by MI6 physician, James Molony. His first port of call is a meeting with M, who has gathered all of the Double-Oh Section in his office - the Double-Oh Section consisting of Bond and a handsome raven-haired man in a pinstrip suit called Jack Giddings. Giddings is 006. There are normally three Double-Oh operatives at any given time but 0011 recently vanished and is presumed dead whilst on assignment in Singapore and is due to be replaced - which could explain the presence of a beautiful blonde woman at the meeting. M, who survived the explostion at the power station in Iceland along with all of the other representatives, introduces Mary Goodnight - a candidate to join the Double-Oh Section, replacing the missing 0011.

M outlines plans to pursue the terrorists who bombed the conference, gives 006 his assignment and the male agent leaves the room. M explains that Goodnight will be attached to Bond for the duration of the current mission, that he will evaluate her performance and clear her two kills. M is about to give Bond and Goodnight their assignment when Bond puts forward his theory about Wilhelm Krause's involvement in the bombing. M is hesitant to investigate, but agrees to look into the possibility - and says that he will call Bond and Goodnight back to his office when he has made the decision. He suggests they not leave the building - his decision shouldn't take long.

Bond and Mary establish their relationship over combat and firearms training. During combat training, there is an unspoken game of one-upmanship where each person gets the better of the other with Bond's injuries from Iceland affecting his performance - and then Goodnight places a bet, the loser in the session will have to buy the winner dinner. Goodnight looses, the pair change out of their exercise clothes in the locker room (Mary suggests that the showers in the womens locker room aren't working) - there's a sexually charged moment with them catching glimpses of each other as they shower.

As they step out of the locker room, M calls the pair to his office and reports on his decision about investigating Krause - they can find no conclusive connection to Quantum, with the exception of the fact that he was in attendance at the Tosca performance in Bregenz the night Bond flushed out several Quantum members during his investigation into the Tierra Project. That's good enough for M, he sends Bond and Goodnight to Australia to look into Krause. As Bond and Mary leave M's office, "Don't worry, I know a nice restaraunt in Canberra -"


Bond and Mary arrive in Canberra. The pair pick up the Aston Martin One-77 at the airport and soon notice that they are being trailed by a car driven by two Asian men. This is ascertained by a high-definition camera hidden in the rear license plate of the Aston Martin - with Bond deciding that they look like they could be military. Bond tries to evade the pursuers - but fails and comes to realise that their pursuers are trying to force them off the road. However, a third car joins the chase - also driven by an Asian man, this time, a distinguished forty-something gentleman in a crisp suit. Bond appreciates the fine tailoring of the distinguished mans suit which, he says, must mean the man can't be all that bad.

It appears as if the newcomer to the chase is friendly when he teams up with Bond to drive the initial, presumably hostile, pursuers off the road. Their car explodes in a fireball as Bond and the distinguished man speed away, with the distinguished man vanishing into the night before Bond can relay any sort of thanks.

Later, that evening, Bond and Mary make their way to Lake Burley Griffin where they are conveyed by a launch to a houseboat moored in the lake that is lit up with Chinese lanterns. This is a press event and Bond and Mary are both packing BBC press credentials, with Bond as reporter and Mary as his photographer.

Bond and Mary enjoy the free food and wine which Bond marks as nothing special. They scope out the attendees at the event - including Krause himself and two people accompanying Krause, a short haired woman and an Asian man. The Asian man, he notes, which was driving the car that helped them during the chase. Bond also has his attention drawn by a beautiful woman in a red dress - we'll call her Scarlett - and they flirt in passing over fresh glasses of wine at the bar.

Bond makes introductions to the Asian man who, unaware that Bond knows he was driving the car and not picking up on Bonds baiting, introduces himself as the liaison between the Taiwanese government and Krause's current operations off the coast of Taiwan - mining for fuel. This event, however, is the launch of an energy plan in the Australian Outback using vast solar energy power stations, an admirable endeavour, concedes Bond. At the end of the event, Krause surprises the reporters by randomly drawing several names out of a hat to invite to his ranch in the Outback - and Bond finds his name drawn out. It is left up to the viewer to decide whether the picking of the names was fixed so this occured.

After the event, Mary takes Bond for food at her favourite restaraunt, given the food at the event was unsatisfying. Bond orders grilled sole and Mary orders red wine. Bond quips 'Glad to see they're teaching you something in spy school -'. The two agents talk about Krause. Bond doesn't trust him and neither does Mary - and both are suspicious about the Taiwanese Liasion. They agree to split the workload - with Mary following the liaison and Bond further investigating Krause by breaking into Krause's corporate headquarters.

In the middle of the night, Bond breaks into the headquarters which is under a programme of renovation and extension - areas of the building are under construction, with all the prerequisite building equipment such as cranes and cement mixers. Bond glimpses 'Scarlett' in Krause's office, stealing documents from a filing cabinet and slipping them into a hard backpack as well as copying files from the computer. She see's Bond and Bond pursues her - they chase through the building, which sets off an intruder alarm, Bond and 'Scarlett' grapple and she drops the pen drive that she downloaded information from Krause's computer. Scarlett slips out of a cracked window in a surprising display of gymnastics - which Bond is unable to copy. He finds himself face to face with Krause's security guards - initially escaping them by spraying the spray from a fire extinguisher. The chase proceeds through the corridors of the under-construction building before discovering that he was being shepherded into a sort of pen (surrounded by an electrical fence) where hired thugs, overseen by Clarisse (who Bond saw at the event on the lake earlier that night), try to smash him with wrecking balls and force him into the electric fence - Bond drags a thug down into the pen and we see the fence is live when the thug is thrown into the fence and frazzles.

Bond is powerless until the electricity is shut off and he finds himself rescued by Sun Demeng - Krause's Liaison to the Taiwanese government. The Taiwanese man delivers Bond back to his hotel - a fast friendship is formed. Mary returns from her own investigation, walks into the bar and is shocked to see Bond and Sun Demeng together - explaining that he is actually an operative of Taiwanese Intelligence.

Sun Demeng admits that he is Taiwanese Intelligence and explains that they have suspicions of untoward dealings between Krause and militant factions within the People's Republic. The car that attempted to force Bond and Mary off the road was driven by representatives of the militant faction. Taiwanese Intelligence agree to let MI6 and Bond take point on the investigation.

Bond wants to know what Scarlett was doing stealing files from Krause. Luckily, Bond managed to drop a homing device on 'Scarlett' and the trio find her car abandoned - but no sign of Scarlett herself. They eventually track her down and find her with representatives of a second Chinese political movement, this one is pro-democracy. Bond must steal the documents from them that Scarlett took from Krause's office that Bond didn't manage to grab - which they do, discovering that the documents pertain to deep-sea drilling and geological studies off the Taiwanese coast.

At the same time as Bond, Mary and Sun Demeng track down Scarlett and the pro-democracy faction, Krause discovers that the documents have been stolen by Scarlett and work to track her down as well. Krause gets to Scarlett before Bond does, but after she has passed the documents to the pro-democracy faction. Krause has her tortured by Clarisse and, under duress, she reveals that Quantum were hanging Krause out to dry - that the project to mine the faultline off the coast of Taiwan was set-up as a means to get documentation for the pro-democracy group to embarass Beijing with.

Krause is furious. He isn't happy with being manipulated by Quantum and claims that he'll show them that he's not to be messed with. Krause knocks Scarlett out. Clarisse asks what he wants done with her - he asks when the foundations of the building are being filled. Clarisse smiles - and the final shot we see is off a woman's hand wearing a Quantum ring being submerged beneath concrete as the foundations of the construction site are being filled. This, we presume, is the end of Scarlett.


Think of the beautiful, swooping landscape scenes of the Japanese countryside in You Only Live Twice - because that's the exact same sort of feeling we get here as two helicopters thunder across the lush Australian landscape. Over rainforest, desert and small towns. Bond and Goodnight peering out of the windows - with the experienced secret agent a bit less awed by the flora and fauna and the rookie gasping in awe as a group of kangraoo's bound across the scrubland below the helicopters.

Eventually the two helicopters land at a sprawling ranch - a mix of futuristic and modern architecture - somewhere in the Australian Outback where they are guided into the ranch and welcomed by Krause, who instructs his men to direct them to their rooms. Bond and Goodnight arrive in their room, scan it for bugs and agree that Bond will take a look around whilst Goodnight places a call on a secure cellphone to MI6 (and, by default, Taiwanese Intelligence) to let them know that they have arrived.

Bond finds himself winding his way down a series of external steps and comes to a swimming pool. The sun is high overhead and Bond can vaguely see the silhouette of a woman ascending a diving board - from the discarded bikini that he fingers on a sunlounger, the figure is naked. The woman jumps off the board, does a backflip and lands expertly in the water - surfacing near Bond. He's there with a towel and her bikini as she emerges from the water -

"Well, I'd give that a ten out of ten -"

The woman gives Bond a seductive smirk, letting her hand rest in his for just a moment. This is Dana Krause, Krause's wife, former model and war orphan. She flirts with Bond and Bond returns the flirtation until Krause arrives. Dana becomes the dutiful wife. That evening, there is a barbecue for the reporters and Bond meets Krause face-to-face for the first time, discover a mutual enjoyment of certain sports and Krause challenges Bond to a game of his favourite sport - chess boxing. Dana goads Bond and her husband into competing in a match together. It's a tough competition - Bond is initially loosing but ends up winning, both the game and Krause's respect as a worthy competitor.

