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Posted 22 July 2010 - 11:50 PM

This is the story of six strangers who meet, learn about each other, maybe test each other's boundaries, and overall, grow up in the process.

Part I - Bios

1. Sean

Hey, what's up? I'm Sean, I'm 22 years old, and I'm from Washington, D.C.

I'm actually really nervous about meeting these five other people because, in truth, very few people outside of my family and my very close friends know about me and my past and to tell you the truth, I don't like talking about myself too much.

On the other hand, I'm really excited to get away from home because I'm ready to prove to my family that I'm not a screw-up like they think I am and they will hopefully give me another chance. These few months are going to be a huge test for me, because I've just come off of some really, really painful addictions, so I'm ready to prove myself to the world.

2. George

Hey, everybody!! My name's George, I'm 20 years old, and I'm from Montpelier, Vermont.

Vermont people are really conservative. Like, we have a really old-fashioned way of thinking about everything, like politics and relationships and everything else. That's the way I was raised, and that's how I think, and whenever people tell me it's not right and that it's just old-fashioned, I just respect their opinion and tell them, "Well, that's just how you were raised. I was raised differently and I respect your opinion." Sometimes I tell them I'm from Vermont and they just laugh.

Being a New Englander, I LOVE my Red Sox! I guess I get it from my dad, because, you know, he's a huge Red Sox fan, and when he and my mom were still dating, they used to go to Red Sox games, and Celtics games, and things like that.

I'm really excited to meet everyone and I hope to make really good friends with someone I meet.

3. Roger

Hey, there! My name's Roger, I'm 26, and I'm from Mobile, Alabama.

All my friends think I'm like the typical Southern guy, and that's not really true. I mean, I think I act Southern, and I kinda sorta have a Southern accent, but I really don't think I fit like, the typical Southern person.

I really like taking on new challenges, so I think I'm really going to like this experience and the people I meet and stuff. I just hope that like, there's not a lot of drama because I'm really not a person who feeds off of drama.

4. Tim

Hey, guys, I'm Tim, I'm 23, and I'm from Salem, Oregon.

I see myself as a really ambitious person. Right now, I'm going to Oregon State University. I'm, uh, hoping to get a degree in either Biology or Biochemistry. I'm not, like, the BIGGEST science nerd, but I do enjoy it and I definitely see myself having a career that's science related.

Being from a city that's small enough where I know everybody, I'm very open to meeting these 5 other people and just, you know, learning about them and learning what they have to say, because I love learning new things and, you know, facts about people.

5. Pierce

Hey, what's up? I'm Pierce, I'm 22, and I'm from Los Angeles, California!

I don't care where you're from, there is absolutely NOTHING cooler than driving down Pacific Palisades with your buddies and your surfboards in the back seat with the top down and surfin' tunes blaring and yelling as loud as you can, "WE'RE FROM LA, BABY!" hahaha. And the thing is, though, everyone on the street, like, they don't flip you off or nothing like anyone from anywhere else would. They put their hands in the air like they just don't care and yell, "[censored] YEAH, DUDE!" One time in high school, me and my friends were cruising to the beach and we did that and we had like, this whole line of people following us. We ended up having a beach bonfire that night with the people we met, which was really awesome and just a really great time.

Being from LA and proud of it, I love the whole, you know, the whole early 60s California scene, you know, I dig the Beach Boys, especially the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, and all those guys.

Obviously, I love to surf, I was on the surf team in high school, and me and my friends would always go surfing, like, after school or weekends or Spring Break or summer break, like, we didn't care when it was or what the weather was like, we just went surfing, we were, like, whatever, bro!

I'm excited because I love meeting new people, but at the same time, it's gonna be really hard for me because I'm really close with my dad, like, that dude's my best friend. Like, he's the one that taught me how to surf, and he got me into hot rods, like my first car, my very first car was my dad's old Chevy Bel Air. That was his first car. And I mean, I still have it and I love it to death, and like, I love driving it, and I love cruising with it, and, oh, I just love it.

I think this is going to be really hard for me and my dad, but it's also gonna be really good for me, if I can stick it out, which I'm definitely hoping to do.

6. Dan

Hey, 'sup? I'm Dan, I'm 28, and I'm from Columbus, Ohio.

Traditionally, when people think of Ohio, they think baseball and football and people who just love it to death, and me and my dad are no exception. We're both really huge Reds and Bengals fans and we go to almost every Reds game together, like, we just really love the Reds.

