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OHMSS by Lowry Digital

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Posted 30 August 2010 - 07:10 AM

The brief interview with Reed in Heffenstein's wonderful book mentions a 2-day shoot with 43 different camera set-ups, underexposing some shots, difficulty with varying light, etc. Nothing one way or the other about blue tinting, but can't help but think that would help tie all those different exposures together ala the night ski chase with its lots of obvious day-for-night (also heavily tinted) shots.

Yes I agree. If its the case that the original blue tint was lost pretty quick from the original neg a good case could be made that the film makers added it for the original release. As you say It would follow what they did for the ski shots as the PTS composed of studio shots as well location filming. Hunt wanted realism and not a studio look for OHMSS and so avoided using back projection where he could - hence scenes like the helicopter trip to Piz Gloria featured the actual actors in the thing and no back projection was used. I would bet one of the reasons the escape from Piz Gloria by Bond was done at night was to minimise the obviousness of rear projection and increase the reality.

Pretty sure the night ski chase was shot day-for-night as well.

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Posted 31 October 2010 - 11:25 PM

My problem with the restored version is what they have done to the sound,tinkering throwing in sound effects that were never in the original....& my big shout for the idiot who changed the sound of the machine guns as 007 escapes Piz Gloris,the 1st time I saw this movie they boomed out & made you sit up straight in your seat..same thing when 007 is in the phone box & then finally as Bunt kills Tracey!
Also the music I suspect has been altered too...does not seem to fix as snug as it used to.
For my money the BEST copy of this was the 1995/6 VHS widescreen box set edition.I think that must be the only time we have had OHMSS as near to a perfect home cinema copy experience of the big screen.I have transfered it to DVD myself...7 thats the copy I ALWAY watch at Christmas!