Bond and Mary try to continue their masquerade as reporters on a visit with other representatives of the press to a solar energy facility based in the blast furnace of the Outback. The tour proceeds as expected, but Bond tries to get information on the Taiwanese project but Krause brushes those questions aside - despite the questions clearly iritating him. The tour of the energy project should feel like it's an honest-to-God public relations affair - not the trap that it actually is. As the tour comes to a close, the trap is opened up - and the reporters are invited to inspect some sort of solar energy furnace at the factory. Each pair is guided into the furnace and it is soon Bond and Goodnight's turn - they enter, the rest of the tour is guided away and the doors are locked, the other reporters unaware of what is going on.

The panels lock onto the sun, the temperature in the room begins to rise. Bond and Goodnight start saying their prayers - and begin to start smashing the solar panels in the room helping to generate the heat. But all they do is smash the panels, the temperature continues to climb - the pair strip of their clothes, sweat drenching their skin until they're in just their underwear. And even then - they pass out, collapsing to the floor of the furnace.

In a haze of confused half-memories, Bond recalls being loaded onto a plane and flown to SOMEWHERE - this sequence is portrayed in black and white and sepia toned shots. Until he blacks out again, only opening his eyes at ...


Bond and Mary come round to find themselves in the middle of a long abandoned funfair somewhere in China, judging by the writing on the rides. Bond climbs the rotting wooden struts of a rollercoaster to get a view of the surrounding areas, revealing there is a town next to the funfair but that the town looks similarly abandoned - and that other than the town, there is no other signs of civilisation as far as the eye can see. Bond recognises the location as somewhere that the Chinese are believed to have tested nuclear weapons in the sixties and seventies - and, if they remain in the area for much longer, they will die.

Bond seeks out a method of transport out of the area, but many of the trucks are out of petrol or in disrepair - though, in one of the trucks, Bond and Mary find a ham radio and they manage to jury rig it to transmit a signal to Beijing and Bond's friend, Jiang Yimou, at Chinese Intelligence. It is now when a bullet clips Mary's shoulder - the agents duck behind a dodgem and realise they are being hunted by men in biological and chemical protection suits, pumped full of anti-radiation medication with more attached to the suits themselves. Seeking refuge in an abandoned ghost train, Bond wraps a piece of his trousers round Marys shoulder and the pair formulate a plane - they must take on the hunters at their own game.

Across the funfair and the abandoned town, Bond and Mary play a game of cat and mouse. Hunted by extremely talented predators used to stalking prey in Africa, they eventually manage to sneak up one of the hunters and knock him out with a wrench - with Mary donning the BCP suit and pumping herself full of medication, the two use this to get the drop on the other hunters and then steal their truck and flee the town after pumping Bond full of medication in a shot to his muscled but bruised abdomen. The pair drive until they encounter a convoy coming in the opposite direction - and, free of the dangers of radiation, out of the lead vehicle steps Jiang Yimou in a tasteful short sleeve polo shirt and tan slacks.

After Bond and Mary are given the all-clear by Beijing physicians, Bond plans to take down the leader of the militant Chinese faction - a senior army official known for being a bit of a radical and a wildcard but someone with undying loyalty to the sitting government. He's attending a swimming event at the stadium built for the 2008 Olympics - and Bond, with the help of Jiang and Mary, lures him out of the comfort of the stadium and into the exterior corridors where the older military man tries to flee when he realises what's happening but Bond is younger and fitter and, giving chase, catches up and brings him down.

Placed into a jail cell, they interrogate him to get information about his association with Krause. He confirms the smuggling of nuclear weapons into Taiwan and to the drill sites, something which he himself negotiated through Henri Grant. He first pretends to not know where Krause has vanished to - but when Jiang asks the two British operatives to step out of the room, he reveals that Krause has retreated to a location off the Russian coast known as Oil Stones - it is where the German was brought up.

But, the military official says, they're too late. The first nuke is due to be set off - and, as we see a montage of clips, the coastal areas of Taiwan are decimated.


Bond, Mary, Jiang and Sun Demeng must work together to stop Krause setting off the remaining nuclear bombs and causing further catastrophe. Krause has had the bridges connecting the mainland to the Oil Stones location blown up to slow the approach of the joint military convoy intended to stop him. One of the bombs goes off as a truck conveying Bond and his comrades to the location is passing over a section of the bridge - the truck almost plunges into the freezing Caspian Sea but stops with its rear tires hanging over the edge of the collapsed section. Bond radio's in for assistance - which leads to an assault by the joint military forces by air and sea.

Sun Demeng - more of a bureaucrat than the others - remains behind to coordinate operations whilst Bond, Mary and Jiang are all inserted onto Oil Stones by helicopter. They fight their way through to Krause and Dana and the control centre and stop the detonation of further nuclear bombs, preventing unwanted further devestation of the Eastern coast of Taiwan. At some point, the three agents inserted into the location are placed in mortal danger - and Jiang sacrifices himself to save the other two. He dies in the arms of the 'decadent capitalist'.

Clarisse is seen to die during the assault on Oil Stones - no May Day-esque last minute change of heart for her, she remains loyal to the cause until the end. Killed when an already crumbling staircase collapses on top of her after a grenade is tossed into it - it clatters to her feet, she looks at it with a dawning realisation - and then BOOM. Goodbye Clarisse.

This leads to Bond and Mary encountering Krause and his wife on a military helicopter that several commando's have used to get to Oil Stones. Krause and his wife have disguised themselves and smuggled themselves onto the helicopter, killing the pilot and co-pilot with ruthless efficency. Dana throttles the helicopters pilot to death using her necklace (a tip of the hat to 'Teen Agent') and Krause begins to run take-off procedures. Bond and Mary jump onboard as the helicopter (am picturing a Boeing CH-47 Chinook, or something in that mold) takes off - a fight ensues. The helicopter spirals out of control as the fight ensues - it tosses and turns and our heroes are thrown into the bulkhead walls and slammed into the floor. Bond is wounded after his earlier injury leaves him open to Krause's boxing moves, but he defeats Krause and Mary defeats Dana - this is Mary's second kill in cold-blood (she killed someone earlier) - and Bond takes the control yoke of the helicopter despite his wounds, pulling up before the craft slams into a rocky promontory into the sea, landing the helicopter on the deck of a waiting aircraft carrier that is part of the taskforce in either the Mediterranean Sea or Persian Gulf.


In the penultimate scene, we are shown a meeting between M and his opposite number in Chinese Intelligence (whom we met during the conference scenes in Iceland). Bond and Mary are honored by the People's Republic of China for their services to Beijing and in maintaining stability in the region. Likewise, M commends the sacrifice of Jiang Yimou and calls him a true patriot - and an example to the peoples of the United Kingdom, China and Taiwan. M's opposite number asks if he could thank Bond and Mary in person but M explains that they are recuperating from their injuries.


A figure in a barely-there bikini swims through clear blue waters before stepping onto a beach fringed by palm trees and the odd backpackers shack. The woman in the bikini is Mary and she's approaching one of the shacks outside of which is a hammock. Bond is in the hammock and as Mary approaches, he puts the book he is reading onto his chest and reaches into a cooler filled with ice, removing a bottle of champagne -

BOND: "Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a bottle of Dom Perignon '73 in the middle of the South China Sea?"

Mary laughs, Bond opens the bottle which erupts (it's almost sexual) in a fountain of foam -

BOND: "Congratulations - 008"
MARY: "Thankyou - 007"

Bond pours two glasses of champagne and as Mary sips it:

GOODNIGHT: "Not really your usual high-class fare, is it, James?"
BOND: "Mmmmm... well, teachers on sabbatical is certainly turning out to be a better cover than I'd ever thought it'd be."
GOODNIGHT: "So, we've won the lottery, then?"
BOND: "Oh, so you heard about that, did you?"

Bond pulls her down onto the hammock, winces as the pressure aggrivates his bandage-wrapped abdomen, and kisses her on the lips.

GOODNIGHT: "Didn't your Doctor tell you to take it easy?"
BOND: (in between kisses) "Now where's the fun in that?"

We pull out from the backpackers shack, away from the golden sand on the beach, across beautiful turqoise waters until the Perhentian Islands are but a speck on the horizon - and there's a moan, and "Oh, James ..."




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The gun barrel opens in New York City, in a gambling den & burlesque club located in an abandoned subway junction. James Bond has infiltrated a meeting between a group of Russian underworld thugs and Senegalese rebels. Their leader is addressed, but not seen, as General Ndene. The rebels are planning to purchase weapons from the thugs and have brought a case load of Senegalese diamonds. Bond is assisted by a burlesque dancer called Rusty (who is a CIA mole) but his identity is uncovered via an anonymous picture text sent simultaneously to the thugs and the rebels - from their friend, Monsieur Blanc. The deal is temporarily halted and Bond is forced to drink a spiked cocktail. Rusty uses her burlesque act as camouflage to help Bond escape. There is a gun battle and Bond is shot. He makes it to the subway and collapses in a pool of blood.