I'm a bit iffy about doing this because I like to keep to myself most of the time, but, you know, you learn something new every day, and maybe I'll learn to open up while I'm there. I kinda want to, to be honest, like, I want to tell people, you know, what I've been through, because they say that once you talk about something and get it out in the open, then it doesn't bother you anymore, and I hope that's the case with me.

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Posted 11 August 2010 - 06:05 PM

Episode 1

George: Yay, I'm here! Where is everybody?

Sean: Hey! What's your name?

George: George!

Sean: George? I'm Sean, nice to meet you!

George: Nice to meet you! Where you from?

Sean: DC! Where you from?

George: Vermont!

CONFESSIONAL - SEAN: When George said he was from Vermont, I was like, "What's there to do in Vermont?" I mean, I should've guessed he was from somewhere in New England because he had on, like, you know, the Red Sox hat, the Red Sox shirt...I mean, he was just geared up, New England style.


Roger: Yooo! Daddy's home!

Sean: Oh, [censored]! Hey, who are you?

Roger: I'm Roger, who are you?

Sean: I'm Sean!

Roger: Hey, someone else is here! Who are you?

George: I'm George!

Roger: Roger, nice to meet you!

Sean: So where you from?

Roger: Alabama! Where're you guys from?

Sean: DC.

George: Vermont.

Roger: Ha ha, Yankees!

CONFESSIONAL - GEORGE: Roger definitely has that Southern hospitality thing going on. He seems like a nice guy. The only thing I didn't appreciate was that he called me a Yankee. I hate the Yankees.

CONFESSIONAL - ROGER: Sean's pretty cool. I can see us hangin'.


George: Oh, I think someone else is here! Hi!

Tim: Hey, what's up? I'm Tim.

George: I'm George! Come on, come meet everyone else!

Tim: Everyone's here already?

George: Well, just a few people. Hey, guys, this is Tim!

Sean/Roger/Tim: HEEEEY!

Sean: Where you from, man?

Tim: Oregon!

CONFESSIONAL - GEORGE: My first impression of Tim was that he looks really neutral. I mean, when we get into fights and stuff--which I hope we don't--it looks like he's gonna be the one who doesn't have anyone's back, like, he'll just stand there and say nothing. And you know, most of the time, that's just the best thing you can do is to just stay out of it.


Pierce: HELL-OOOOOOOOOOO! Where are you dudes?

CONFESSIONAL - SEAN: I heard loud and obnoxious! I don't like loud and obnoxious!

Roger: Hey! I'm Roger! Who're you?

Pierce: I'm Pierce! Where're you from, dude?

Roger: Roger! I'm from Alabama! Where're you from?

Pierce: LA, dude!

Roger: Woohoo! Ha ha ha. Hey, come meet everyone else!

CONFESSIONAL - SEAN: This kid has SUCH a loud voice, and he keeps calling everyone "dude," like, what's up with that?

CONFESSIONAL - GEORGE: Pierce definitely has that California surfer-beach boy look going on and I like it! He's got the tank top on with the surfboards and the woodies on it, and he just seems really chill and really cool.

CONFESSIONAL - PIERCE: Roger and I DEFINITELY clicked, like, we're both in the same boat.

Roger: So do you surf?

Pierce: Oh yeah.

Roger: Have you ever fallen off your board?

Pierce: Uh...a couple of times.

CONFESSIONAL - PIERCE: I've become such an expert at surfing that I almost never fall off my board anymore.

CONFESSIONAL - ROGER: I've surfed a few times in the Gulf of Mexico, but it's nothing compared to California, and I've never even been to California!

CONFESSIONAL - SEAN: I HATE CALIFORNIA PEOPLE. I hate them. I despise them. They think they're the [censored] just because they can surf and they have hot rods and they think they're better than us.


Pierce: Hey, I think the last person's here!

CONFESSIONAL - SEAN: If Pierce gets the door, whoever it is is gonna run away, real fast.

Pierce: Hi!

Dan: Hey, I'm Dan!

Pierce: Hi, I'm Pierce! Where you from?

Dan: Ohio, how about you?

Pierce: LA!

CONFESSIONAL - PIERCE: Dan is, like, the typical Ohio guy: big muscles, blond hair, just really simple.

Dan: Hey, everybody!

Everyone: Hey!

Dan: Am I the last one here?

Everyone: Yeah.

Roger: Where you from?

Dan: Ohio.

George: Ooh, what part?

Dan: Columbus.

