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My very own Review.

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Posted 14 October 2008 - 10:14 PM

I haven't seen Casino Royale since I saw it in the Cinema, but it is one of my favourite 007 films ever.

When I saw Daniel Craig was the new James Bond I was annoyed. The usual things, "he has blond hair!" "he doesn't look like the others" entered my head.

But Casino Royale gave the Bond series a kick up the backside it needed (and then beat it at Poker.) After Die Another Day, which I enjoyed in rather a cheap thrills way, Casino Royale showed James Bond in such a different light.

The story was great, really pulled me in and I didn't realize the last scene had arrived until the credits started rolling.

Plus Points

- Craig was amazing as Bond.
- Somehow made Poker interesting, something I didn't think they could or would do.
- Vesper Lynd was played so well by Eva Green that I feel I will miss her in Quantum of Solace (something I have never felt with any other Bond Girl).
- Le Chiffre was the right mix of Bond Villain (bleeding eye, nice) and normal human being.
- The opening credits. I loved them so much I desperately searched for them on youtube for days after seeing them. I also loved the way the gun barrel scene was almost explained, and the way it led to the Opening credits.

Minus Points

- I didn't quite understand the villains straight away. I now know that they are further explained in QOS but at the time I couldn't put 2 and 2 together. Not really a minus point, maybe just my stupidity shining through.
- Although I liked the soundtrack and the way Chris Cornell's (rather spiffing) song was mixed into it, I did miss the 007 theme.