The camera centres above, looking directly at Bond's body at 90 degrees; it begins to spin as it descends. With each revolution becoming more violent, it now resembles a rotating board from a standard circus knife-throwing act. Here this blurred impression begins to morph into Bond wandering through a nightmarish landscape of beautiful and simultaneously hideous women, flowers, giant frogs, scorpions, skulls with roses in their mouths, conch shells and skeletons playing cards--all various morbid, yet colorful imagery, of course derived from the classic Fleming first edition covers...


as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007



Ashley Greene
Natalia Paris
Eric Roberts
Melanie Laurent
Jackie Earle Hailey

Dita Von Teese
Michael Rady
Daniel Bruhl

Jeffrey Wright
Emily Blunt
Jesper Christensen

and Timothy Dalton as M

"KALIEDOSCOPE" sung by Pink
"KALIEDOSCOPE" composed by Pink and Don Davis

Titles Designed by RKCR/Y&R + Traktor

Soundtrack by Don Davis

Directed by Kar Wai Wong
Cinematography and Editing by Christopher Doyle and William Chang

Written by Joe Carnahan, Brian Bloom & Skip Woods with David Wolstoncroft

As the credits draw to an end, the nightmarish landscape lessens we segue to...


Bond is recuperating in Barcelona after the events in New York; this is enforced leave and Bond is unable to enjoy it. His attitude changes after a chance meeting with Lucia Rojos, a beautiful salsa dancer, in a cafe. After he saves her from being pick-pocketed, she insists on returning the favour, inviting him to dinner and giving him a dancing lesson. Bond is finally saved from the tedium and boredom of a mundane life. A romance begins and we see the usual montage of local flavour shots and stolen kisses. For the first time since his encounter with Vesper, he ponders leaving the service and living a normal life. Bond visits her apartment in a village outside the city and they make love for the first time on the balcony. Lucia sees his fresh bullet wound and he tells her it is from another time. “Life is a kaleidoscope, James, you have to accept everything in it,” she tells him.

Several weeks (perhaps months) later, Bond has decided to officially tender his resignation from the service and live with Lucia. He has purchased an engagement ring and two tickets on a new rail link between Barcelona and Paris. He intends to propose in Paris on New Years Eve.

Lucia is overjoyed at the trip to Paris (but is unaware that Bond plans to propose to her) and talks about it with her brother, Cesar - a man who she believes is in a mundane profession, but is actually a member of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (commonly known as ETA). The organisation at large is demilitarising, but Cesar’s faction has developed ties with a mysterious paramilitary organisation. Part of these ties includes shipping covert terrorist weapons through Catalonia to the Basque separatists.

Uncomfortable with his faction’s aims, Cesar has made contact with a member of the intelligence community (it would be suggested later, but not stated now, that the contact is Mary Goodnight, this can be done through a phone call where Cesar is obviously speaking to a woman) and arranged for a sample of the weapons to be delivered to Paris, including a briefcase that conceals a remote controlled gun turret. Knowing that he will undoubtedly be watched, Cesar asks his unwitting sister to take charge of the package and convey it to Paris where a friend (the intelligence associate) will pick it up. Lucia agrees, although Bond is suspicious of Cesar, who appears extremely nervous.

Boarding the train in Barcelona, Lucia and Bond believe they are starting a romantic break - unaware that Cesar has been caught. We briefly witness the end of Cesar’s torture and his execution by the ETA faction he represented. The briefcase, the ETA leader comments, must be stopped from reaching Paris or else the weapons shipment channels will be uncovered. Members of the ETA faction set about trying to recover the briefcase by using an armoured truck to derail the train in a pass in the Pyrenees. They board the train. During the ensuing chaos, Bond realises the attack was set-up to retrieve the briefcase. As Bond fights the ETA attack unarmed, killing two men, the stricken carriage’s coupling snaps and slides off the track towards the river below.

As the carriage begins to sink into the water, Bond turns his attention to the rescuing the other passengers. The ETA force seems to disperse. Bond can’t see Lucia, who is trapped in the carriage and he returns to rescue her. When emergency vehicles arrive, divers enter the carriage, but only recover the suitcase device. They surface next to a dinghy and hand the suitcase over to the people in it. We clearly see that the handsome olive skinned man in the dinghy is wearing a man's silver ‘Q’ ear-stud. He speaks on a mobile, re: the briefcase "Yes, sir, the weapon has been recovered - we're in the clear ..."

Due to the events on the train, Bond realises that he can never leave his job behind - and can never live a normal life. So that he doesn't harm Lucia, he must walk out of her life. While she lies being tended to by the emergency service, he dials the number for Universal Exports on his mobile phone.


Bond enters MI6 H.Q. and demands to be returned to active service; this unending enforced sabbatical must end. M eventually agrees for Bond to be assessed by James Molony, the service's medical officer.

Cleared for field duty, Bond is given a simple mission - to prevent the abduction of Mercedes Baines, a computer programmer of extreme interest, who has been threatened in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


Mr. White is seen standing in front of a picture window speaking on a phone - outside the window appears to be a lush tropical landscape. In the discussion, he explains that 'Our endeavors in the Far East have proven to be an embarrassment, our finances have been damaged - we need to recoup our losses. One option remains open to us - the services of Monsieur Blanc ...'

As the phone is hung up, the lush tropical landscape changes to a frozen tundra - it becomes clear that we have no idea where we are, that the 'picture window' is a floor to ceiling digital picture frame.


Bond arrives in Oak Ridge at the ORNL where he seeks out Mercedes Baines, a beautiful computer programmer who is working on LEGION, a next level computer system, more advanced than the ORNL's own Jaguar. Mercedes is wearing the 'Spark Suit', a bioelectric garment needed to power the supercomputers developed at Oak Ridge. Bond is impressed with Mercedes knowledge and, despite their frosty encounter, he convinces her to accompany him to a safe house. As they leave, the sprinklers go off and the power is cut; chaos erupts as people flee labs and attempt escape. Bond realizes this is a trap and tries to seek out the threat - which turns out to be a beautiful woman (whom we will come to know as Quinn).

There is a cat and mouse chase through the white walled corridors and tree lined avenues of the campus. Bond uses an electrical burst from the spark suit that Mercedes is wearing to delay “Quinn’s” pursuit. Just as Bond thinks they have escaped in his Lotus Elite, “Quinn” unfolds the covert briefcase (the one from Barcelona), which reveals a high powered long range rifle mounted on a tripod. She shoots the tyres on the Lotus and, out of control, the car crashes. The airbags save both Bond and Mercedes. Campus ambulance teams are quickly on hand, and Bond is separated from Mercedes, who is abducted by “Quinn’s” team.

Bond has a difficult conversation with M via Skype where his suitability for active duty is questioned again. Bond gives a description of “Quinn.” A face recognition scan identifies her, but MI6 has no official details. She is however of interest to the CIA. Bond asks if Felix Leiter is still working for the CIA. “Funny you should ask that, he wants to talk to you – something about LEGION.”


Bond and Felix Leiter are in an electro-glider traversing the Sierra Nevada. Leiter has information on Quinn, a French national who, after her rebellious teenage years was sent to a military school to straighten out. After graduation, she enlisted in the armed forces and was deployed to Afghanistan as a part of the US-led operation within that country. She was part of a convoy that was attacked while on a routine mission, was the only one to survive and was taken captive, or never found, and presumed dead by her superiors.

The electro-glider lands at a remote luxury bungalow, positioned on a prominent hillside. As they land Felix mentions it looks like rain. They are here to meet Professor Banks, Mercedes' mentor, who is being held under house arrest. It was Banks who first helped Mercedes work on a method to hack the world's online banking system using LEGION. However, Banks sold this information to Quantum. His contact was man called Monsieur Blanc. Bond and Felix believe the man to be Damien Blanc, the world's foremost cyber-criminal who is on every "Most Wanted" list around the globe.

When Banks heard about the death threats to Mercedes he came to the CIA for protection. Bond got to Mercedes before the CIA. Worse, Banks knows Quantum has constructed a second LEGION computer somewhere in Chicago, but they need Mercedes’ expertise to power it.

During the interview it has started to hammer with rain, a precursor to an electrical storm. This should make a very atmospheric cloying scene as we learn some of Quantum’s plot. Because of the noise from rain, no one hears the approach of a helicopter. Suddenly the house is bombarded with gunfire. Banks is shot. Bond recognises the strange shaped gun the assassin is using. It is Quinn with that damned suitcase! Bond and Felix give chase in the electro-glider, flying over a power station and into a field of electricity pylons. The glider crashes, but Bond and Felix are alive.