Roger: Ah, capital city, huh?

Dan: Yeah, ha ha.

CONFESSIONAL - DAN: My mom used to watch the Andy Griffith Show all the time, and since Roger's from Alabama, he reminds me exactly of Barney Fife, even though he was from North Carolina.


CONFESSIONAL - ROGER: At home, whenever we have dinner, I like to play 20 Questions, just kinda to get to know each other more. It just kinda keeps the conversation going.

Roger: Pierce, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Pierce: The beach!

Sean: Yeah, because you're such a [censored]ing beach bum.

CONFESSIONAL - PIERCE: I don't know what Sean's problem is with me, but from the minute I got here, he's been on me, like, I don't get it.

Tim: Don't leave, don't leave, don't leave...

Roger: That was harsh, Sean.

Sean: I don't care. I hate beach bums, I hate Californians! He thinks he's so cool because he's a [censored]ing surfer and he keeps saying that surfers are so [censored]ing cool and all this [censored]ing [censored]!

Tim: Ok, but what did Pierce ever do to you?

CONFESSIONAL - TIM: Sean's being really prejudiced and saying that he doesn't like Californians. Ok, Sean, what did Californians ever do to you that was SO horrible? Settle down. You just [censored]ing got here! You don't even know the guy!

CONFESSIONAL - DAN: I have no clue what Sean's problem is. I like Pierce. Everyone here does except him.

Tim: Are you okay?

Pierce: So [censored]ing unnecessary.

Tim: I know, everyone's talking to him about it. Just don't let it get to your head.

Pierce: I just don't want him to know, er, like, to find out that I was in a gang.

CONFESSIONAL - TIM: When Pierce told me he was in a gang, I was like, how can this fun-loving, energetic, super-nice guy have been in a gang?

Tim: You were in a gang?

Pierce: Yeah, like, and I saw two of my best friends die. One in my arms and one just got shot and died right in front of me.

CONFESSIONAL - TIM: Being from Oregon, we hear a LOT about California, and I always thought that all the gangs were in East LA and Pierce is from West LA. But, if Pierce feels he can confide in me, it makes me happy and I like the responsibility, so I'm going to respect his wishes.

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Posted 13 August 2010 - 06:10 PM

Episode 2

Pierce: Hello!

CONFESSIONAL - SEAN: At this point I'm like, something's really wrong with this kid. I mean, you just walked away from dinner and started being a whiny bitch over a joke, and now you expect me to offer you a polite greeting? Absolutely not. But, I'm gonna be the bigger man and I'm gonna listen to what he has to say.

CONFESSIONAL - TIM: Sean doesn't know how much words can hurt. Like, you know, it's like that old saying: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." Well, in some cases that's true and some cases it's not. Pierce is one of those people with thin skin, you know, little things people say get to him, and there's nothing wrong with that. That's just who he is, and Sean needs to realize that.

Pierce: Ok, so, um...we had a little disagreement...

CONFESSIONAL - SEAN: Like, are you serious? You call the way you acted a little disagreement? Now something's really wrong with you.

Pierce: Listen, I want to get along with you, I want to be friends with you, but I have to know why you don't like me.

Sean: It's not just you, it's everything about California, like, I hate them and I hate it, like, you guys think you're so BA because you surf and cruise and do all that, like, I don't like people who think they're better than me.

CONFESSIONAL - PIERCE: People always confuse our lifestyle with our ego. Yeah, we like to surf and race and have a good time, but when it all comes down to it, we've worked hard for what we have, you know? Like, since 1850, California has been through the Gold Rush. Right now, we're in a severe budget crisis and we're working really hard to overcome it. We take a lot of pride in our state, we LOVE our state, and if you're a spoiled East Coast brat, keep walking, because you'll get no respect from us.

Pierce: I just feel like we've only been here a day and you and I are already fighting. I think we should try to start over because I don't really wanna be fighting the whole time we're here.

Sean: You have to understand, though, I've been through a lot with drugs, and I still have a lot of anger towards people that I feel like are screw-ups because I don't want to go back to that and I feel like anyone who's a screw-up doesn't deserve respect.

Pierce: I agree with you, I mean, people who do drugs are really pathetic, and I have my share of problems, too, I mean, growing up in West LA, I was in a gang, and I saw two of my friends die, one in my arms and one got shot right in front of me.

Sean: Did you ever kill anyone?

Pierce: I held a gun and pointed it at a dude once, but I never killed him.

