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Giancarlo Giannini as Le Chiffre

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Posted 29 November 2008 - 08:09 AM

Having watched the film again before seeing QOS I have come to the conclusion that the roles of Mathis and Le Chiffre should have been flipped. I believe that Giancarlo Giannini would have made a much better Le Chiffre because he has the dramatic gravitas to play the role as it was written in the book. One of the biggest disappointment I had with Casino Royale is that the whole patronizing attitude of Le Chiffre towards Bond was not in the script and it would not have worked if done with Mads Mikkelson. He did not have the maturity the dialogue would have required to work. After watching Mads Mikkelson I would probably have laughed had he addressed Bond as "My dear boy". But Giannini? That would be a different story. If he had given the Red Indians speech to Bond it would have made a very dramatic counter to Bond's naivety and would have made a much more chilling torture scene. I also miss the carpet beater, the dawn peeking through the venetian blinds and the coffee pouring ritual from the book but at the very least it would been more dramatic to have had an older le Chiffre and Giannini would have excelled in the role. He would not have needed the aid of the bleeding eye device to add menace to the character. Mads would have been a capable Mathis as well. He would have been believable in the role.

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