After landing at O’Hare Airport, Bond says he hasn’t eaten since Oak Ridge. It is a snowy winter’s night. Leiter takes Bond to “the best hot dog stand in the world.” Bond isn’t so sure and tosses it in a trashcan whilst Leiter stuffs his down. The vendor isn’t the best because of the quality of food; his stand is positioned outside the Hot Dog strip bar. The two agents go into the bar to take the stress off their minds. At the bar, Felix solicits one of the women and goes into a corner booth, the lights dimming as the show begins. Another dancer comes out to distract Bond, asking for a drink and a good time. Unseen by Bond, Felix’s dancer activates a lever and his seat disappears into the wall. Bond’s has bought an erotic dance from his girl; the music is a rendition of the movies theme tune - the stage dancers writhe on stage under ultraviolet light and multicoloured glow-in-the-dark make-up and lip balm, ribbons placed strategically to protect their dignity (it's like the 'A View To A Kill' titles).

Dance finished, Bond finds Felix’s empty booth. An electronic device showing a binary-coded message replaces him, slowly decrypting to reveal Felix's location. Bond immediately jumps into action, calling up the CIA, MI6 and Chicago authorities. Stunned, the CIA man (Wolkovsky) asks what Bond was doing in Hot Dog. Didn’t they know who owns it? There is a homing transmitter sewn into Leiter's coat which pinpoints his location before the decrypting message.


Felix being dragged away a group of nasty thugs and beaten to pulp. He’s blindfolded, bundled into a van and taken to the shores of Lake Michigan. Quinn rips off Leiter's pants; after telling him he should have known that "Monsieur Blanc owns all the brothels around the Great Lakes”, she tells her goons to drag him to the lake...and wait.

Bond is frantically driving to the lake side location. Bond finds Leiter’s coat wrapped around a log caught on a sandbar. The final portion of the message decrypts, revealing Leiter to be several hundred feet to the north of where Bond is. Bond runs to Felix, but it's too late; Leiter's legs are completely frostbitten under the ice, and his body core temperature is dangerously low. As the Illinois state police rush to the scene, Bond finds a note stuffed into Felix's shirt: HE COULD HAVE USED SEA LEGS.


Marcus oversees the construction and operation of a duplicate of LEGION. Mercedes is working under extreme duress, powering the computer with the spark suit. We also learn that Quinn and Marcus are having a physical relationship.

The emblem on the electronic device is for the Trump Tower. Bond, with permission from MI6 and the CIA visits the tower as part of a survey team monitoring the Tower’s green energy potential (a possible reason to include a cameo by Donald Trump). Bond notices there is massive power use on the sixtieth floor. Visiting it, he is very suspicious of Marcus, who wears a ‘Q’ ear stud.

That night, Bond and a team of Navy SEALS infiltrate the sixtieth floor and discover the duplicate LEGION. In the ensuing fire fight, Mercedes is rescued and the computer destroyed, but Marcus and Quinn escape. One man is rescued. He claims to be one 'Damien Blanc.'

Blanc is taken into custody. Interrogated by Bond, a CIA agent (David Wolkovsky) and Mercedes, it becomes apparent the man is not Damien Blanc. He is unfamiliar with the specifics of any scheme a mastermind might have set into motion, details which the real Damien Blanc would know, assuming he is behind it all.

There is a visitor for Bond. It is Mary Goodnight, agent 008, sent by M to Chicago. She has been investigating a cyber-attack that had severely damaged certain pillars of the European economy. She had narrowed the investigation down to Switzerland, where the evidence pointed to a man named Damien Blanc. In Zurich she was able to detain a man she believed to be Blanc. It turned out that he wasn't, for very same reason the man Bond has in custody turned out not to be him. After making inquiries with other European intelligence agencies, she discovered three more ‘Damien Blancs’ in custody. Within days of these confirmations, however, the prisoners once thought to be Damien Blanc turned up dead.

Returning to the interrogation, Bond threatens ‘Blanc’ for mutilating Leiter. Under pressure, ‘Blanc’ admits he’s only an actor, called Sebastian Dragonpol, hired at great expense to play at being Damien Blanc. But what he does know is enough to help Bond and Mercedes to piece together what Quinn and Marcus were doing. Sebastian knows that Marcus and Quinn had regular contact with a group of Senegalese rebels; he even met a man called General Ndene. Sebastian had to convince him he was the head of an organisation called Quantum as that was the only way the General would accept Marcus as genuine. Mercedes realises the duplicate LEGION was used to siphon money from the world's bank accounts in order to fund the rebels.

As Bond, Wolkovsky, Mercedes and Goodnight are wrapping up the interrogation the power in the building goes out, leaving them in the pitch-black. Bond knows what is about to happen, having already experienced it in the Oak Ridge facility. Wolkovsky helps them navigate through some secret tunnels out of the building out onto the city streets. He gets them into a car and begins driving. As they're getting away, the back window of the car shatters and Sebastian slumps forward dead.


Quinn stares through the scope of the sniper's rifle, confirming that she had eliminated the target. She takes the weapon apart and puts it back into its case, which she had had designed to look much like a regular suitcase. She exits the building, phoning Marcus while walking to inform him that another Damien Blanc had outlived his usefulness.


The foursome travel to Senegal. Mercedes reluctantly has to come as she is the only one with the skills to return the money to the original accounts. They are in helicopter gunships, tracking down the head quarters of General Ndene on up a river delta, accompanied by a troop of Senegalese soldiers. They arrive at a luxurious, but abandoned resort, designed by the Haus of Gaga specifically for this film. This is the power base for the Casamance rebels. Marcus, Quinn and Ndene are toasting their success; Mister White is present via Skype.

A battle between the helicopter gunships and the rebels ensues, during which Bond and Mercedes disembark and make it to the interior. They are cornered by Marcus and Quinn. During the helicopter battle outside, one of the gunships is hit and falls into the resort, damaging the building. This gives Bond the opportunity to fight Quinn and Marcus. Mercedes now the opportunity use her know-how of the LEGION programme to transfer the funds back into the proper accounts.

Meanwhile Bond has been thwarted. Quinn and Mercedes have him at gunpoint, speaking about how you must accept everything in life and death. “Like a kaleidoscope,” muses Bond. General Ndene, enraged by Quantum’s spectacular failure, charges in and shoots Marcus in the shoulder. Quinn kills Ndene. More chaos from outside shatters the building and Bond is buried.

Mercedes finds Bond’s half buried body and pulls him free. “It’s done,” she says, “Do you still want to destroy LEGION?” “Yes.” As we leave the scene, the resort is exploding in massive fireball after massive fireball.


Marcus emerges from a bungalow and watches as Quinn emerges from the ocean. Marcus talks to her about how beautiful the beach and bungalow are and about how much he's enjoying himself after the hectic events of the previous few days. He suggests leaving the spy game and taking refuge in the bungalow forever, forgetting Quantum and just living together as a normal "retired" couple, enjoying life in the Caribbean.

Quinn becomes uncomfortable, which Marcus begins to pick up on, but ignores. She tells him that she can't leave the spy game, stating that there's still a lot of work to do. She flees the conversation and takes refuge inside the bungalow. Marcus reaches into his pocket and retrieves a small black box, making sure that its contents are still inside. He makes his way into the bungalow, calling out for Quinn. He hears the sound of a gun being cocked.

"I told you not to get involved with the people I work for," she says shakily. She finds herself having trouble completing the job that she knows has to be done to preserve the anonymity that she has worked so hard to protect for several years. Marcus tells her that he loves her. She pauses for a moment, for the first time seriously contemplating leaving Quantum behind and going on the run. She then tells him, "You can't run from us. We're everywhere."


Quinn emerges from the bungalow, which is bathed in the light of a setting sun at this point. She stands there, looking out at the waves crashing up on the beach, her eyes welling up. She drops to her knees, burying her head in her hands and sobbing uncontrollably. She drops the small black box that she had found on Marcus. It's open, and in it is a beautiful diamond ring.


Bond is talking to Felix Leiter as the latter tests his new prosthetic legs. Felix is recovering well. When he asks what Bond is doing, 007 replies “Looking after unfinished business.”

We see Lucia Rojos buying some fruit in a marketplace. James Bond, standing alongside his parked Lotus Elite on a road above the village, is looking at her through a sniper scope. He watches as she returns to her apartment. She walks onto the balcony, where she and Bond first made love, and sees a little black box. There is a note which reads “Life is like a kaleidoscope.” The box contains a diamond engagement ring. Bond shuts away the sniper scope gets into the Lotus and drives away, leaving behind the pretty village, the bluest of blue skies and the sun, continuing to shine on this scene of everyday life. The screen fades slowly to black.