CONFESSIONAL - SEAN: Gangs...there's a lot of 'em in DC, and a lot of my friends were in them.

Sean: Were you in, like, the Bloods or the Crips?

Pierce: Bloods.

CONFESSIONAL - SEAN: The Bloods are like, the most notorious gang in LA, and maybe even the US, and maybe even the world.

Sean: How'd you get out of it?

Pierce: Seeing my friends die just made me so mad, like, I was like, I thought this was fun and like, you know, the cool thing to do, but how is going around killing people cool? Like, it's not.

Sean: Were you the only white guy?

Pierce: Hahaha, no, my friends were both black and white, so there was an even mix.

CONFESSIONAL - SEAN: I think that Pierce thinks that I'm going to keep carrying this grudge and use this against him, but in reality, he's taught me a valuable lesson, so I hope from this point on, we can get along.

Sean: Hey, man, I'm sorry.

Pierce: Thanks, man. I appreciate that, I really do. It means a lot.


Tim: I'm a very motivated person. I know I'm on vacation, but I don't like to do nothing. So today, I'm going to a local university that I've heard has a really good biology and biochemistry program, so...gonna go check 'em out.

Professor: Hi! You must be Tim.

Tim: Yes! I am.

Professor: Ok, well, you heard right. We do have an excellent biology program. Now, if you decide to come here, would you be a transfer student or an incoming freshman?

Tim: I'm currently attending Oregon State, uh, University, so I'd be a transfer.

Professor: Ok, no big deal. Are...are you an Oregon resident? Like, before you went to school, were you living in Oregon?

Tim: Yes, I've...I've lived in Oregon my whole life.

Professor: Ok, what year are you?

Tim: I'm a freshman. I got kind of a late start.

Professor: Ok, so you don't have much of an issue. All you need to give us is your official high school transcript and...I don't know, is OSU between semesters right now?

Tim: Not currently, we're still in first semester.

Professor: Ok, so then you don't need to send us anything from this year because final grades haven't been sent in yet. Now, let's talk about the major requirements because I know you want to get to that, hahaha. Um...first off, do you know which, I know you said biology and biochemistry, but are you leaning towards one or the other?

Tim: Um...kinda leaning towards biology.

Professor: Ok, well, luckily, we do have a minor program, so if you change your mind, you can major in biology and minor in biochemistry or vice versa. Ok, so since you're a freshman, you should know that here, biology is an impacted major, so once you've completed your pre-major requirements, there's no telling if you're gonna be in the program or not, so that's why it's a good idea to have a back-up plan. And you just want to do biology, right? You don't want to do bioengineering or any of that, right?

Tim: No.

Professor: Well, we have these things called Major Academic Plans, or MAPs, that can help you plan out your schedule. So here's the MAP for biology...wait, are you going for a Bachelor of Sciences?

Tim: Yes.

Professor: Well, here's the one for BS. Pretty much, first semester of freshman year, you're taking basically just general ed classes. The only major prep class you're taking is Chemistry 200. Um, your Humanities class can be any class that we offer that is, um, in the area of literature, art, history, philosophy, or foreign language. Composition can be...since this is GE and you don't really care all that much, I suggest taking General Studies 260A, which is Composing Identities. Oral Communication, um...I would suggest taking Oral Communication 103, which is just general oral, because the others are, like, African studies and Chicano studies, so. Ok, so your second semester of freshman year--

Tim: Wait, I just have one question (Professor: Sure.) does my chemistry class, does that cover my GE for physical science and a lab?

Professor: Normally, it wouldn't, but since it's major prep, then it does.

Tim: Ok.

Professor: Here, let me give you the catalog for 2010-2011, and you can look in this green section here, and the MAP for biochem. Now, here's the thing: even though you want to do Biochem, and by the way, that's a BS you're applying for if you do that. If you do biochem, you're actually a chemistry major with an emphasis in biochem.

Tim: Thank you very much!

Professor: Thank you, and I hope you decide to come here! And, listen, if you decide to stay at OSU, they have a good bio program too, so we won't be offended! Hahaha.

Tim: All right, well, thank you!


George: So, how'd it go?

Tim: Well, he gave me, like, the course outline thing for bio AND biochem, and both of them said that in my sophomore year, I have to take physics, and I'm like, why do I have to do that if I'm a bio major or a biochem emphasis?

George: Wait, what do you mean, emphasis?

Tim: I would actually be a chem major if I did that.

George: Well, are you applying for a BS?

