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Voodoo Charm

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Posted 01 April 2010 - 06:30 PM

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This story is 100% unofficial and has been written for the James Bond fan community at www.commanderbond.net.

The author acknowledges all copyrights for products mentioned in the document and for the James Bond character as created by Ian Fleming.

The official James Bond books are copyright Glidrose / Ian Fleming Publications Ltd and are available to purchase.

The motion pictures are created by EON productions/MGM©. For further information please visit the official James Bond website at www.jamesbond.com.

This collection is the intellectual property of Tyler Beamer, whose personal details are listed on the CommanderBond.net website under the member ship name “tb75.”

Voodoo Charm

By: Tyler Beamer


What i am about to post is what i believe is a first on this forum. What if James Bond drove off with Tracy in the sunset? Will their plans succeeded? Would have Bond found an new career? Will one of their Children continue James's legacy? This story answers those questions and then some.

I am not Ian Fleming or any other bond writer. This is my first attempt at writing a Bond Story. So if you are dissapointed do not compare me to any writer because this is my idea.

This story is basically a remake of the film version of "Live and let Die" Plus several changes. The first chapter is a short recap of what has happened since OHMSS in this universe.

It was a hot day in England, one that has happened in a while. Even Commander James Bond has taken notice which is rare. “Hmm, Tracy this reminds me of our wedding day”, said James, “It does doe sit not” said Tracy. A lot has changed over the years, he quit her majesty’s secret service, settled down, and even did a return job. But It was not his choosing, because his future family was put into harms way by his nemesis Ernest Stavro Blofeld, former head of SPECTRE, who was out for revenge on James, and his wife Tracy. She was shot, but she survived, and Bond on the brink of sanity, accepted a job from the British Government.

The job of course was up to Bond’s choosing, and he choose a job that was to put him into the heart of SPECTRE which was what Bond always wanted. Bond headed to Las Vegas over claims of Diamond smuggling involving an agent of SPECTRE, Tiffany Case. Case was smuggling diamond from Africa to Amsterdam to which SPECTRE would use it to make a laser beam which would blow up the earth. But, Bond killed case after he had all the info, and headed to a mystery suite to meet her contact.

The Contact was none other than Blofeld, who Bond tried to shoot in the head, but was knocked out by two henchmen, Mr. Went, and. Kidd, who put him on a plane headed for Africa. But Bond had help though. Bond used a secret device to contact Tracy’s father Draco, who is in charge of the biggest syndicate in Europe.

Bond awoke to a ruckus outside his jail cell. Draco’s men had arrived to help him, which was a great shock to Bond. After having the base destroyed as well as the Laser, Bond headed in chase of Blofeld. The chase made to an African Mine, where Blofeld’s head was cut of by a Diamond cutter. With His enemy finally dead, Bond settled back to normal life, where he and Tracy had six Kids: Felix, Emily, Rowan, Paul, Stacy, and James Jr.

As for his career, he took up something that he had never been before, a Book author. With his stories of an American CIA spy, Jim Marks, he became an instant Millionaire, with his books being adapted into successful motion picture series staring American Actor Matt Damon. As for Tracy, she has stayed Beautiful and as adventurous as she ever was, despite the fact that her and James parented six children.

As for his colleges, he stayed in touch with his former boss M, Miss Moneypenny, and Q. He even spoke at Q’s funeral in 2000. Felix Liter is still his friend even though he is still with the CIA in a major level position; James even named his first son after him. As for his ally in Japan Tiger Tanaka, James makes occasional visits with his family to tiger’s mansion for vacations.

“I sure am proud of Jr., aren’t you James?” Tracy asked, “Oh, myself couldn’t be anymore proud.” Said James. “Do you think he will end up in the service like you did?” asked Tracy; “I hope so” said James. “Are you worried about him?” asked Tracy, “No, he’s just like me Tracy, if that proves anything, he should be fine”. With that, the husband and wife wait for their son to return from the war at the British navy Headquarters in England.

Captain James Bond Jr., son of Commander James Bond, is one of the most dangerous men in England. Just Like his father, he has been target to be in her Majesties Secret Service, MI6, but he has not responded the offer as of yet. But, when he arrives, his family is proud to see him. “Hello son, it has been awhile” said James. “Indeed it has sir”, said Captain Bond. Then he shifts his attention to his mother, “Mum, I missed you too” said Captain Bond, “Oh Jimmy Boy how much I missed you” said Tracy. “If you guys don’t mind, I would like to go back home to talk to you two about something….”