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Eric Wright (Stephen Moyer), an MI6 desk officer, is being stalked through the streets of a city. We don't immediately realise where we are - but it becomes clear we're in London. Wright can't see his pursuer, as she is hidden in the darkness, with only a silhouette that is visible. She stalks him for several minutes, as Wright ducks into several establishments trying to lose her. Eventually he is cornered in an abandoned square when she catches up to him, shooting him in the leg. He's left immobilized, allowing the woman corner him. When she's revealed to the audience, we see that it is Quinn. She holds a gun on him, explaining that he has outlived his use. "You promised you wouldn't shoot me if I helped you." "You're correct," she says, lowering the gun. "I promised not to shoot you. Unfortunately for you, he didn't make that promise." A shot rings out, and Wright falls to the ground. Quinn turns to walk away, joining a figure in the darkness that we see only as a silhouette ...


as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007



Inna Korobkina
Kerry Condon

Giancarlo Esposito
Melanie Laurent
Jason David Frank

Jeany Spark
Wolf Kahler
Stephen Moyer
Tyler Mane

Jeffrey Wright
Emily Blunt
Jesper Christensen

Yvonne Strahovski
Max Minghella

with Rutger Hauer

and Timothy Dalton as M

"The Hildebrand Rarity" sung by Depeche Mode
"The Hildebrand Rarity" composed by Depeche Mode and Elliot Goldenthal

Soundtrack by Elliot Goldenthal

Directed by Christopher Nolan

Written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan


Felix Leiter and the CIA are monitoring the apartment of the deceased Quantum agent Marcus (a brief remark lets us know that they know that he was killed in the Grenadines), hoping that, though slim odds, Marcus will have left something in his apartment of great value to Quantum; lo and behold, an "agent" slipping something out of a safe and into his pocket is revealed, at the last second, to be a fake; upon being stopped outside of the apartment door, he shoots his pursuers and barrels out through the hallway window.

Felix, fed up with his cramped quarters, the bureaucratic slowdowns, and the seeming incompetence of his fellow agents, rips off his headphones and runs out of the ramshackle surveillance house (located conveniently near the apartment complex) after the henchman -- and we now see that Felix is running on a pair of Cheetah running legs, giving him a leg up on the pursuee. (Felix footage would be made up of a trained Cheetah legs runner, seen only from behind, close shots of Jeffrey Wright from the legs up, and wide shots painstakingly synchronized of both Wright and the runner, digitally spliced together.)

After a pursuit across busy streets, footpaths, and through the Cathedral De Se and up the breakdown lane of a highway, the henchman is finally cornered near a ledge halfway up an overpass -- and traffic below is fast. The goon takes his last few shots at Leiter, who ducks and slides across to the henchman, bumping into his ankles with the Cheetah legs. The henchman, now off balance, drops his gun and careens over the side, but Felix, supporting himself with one elbow, reaches up with his legs and scissors them between the goon, keeping him pinned, upside down, to the ledge.

Slowly, painstakingly, with his other arm, Felix reaches into the operative's inside coat pocket to fish out what he stole from Marcus's apartment, but the goon thinks fast -- as Leiter pulls it out, the henchman pulls Felix's gun from its holster, but it's too late; Leiter has the goods. With his other arm, Felix unstraps the Cheetah legs from his thighs, sending them -- and the trapped goon -- down into the busy traffic below.

Felix hauls himself up as best he can and looks over the ledge, wincing at the sight of his gorgeous Cheetah legs smashed to bits within the pulpy remains of the Quantum henchman, then looks at what he's retrieved from the dead man's pocket. We don't see what he has clearly, but shock sweeps across Leiter's face; he quickly pulls out his walkie-talkie and radios his superiors, saying that the Quantum man is dead, but they've got a new, and more dangerous, lead.

"Dangerous to who, Leiter?"
"To everyone!"

Reverse shot of Leiter's trembling hand, as sirens wail in the background, and we finally see his morbid prize: A Ministry of Defense identity card, registered to one Dr. Emeric Hildebrand.

Meanwhile ...


Bond breaks into what, at first, appears to be an abandoned and half-ruined fort in the middle of nowhere - it is revealed that it is actually the heart of a drug operation, kind of like the concealed poppy fields in 'Live And Let Die'. But when Bond reaches the gardens, he discovers only acres of rhododendrons. He takes a sample of the flower - but is discovered. And must escape from the facility before being caught - eventually finding his way to an underground garage. Surveying his option of vehicle for escape - a half dozen delivery trucks, a couple of jeeps and a single off-road quad bike. Bond selects the quad bike after taking a covert snap of the logo on the side of the delivery trucks. He flees, pursued by gun-toting thugs - the ruined fort exploding in the background - and takes the chase off-road, the thugs are hampered but the off-road quad bike gives Bond the advantage and he guns the vehicle towards the edge of a cliff - sending it flying over the edge.

However, Bond uses the momentum to grab onto the edge of the open cargo door of a Chinook that was hovering out of sight - hauling himself into the back of the helicopter, he unslings his backpack and makes his way to the cockpit where a handsome, fresh faced youth is sitting in the pilots seat.

Meet Geoffrey Hastings, 0011. Bond pulls a bottle out of his backpack - it's full of a clear liquid: Raki - and presents it to Hastings. "A graduation present, 0011".


Bond arrives at headquarters in a sleek Maserati Mistral - hands the sample of the rhododendron flower and the blurred photographs of the logo on the delivery trucks to Moneypenny and steps in to see M. Felix is also present. Felix explains the events in Sao Paulo - including the discovery of the MOD ID card belonging to Hildebrand. M, in turn, explains that Eric Wright was found murdered in Mitre Square. The two events, at first, appear to be unconnected - but, Hildebrand was presumed dead in a plane crash one month earlier and Wright was the MI6 officer responsible for planning Hildebrand's travel itinerary. The two events must be connected.

Furthermore, M reveals that CCTV in the vicinity of Mitre Square picked up a woman in the area at the time of the murder. Bond recognises the woman as Quinn. M explains that they managed to trace her to Heathrow Airport and, from there, to St. Petersburg in Russia. Bond is suspicious - 'It's a trap'. M and Felix agree.

Bond leaves - and prepares to head to St. Petersburg. Moneypenny informs him that the flower sample is a rhodeodendron flower and that the partial logo on the blurred photograph appears to belong to a honey supplier. MI6 believe that Bond has destroyed the nerve centre of a grayanotoxin production facility - the case, it seems, is closed.


Bond works with field operative, Aoife Daly, to keep an eye on Quinn - and, as part of their investigation, they discover Mr White too. M agrees that this MUST just be a bigger part of the trap but Bond points out that it's too good to resist and requests that M sends him some back-up - which arrives in the form of Geoffrey Hastings, 0011 (who takes a shine to Aoife), and Mary Goodnight, 008. The trio of agents - with logistical support from Aoife - set about luring Mr White into the open and eliminating him.

As part of the mission - 0011 must masquerade as a hotel porter to break into Mr White's hotel room, search for any information and return that information to Aoife. He discovers an iPad in the room, but is discovered by Mr. Roberts. The pair fight in the close quarters of the hotel room - decimating it. But Hastings overcomes Mr. Roberts by wrapping the curtains round his neck and throttling him to death - Hastings' David overcoming Mr Roberts' Goliath. Hastings returns to the safehouse - but, upen returning to the safehouse, he finds that Aoife has been stabbed and her tongue cut out. As 0011 rushes to save Aoife - she tries to warn him of something but because she has had her tongue cut out, he can't understand her. Unseen to 0011 - a bomb has been connected to the phone and as he picks up to call for help, the bomb detonates, shredding the safehouse to rubble.

Simultaneous to this, Bond is pursuing Mr White through the Scarlet Sails - with 008 providing cover fire. However, whilst 008 provides cover fire to Bond, Quinn is providing cover fire for Mr White and her gunfire rips Goodnight's shoulder apart forcing Goodnight to retreat. Bond comes under fire from Quantum snipers - and is forced to break off his pursuit of Mr White in order to stop himself from being shot, taking up pursuit of Quinn instead.

Bond and Quinn end up fighting atop a hovercraft that is negotiating it way around ships and galleons out in the water (around here) during the eight of the celebrations - middle of the night, fireworks; everything. Bond and Quinn's fight ends with the two of them falling from the hovercraft; Bond is able to swim away, but Quinn is pulled under - presumed dead.

Bond is able to resume his pursuit of Mr White, the chase taking them through the star shaped Peter and Paul Fortress - and ending on the top of a building overlooking a glass roofed art gallery. "You should have killed me when you had the chance," says Mr White. "Yes, I should've. Fortunately, I don't make the same mistake twice -" Bond shoots Mr White, who falls off the building, through the glass ceiling of the art gallery and ending up impailed on a spear wielded by a statue.

As Bond looks down on the body of Mr White, we cut to the banks of the river as Quinn hauls herself onto a dock protruding into the river, her face hideously scarred from the fight with Bond ...

The following day - M and Bond walk through the ruins of the safehouse. M explains that Goodnight has been medevaced back to London but 0011 and Aoife are lost causes - something which the iPad that 0011 found in Mr White's hotel room narrowly escaped. Although it has been heavily damaged in the explosion, technicians have been able to find a connection between Emeric Hildebrand's abduction and the highest echelons of power in Nambola. This assignment, says M, will require a great deal of tact and diplomacy - 'God help us all'.


Bond arrives as part of the delegation to do with the space tourism program - part of the celebrations include a performance of 'Swan Lake' on a specially constructed stage with the space shuttle as a backdrop. Bond watches the performance - entranced by one of the dancers - and keeps an eye on President Henrik Saphotho, the Nambolan leader. Later, with the help of another delegation member, Vera, he meets Saphotho - who has taken a shine to the ballet dancer that Bond noticed during the performance, Yelena. Bond tries to make contact with Sephotho - but his approach is continually halted by the President's omnipresent bodyguard, Mesquito.