Tim: Yeah.

George: Well, you know, BS means Bachelor of Sciences, so, you know, you're gonna have to take a lot of science classes.

Tim: Or maybe I'll just go to U Vermont.

George: Haha, that'd be great. We could be roommates!

Tim: Yeah!

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Posted 26 August 2010 - 05:46 PM

Episode 3

CONFESSIONAL - DAN: Today, I'm going to see a drug counselor. Today is actually the first day since I cut myself off from drugs that I'm able to talk about my addiction. I'm scared to talk about it, but it gives me some comfort that I'm talking about it to a professional, not that I don't trust any of the guys.

Counselor: So, tell me about how you started with drugs.

Dan: Well, I guess it started when...I was in high school, and I was hanging out with my friends across the street from my house in Ohio, I'm from Ohio, and all of a sudden, we hear sirens and we look over and we see an ambulance coming down our road, and it stopped in front of my house. So they're carrying someone out on a stretcher, and I run across the street to see who it was, and it was my dad. And he was dead. And I spent the next few days up in my room, because I was so depressed, because me and my dad were really close, you know? And then a few days later, my best friend said to me, "You know, you oughta come out with us." I was like, ok, so I did.

CONFESSIONAL - DAN: It felt REALLY uncomfortable just sitting there telling my story like, as calmly as if I was talking about the weather!

Counselor: So you went out...

Dan: So I went out, and...we went to a rave, and that's when I first tried ecstasy, because, you know, I just wanted to forget everything that had happened. So I tried X, and I remember loving it, like just craving it, you know? So, from there, it just went downhill.

Counselor: What other drugs did you do?

Dan: I did meth, I smoked weed for a little bit, crystal meth...I wasn't on all the drugs in the world, but I was on enough to keep me high for...a month.

Counselor: What made you stop?

Dan: Well, rehab, eventually. But before that, um...it was about a month before I started rehab. I was at home, high, and I...I mean, I was stealing anything and everything to get high, you know? And so, I was just kinda walking around my house, and I saw a letter where we usually keep our mail. And it...I was a wrestler in high school, and it was a wrestling scholarship to Ohio State. Well, of course, I was high, so I didn't give a damn, so I burnt it, and that night, I sobered up, and I came downstairs, and my mom said, "You got a wrestling scholarship from Ohio State, and I just pulled it out of the fireplace." And, like, right there, that's when I knew I needed help, so I checked into rehab, and I got clean, and I've been clean ever since.

Counselor: Well, I'm glad, and thank you for coming to talk!

Dan: Thank you very much.

CONFESSIONAL - DAN: A very heavy weight has been lifted. I feel great. I can see in color again. I think I can finally leave the past behind me and start over.


CONFESSIONAL - GEORGE: So, Sean and Pierce are fighting again...It would be cliche of me to say this isn't the first time. I mean, they made up, apologized and everything! Why can't they be friends?

CONFESSIONAL - PIERCE: Sean apologizing to me doesn't mean we're friends by ANY means.

CONFESSIONAL - SEAN: I would like to have a friendship with Pierce, but I don't think he's completely forgiven me.

Roger: Hey, are you okay?


Roger: Why did he look like he wanted to hit Sean?

Tim: Apparently, Sean said something about him, like, being an annoying kid or whatever, and Pierce got mad and--

Roger: After they apologized, this happened?

Tim: Yeah.

CONFESSIONAL - ROGER: Honestly, I think that Pierce is getting mad over nothing. Sean insulted you. Big deal. It could've been worse. He could've killed you!

Roger: Hey...

Pierce: I don't like him.

Roger: Why?

Pierce: Because he apologized to me and he goes right back to doing the same [censored] he was doing before.

Roger: Listen, okay? There's gonna be people in your life that you're not gonna like, and you have to deal with it.

Pierce: I know, but he is so ignorant about every single thing, like, how ignorant can you be?

CONFESSIONAL - ROGER: Sean...you know, until he does something totally out of line, I'm sticking by him. He's been the way he is since day one. You don't have to like him, he doesn't have to cater to your needs. Who's anyone to judge anybody?

Tim: Okay, okay, you know, Roger, say what you want, but eventually it's gonna get to the point where everyone has had enough of him.

CONFESSIONAL - TIM: I don't like Sean either. I just have the good sense not to say anything. I know what I'm talking about most of the time, and I can tell you right now, that time WILL come. Might be tomorrow, might be the next day, but I guarantee you, it's coming VERY soon.