Yelena is invited to spend the night at Saphotho's palace and, after seducing her in his luxurious bedroom and undressing her by a bubbling jacuzzi discovers her 'chernobyl necklace'. Disgusted at her imperfection, he brutally abuses her. Bond has been keeping the palace under observation - and approaches Yelena to plant a bug on the palace's computer system. Over lunch at a local restaraunt, she agrees - and this leads Bond to a mine (preferably a lead mine) where Emeric Hildebrand is conducting his research. Bond helps Hildebrand to escape - but, after revealing Sephotho's plan for 'The Hildebrand Rarity', Hildebrand turns out to be a willing abductee and betrays Bond (and Yelena, by default) to Sephotho.

After he is tortured, Bond escapes Sephotho and rescues Yelena - but doesn't initially realise she has been poisoned with grayanotoxin. He realises (due to familiarity with the toxin due to Turkey) and must break into a clinic to save her. He saves her - and leaves her in the hand of medics as he rushes to - the space tourism launch site where the inaugral civilian launch is set to take place. Included on the guest list on the shuttle is - President Henrik Sephotho.

At the same time as Bond rescues Yelena and treats her, Sephotho has his right hand man, Mesquito, bring Hildebrand before him - the scientist has outlived his use, the process to create the formula has been documented and enough generated that the first stage of their plan. Sephotho has no need for him - takes a gun from Mesquito and shoots Hildebrand between the eyes.

Upon arriving at the launch centre and stealing Vera's ID card, Bond enters the VIP car-park at the launch centre, surveys the cars, settles his eyes on an ASTON MARTIN ONE-77. Using the universal door lock key fob to open the car - he guns it towards the launch tower - but Mesquito manages to intercept Bond before he reaches the shuttle - and the launch countdown begins. Bond gets the upper hand in the fight, throws Mesquito from the launch gantry as the five minute countdown begins. Bond escapes the fury of the rockets exhaust - but Mesquito isn't so lucky and becomes a crispy critter as the shuttle takes off.

Unable to stop Sephotho - he must instead stop Sephotho's plot, calls M and asks for a flight to be chartered to Germany.


Saphotho and Quantum are planning to use Hildebrand's formulae to turn the gold in the German stockpile into lead - sending the German economy plummeting. At the same time, they will turn Nambola's stockpile of lead into gold - sending the countries wealth skyrocketing overnight. A noble goal, but one that will do more harm than it will do good. Needless to say, Bond stops the use of the formulae in the following sequence:

The Deutche Bundesbanke plan to move it's bullion to three temporary back-up locations whilst they overhaul the bullion storage facility in Berlin - a third will travel by air, a third will travel by rail and a third will travel by autobahn. Quantum plan to launch a multi-pronged stealth attack on the three - grounding the plane at a remote airfield , stopping the train and preventing the road convoy from proceeding further. Bond must work with NATO forces to intercept and prevent the theft of the bullion - taking part in one of the preventative actions himself.

NATO soldiers replace the crew on the airplane - and gun down the Quantum thugs at the remote airstrip. A bridge over the autobahn explodes, blocking the road - but NATO snipers have been loaded into the trucks providing security for the convoy and they take out the thugs there. Bond provides security for the train convoy - and ends up throwing a thug from the train as it passes over a snowy mountain valley: "He was just a fall guy".

The gold bullion, in turn, was never on any of the three convoys - as Bond managed to inform the authorities about Sephotho's plan before the transfer began. Bond has turned the trap on Quantum themselves.


M watches from a viewing platform as soldiers enter the main hall of the United Nations and place President Sephotho under arrest, charging him with a terrorist act - planning to destabilise the world economies. Sephotho is led out of the building in handcuffs, but is shot by a sniper just as he is being shoved into the back of a police car.

Erewhon Base

We meet the Head of Quantum - who declares all out war on the worlds intelligence communities, beginning with MI6 and with Bond.

Somewhere In The South China Sea

Bond reunites with a recovered Yelena - but the boat they are on is seen to blow up. It appears as if Quantum have made their first move: the elimination of James Bond, Agent 007 of Her Majestie's Secret Service.


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  • Somewhere In The Arabian Sea

    Bond must infiltrate the hidden coastal hangar of a fleet of three machine-gun equipped flying boats in order to blow them up. However, the soldiers assigned to the hangar discover Bond and the explosives and plan to move the flying boats out. Luckily, not all of the explosives have been discovered - one of the flying boats goes up in a fireball and Bond escapes, having to climb onto another of the flying boats which is leaving the hangar to get out. Bond wrestles with the pilot - tossing him out of the cockpit before wresting control of the plane for himself, leading a flyby of The Greek Ship that is seen by tourists observing the wreck.

    Intercut with this, we see -
  • Somewhere In The South China Sea

    - smoke, covering everything. As it clears, we can finally make out, from a crane shot, Bond on the remains of his boat, cradling Yelena; she's dead. Another torpedo (it's revealed the first explosion was also a torpedo) comes racing through the waters to finish him off, and he has to abandon Yelena's body.

    Jumping back into the ocean, he starts swimming quickly, finally grabbing onto an outcrop of rocks. Suddenly, a gunner boat slices through the water, guns blaring. Bond dives back down, grabs onto the back of the boat, and kills the motor; then, he swings himself onto the boat and turns all the mens' guns against themselves.

    When they're all dead, another boat comes toward him, but he uses the first boat's guns to kill everyone on there, as well -- but not before getting clipped in the shoulder by a round.

    Now lying on the bottom of the boat, bloodied and stunned, Bond suddenly hears a ringing in his pocket; his waterproof phone is still on. He pulls it out; it's M:

    M: "Bond, what the hell is going on?"
    BOND: "I've -- we've -- been attacked."
    M: "What? Who by?

    Gunshots rattle out - another boat skims the hull with , but there's no time for that -- he tosses his phone into the water, grabs a breathing apparatus from under a bench on the boat and throws himself off the side of the boat.

    As he sinks to the depths, we transition through to -

    A title sequence reminiscent of 'Goldfinger' and 'On Her Majesties Secret Service' - scenes from 'Casino Royale', 'Quantum of Solace', 'Talk of the Devil', 'The Property of a Lady', 'Choice of Weapons', 'Kaleidoscope' and 'The Hildebrand Rarity'. Almost a 'Best Of ...' compilation - the scenes reflected on writhing naked women, double helixes, ice and guns. Accompanied by a powerful Bassey-esque themetune.


    as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007



    Violante Placido
    Katja Schurmann

    Paul Higgins
    Melanie Laurent
    Dolph Lundgren

    Natalia Paris
    Jason Isaacs

    Jeffrey Wright
    Emily Blunt
    Tom Hiddleston

    Yvonne Strahovski
    Jane Seymour
    Max Brown
    Rory Kinnear

    with Rutger Hauer

    and Timothy Dalton as M

    "Shatterhand" sung by Grace Jones
    "Shatterhand" composed by Grace Jones and Patrick Doyle

    Soundtrack by Elliot Goldenthal

    Directed by Doug Liman

    Written by Doug Liman

  • Rebirth Island

    A joint United Nations/Corporate project to clean-up the biological weapons spillage on Rebirth Island is going ahead under the supervision of Scotsman, Quentin Moray, who walks with leg braces due to having polio as a child. He's a renowned philanthropist, but the worlds intelligence and military communities obviously have their concerns about the project - and have assigned observers. One of these is Canada Juarez, an independant observer for the UN of Italian heritage, who it is revealed has commenced a sexual relationship with Moray himself.
  • London

    M is warned that there will be a direct assault on his family home - and orders his family to be evacuated in a motorcade to a safe location outside the city. Bond is not present, but one of M's senior bodyguards, Catesby, is - alongside a couple of other bodyguards. The motorcade is attacked in the streets of the city - although M's daughter escapes unscathed, his wife is killed and the survivors of the motorcade pinned down. With two of the bodyguards quickly taken out - it is up to M and Catesby to take the battle to the attackers, led by Nathan Hall - a former Double Oh (M's protege when he was a Double-Oh) who has defected to Quantum, simply because the money was good. M stands off against Hall - whilst Catesby handles the others - and the elder man is forced to take down his former protege, pained to do so but given no other choice.

    A handful of days later - Bond has returned from his mission in the Arabian Sea and learned about the attack on the motorcade. At his wife's funeral, Bond tries to offer his superior some words of comfort. Bond: "You know, your predecessor once told me that it would be a very cold bastard who didn't want revenge for the death of someone he loved." M: "My predecessor was a very wise woman." Bond nods. "She also warned me that I was so blinded by inconsolable rage that I didn't care who I hurt - and that was true. Don't let yourself fall into that position, Sir."

    Later, on a note handed over by Moneypenny, Bond recieves a message to meet a contact in the city - the meeting turns out to be on a crowded underground car with a man with slicked back black hair and an impeccably tailored suit, not the person that Bond thought it would be with though he's assured his female contact is safe and unharmed.

    The man tells Bond that they have a mutual friend - Quinn. The man works for Quantum - Quinn has become a liability due to her desire for revenge on Bond and they're willing to sell her out. He tells Bond that Quinn is planning to pursue Mary Goodnight - as the underground train reaches the next station, Bond asks the mans name. The man says his name is 'Mr White' before he steps out into the crowded platform -

    Bond pursues, but the man has vanished into the crowds of travellers at Waterloo Station. We see him watching Bond as Bond gives up the chase.
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Bond arrives in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, ostensibly just to investigate a lead but covertly to protect Goodnight, now the Head of Station for Station SL. He keeps the threat on her life from Goodnight - and the pair refresh their relationship. Goodnight doesn't hold any grudges against Bond for her injuries in St. Petersburg - she understood the dangers when she accepted a position in the Double-Oh section, thus placing her as a direct contrast to Quinn. To try and bring Quinn out of the woodwork, he needs to make Goodnight as visible as possible - and thus he arranges for them to attend a casino on the luxurious MORPHOTEL which has been docked off the Colombo coastline.
  • Mumbai, India

    Having won thousands in the casino, checked into a room at the hotel itself and spent the night on the MORPHotel as it has sailed from Sri Lanka, up the western coast of India and docked off the coast of Mumbai. Relaxing through the day, the two agents change into very fine formal wear, Bond escorts Goodnight to the hotel's upscale dining room, where they have a seat at a table in the middle of the very large establishment. The two dine over grilled sole and red wine (a call back to their meal in Canberra during "Choice of Weapons"), catching up primarily on what Goodnight had been up to in the time since her injury. She tells him about the work she does as the section chief for MI6, and she tries to squeeze whatever information she can out of him regarding Quantum, but he's reluctant to give anything up, mostly because he's hiding the fact that they are there to set a trap for Quinn.

    As they're talking, Bond suddenly sees a look of absolute horror on Goodnight's face. "It's him," she says. Bond turns and sees a rather tall, blonde man, dressed in a rather sharp suit (but one he doesn't look at home in), his eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. Beside him is Quinn, her face horribly scarred from Bond's encounter with her in St. Petersburg not too long ago. Both Quinn and Jonas Black are getting stares from quite a few of the diners as they rather ominously descend down the staircase and into the dining area. They approach the table that Bond and Goodnight are sitting at, grabbing two unoccupied seats from a nearby table, with Jonas staring down the couple sitting at the table when they assert that the chairs were being used. They sit down at the table with Bond and Goodnight, brandishing pistols underneath the table. Quinn's is pointed at Bond, Black's at Goodnight.

    "I don't suppose you know why we're here?" Jonas asks, removing his sunglasses so that he can look directly into Goodnight's eyes. The emptiness she sees in him sends chills up her spine, heightened by the fact that she sees no escape.

    "It's always nice to see you, Quinn," Bond says sarcastically. "Did you get some work done?" Her response is to jam the muzzle of her pistol into his thigh.

    What follows is an intense standoff between the four. Jonas reminds Goodnight of exactly why he is there, to pay her back for the loss of his wife. He thanks Bond for using her as bait for the trap, which now doesn't seem to be going in Bond's favor. Goodnight shoots him a look of dismay and hurt his way, which he responds to with a look of regret.

    Quinn then lays out her grievances with Bond, detailing the death of Marcus for him in gruesome detail, as well as how much surgery was needed to save her life after he left her for dead in St. Petersburg. Sensing that the end is growing near, Bond uses his wits to cause a distraction - something as simple as knocking a bottle of wine onto the sommelier providing it - and gives him and Goodnight enough time to bolt for the exit of the dining hall.

    They duck around a corner, and Bond reaches for the pistol in his ankle holster. He hands it to Goodnight. "I'm sorry for not telling you," he says. "I'll explain later."

    Both Goodnight and Bond exchange fire with Quinn and Jonas through the doors of the dining hall before they begin to retreat through the hotel to the dock, where they plan to take the hotel's water taxi back to the shore. They exchange fire through the halls and open areas of the hotel as they make their way to the dock. Once they reach the outside, they see the water taxi on fire at the end of the dock.

    Quinn and Jonas are close to catching up with them, and now have them cornered on the long, narrow stretch of dock that offers no cover for either Bond or Goodnight. "There's nowhere for you to go now," Jonas calls out to them, staring at Goodnight. But Bond notices a Pontoon Solar-Powered Party Boat berthed nearby - pushes the party-goers boarding the boat out of the way and pulls Goodnight onto it.

    He revs the engine and the boat speeds away from the morphotel, leaving Quinn and Jonas on the dock - apparantly defeated. Until a speedboat comes level with the party boat - as John Barry's '007' kicks in, adapted by Patrick Doyle. Quinn at the helm of the speedboat, Jonas trying to blast the party boat out of the water with a bazooka.

    "You didn't think we'd crash the party without a backup plan, did you?" Quinn asks as the two boats draw close for a moment. Then they part - and the two boats get lost amidst the hustle and bustle of the port. Bond and Goodnight merge into the pedestrians and shopowners, they seperate - with Jonas choosing to pursue Goodnight and Quinn pursuing Bond. However, at some point, the tables are turned - and the hunted becomes the hunter, with Bond pursuing Quinn through the streets and allys of Mumbai, eventually following her onto a building site - for a luxury hotel.

    Bond crashes through the building site - charging after the more agile Quinn. Eventually he catches up with her, and after a knife fight on a high rise scaffolding, she falls - landing on several bags of cement. Bond swings down on a chain, lands beside his foe and discovers she's injured - but alive. She tries to stand and escape - but she's got a compound fracture of the fibula or femur, is bleeding profusely and makes it barely a handful of metres before collapsing to the floor.

    Bond watches her attempt at escape with amusement, reaches for his pocket as he escapes, pulling out an electronic device of his own, a digital audio recorder. "I came prepared, too," he says, pressing the play button. As the audio plays, Quinn hears a voice familiar to us speaking to Bond - it's 'Mr White' from the meeting on the London Underground. Bond recorded the entire conversation!

    Quinn, realising that she has been beaten, decides to be proactive - she pulls her gun out, fires it at Bond, but her gun jams and Bond returns fire, hitting her in the hand. More pain - more blood. She lays on the ground, now unarmed and facing certain death. Bond stands over her, showing little care for her injuries, his gun continuing to be trained on her.

    "Now that you know your bosses sold you out, maybe you wouldn't mind returning the favor. What is Quantum planning?" Bond asks.

    "Operation: Shatterhand," she says. "If you look into it, which I hope you do, it will mean certain death."

    "I hate you," she says.

    "Don't worry, the feeling's mutual," Bond replies, Bond says, pulling the trigger, and eliminating Quinn.

    He turns and sees that Goodnight has arrived, battered, bruised and bloody. "Jonas got away," she says. Then looks down at Quinn's dead body - and regards Bond: "I hope this was worth it." she says.

  • Rebirth Island

    At which point we learn that Operation: Shatterhand is the name of the operation that Quentin Moray is running on Rebirth Island to clean up the toxins. He's using the operation to covertly smuggle cannisters of biological weapons off the island to an unknown location - and this is done, in part, with the assistance of Canada Juarez who, it is revealed (though it was suggested earlier) is actually working for Quantum too.

    The project is shut down and the area placed under NATO military observation. Bond suggests Moray could be involved with Quantum and gets permission from M to pursue him.

  • Chile

    Bond flies into Santiago de Chile where he checks into the same hotel as Moray and arranges to meet Felix Leiter who agrees to help Bond. The pair visit a yacht club, travelling in the Ferrari California, using covers as fashion buyers - with Bond utilising his Sandy Bizet identity. At the yacht club, Bond and Felix check into the yacht club - the maitre de checking his guestlist "Signor Bizet - and husband?"

    As the pair enter the club, Bond: "I'm going to kill Tanner when I get back to London", Felix: "Calm down sweetheart, you're making a scene -". Bond manufactures a meeting with Moray which confirms his initial feeling that he doesn't trust the seemingly philanthropic billionaire - in the meeting we learn that Moray was struck down with polio as a child which caused him to need leg braces, he criticises the National Health Service and places his infirmity on their failings.

    Bond leaves, but Felix keeps an eye on Moray under the pretense of keeping the billionaire distracted. Bond sneaks back to the hotel and breaks into Moray's hotel room where he searches for clues. In the course of his search, he discovers papers that show cargoes have been coming in from Europe on planes contracted by Moray's charitable foundation, the cargoes have not left the airport but have then been loaded onto other planes - with flightpaths charted to take them to Antarctica. Bond finds this curious, unsatisfied with the explanation that they are supplies for independant environmental research posts.

    He scans the papers with his phone, e-mailing them to Moneypenny - and narrowly escapes discovery by Moray whom Felix has been unable to distract for enough time. He ducks back into his hotel room where he discovers that Jonas is waiting for him with the lights turned off - the pair fight and the windows of the room smash, wind whips round the room as Jonas claims he will kill Bond because Bond killed Quinn. Jonas found Quinn's corpse in Mumbai - and recovered a broach from it.

    During the fight, Jonas drops the broach - and ends up being thrown out of the window. Landing on top of - and decimating - the Ferrari California, which Felix has just parked outside of the hotel. Bond looks down on Jonas' broken body and finds the broach on the floor. He picks it up, considers it with a look of disgust, and tosses it out of the window -

    It turns out the broach is an elegantly disguised explosive device - and it detonates as it hits Jonas. He is conscious enough to register the broach hitting his chest, his eyes widen - and the Ferrari erupts in a massive fireball, casting the light of the fire across Felix's face - and the face of Bond several stories up.

    Felix finds Bond sitting in the shell of his hotel room and asks what happened: "A friend from Mumbai - always did have explosive taste in jewellery -"

    The following morning, the stunning receptionist that Bond sweet-talked when he checked in calls Bond and informs him that Moray has checked out of the hotel and chartered a car to the airport. He's leaving the country -

  • Amsterdam

    Bond trails Moray to Amsterdam - and Bond is convinced that Moray, and therefore Quantum, is onto him when he appears to be getting trailed through the airport and onto the express train to the city by a beautiful woman. Bond corners her at the train station and the woman turns out to be Sophie De Winter, a member of Dutch Intelligence who are more than willing to offer MI6 whatever assistance they want -

    Trailing Moray through the city, the two operatives observe Moray at a meeting between Quantum members in an art gallery (using those self-guided tour headsets to communicate - the smuggling of the biological weapons from Rebirth Island to 'Erewhon' is confirmed at this point - the flights to the observation stations are confirmed as cover for the bio-weapons smuggling), which quickly goes awry. Bond is looking at a painting and covertly observing Moray - but a man speaking Dutch approaches him and asks him about the position of a specific painting. The exchange catches Moray's attention and the Scottish businessman bolts - as much as he can - with interference being caused by gunshots going off, causing tourists to scatter and art gallery staff to panic as bullets perforate a number of Rembrandts and Vermeers.

    Directed by Sophia who is watching events from the security office via CCTV, Bond pursues Moray through the corridors of the gallery and out into the streets - at which point Bond must rely on his own wits to pursue Moray. The chase arrives at a small dock on one of the canals where the businessman climbs onboard a speedboat. Bond 'borrows' a speedboat from a rotund American from the South - and a chase on speedboats through the canals results, finally culminating in a stand-off in the harbour, the two boats circling each other like a stand-off on horseback, where oil spills are set alight and the battleground becomes a sea of fire.

    Moray is killed in the fight - but he dies clutching a picture. Bond pulls the picture from Moray's hand and discovers that it is a picture of himself and Canada Juarez. Bond makes connections -

  • Italy

    And manages to stop Canada just as she is about to detonate a biological weaponry device in the centre of St Peters Square. Bond talks her out of it, explaining that Moray is dead - but suggesting that Quantum betrayed him and left him to die. He says she reminds him of someone he once loved - and says that he knows that Moray blackmailed her into cooperating with him and with Quantum by threatening the life of her boyfriend. He flashes her a picture of a handsome Italian man on his iPhone and asks if that's her boyfriend. She says it is - and he says that he's safe in the custody of British Intelligence. He encourages her to seek vengeance on the organisation - and forces the location of 'Erewhon' out of her.

  • The Antarctic

    Everything has come down to this. And as you'd expect, it's not going to be easy. Quantum's undersea base - known as "Erehwon" ("nowhere" spelt backwards) - is located near King George Island, in the Shrieking Sixties - the space between Antarctica and Tierra del Fuego. High winds, stormy seas and low temperatures make traditional forms of approach impractical, and Quantum have a sophisticated radar/sonar system that means vehicles will be unable to get near the base without them knowing about it. There is only one option: a stratospheric parachute jump.

    With the help of Felix on a military airbase in South America, Bond must ride a specially-designed balloon gondola to the very edge of space before leaping out from over 100,000 feet above the earth's surface. He will be in freefall for over five minutes as he hits speeds of close to 1000km/h, using the curvature of the earth to slingshot himself over King George Island. To complicate matters, he only has one shot at hitting his target - if he misses, he is as good as dead. In order to be on target, he must use a drouge, a small, perforated parachute that is designed to keep him stable. However, the drouge does not deploy properly and Bond starts drifting off-course. He must collapse the drouge (collapsing a parachute is about the most dangerous thing you can do in a parachute jump) and risk going into a flat spin at 200rpm (which would be fatal) to make sure he lands on-target. He successfully lands over King George Island, and is able to swim down to Erehwon.

    As a result of Bond's actions, the underwater base starts flooding, and he chases after a man revealed to be the Head of Quantum - Hjalmar Karneus. Karneus is an older man but still a viable physical threat - he's deceptively strong and he's the man that spoke to Bond in the Amsterdam Art Gallery. Karneus tried to make Moray aware of the agents presence in order for him to escape - though this backfired, obviously.

    At least the other members present at the meeting didn't panic and run, muses Karneus. At least they've learnt something since the debacle at the opera in Bregenz. 'At least,' says Karneus, 'I've got that'.

    Karneus beats him to a high-speed elevator shaft in the oil rig, the only way to safety. Bond's extraction plan is to use a Skyhook recovery system to escape, but he releases the helium-filled balloon in the elevator shaft. The extra-long tether (designed for the high seas outside) gets caught up in the mechanics, and Bond is pulled up the shaft. He is able to cut himself free and jump onto the elevator as the entire thing jams up. Our villain climbs out to confront him and the two fight atop the elevator car as the shaft steadily floods.

    Karneus overpowers Bond momentarily, and takes the opportunity to leap onto the elevator couterweight directly opposite them before throwing a grenade at Bond. It is filled with a weaponised anaesthetic gas that stuns Bond, but he is able to throw it into the open elevator car before he succumbs to it. Weakened by the gas, he is preparing to throw a conventional grenade, but lets it fall into the elevator car. Our villain thinks he's won, but Bond's grenade goes off, blowing the bottom of the elevator car into nothingness. Now freed of the weight of the car, the counterweight plunges back down the shaft, dragging Karneus into the icy water below.

    Now robbed of his one escape from Erehwon, a weakened Bond is able to get out of the elevator shaft where he finds Our Villain's personal submarine. And not just any submarine, but an old Soviet Akula-class monster. Bond is able to disengage the submarine from the upper levels of the oil rig and performs an emergency surface manoeuvre, which expels all the water from the submarine's ballast tanks at once. The submarine surfaces rapidly; so rapidly that it would normally leap out of the water like a dolphin when it surfaces. This being Antactica, however, there is a sheet of ice between Bond and the outside world. It offers little resistance to the Akula, bursting through the ice sheet with a blast of the Bond theme fanfare before coming to land in the icy water, with the threat posed by Quantum finally over.

    Bond climbs out of the Akula and collapses to tis deck - a helicopter coming in to land on the ice nearby.

  • Switzerland

    Bond recuperates from his ordeals and borderline hypothermia in a clinic in Switzerland where he has the chance to consider what he will do now that Quantum has been beaten. He opens an e-mail program on his laptop -

  • London

    M brings the three trainee Double-Oh operatives before him - 009, 006 and 002 (002 turns out to be Catesby from the motorcade assault) are appointed as Tanner stands by his side. Tanner comments on the fact that the Prime Minister has agreed that the 007 designation has been retired from usage for the forseeable future. Whilst M speaks to the new Double-Oh operatives, he gives them an inspirational speech -

    "Sometimes, you can do everything right, and it still goes wrong for you. You'll be dead before you even have time to question it. Left for dead on the other side of the world; buried in a shallow, unmarked grave - if you're lucky enough to be buried. When one of you dies, the rest of you will never know what happened. What becomes of them. What they did, or didn't do; what else you yourself could have done. Questions are a luxury, because the truth of it is, you're going to lose friends. You hope you won't. You know you will. You prepare them as best you can, but you always wonder if you could have done more. And there's no way to tell until the heat of the moment. Even then, it's ... difficult. To know. And that's the rub of it. Because the odds are stacked against you. When bullets start flying, you have to get lucky every single time. They only have to get lucky once. But you do it anyway, because the alternative is so unthinkable that there is no alternative. And when one of you dies, you can't afford to second guess yourself. Question yourself once, and you're only going to get more people killed. The dead deserve more than that."

    The newly appointed agents file out of the room. M stands, walks to the window with a glass of scotch on the rocks. It's raining, he sips from the scotch and looks back on Tanner - sighs: "I'm getting to old for this."

  • Oracabessa, Jamaica

    Bond emerges from the warm waters of the Caribbean, the sequence reminiscent of his emergence from the water in Casino Royale. He walks up the sand towards a luxurious villa, picks up a towel, hides a gun underneath it - turns ... finds Lucia standing on the decking of the villa. "I didn't think you'd come -"




  • Location: Classified

    Mr White sits behind a desk, speaking to someone using a blue-tooth earpiece. We don't see who he is speaking to, but the message is clear - that although Erewhon has been destroyed, although Hjalmar Karneus is dead and although it may be some time before they can make another strike, Quantum is very much alive. And without Karneus at the top - there's a power vacuum ...