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Young love for Casino Royale

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Posted 13 July 2008 - 09:14 PM

I just wanted to write about my love for this movie.

I'm a big fan of James Bond and I'm 23 years old.

Sometimes it feels strange to be a fan to a serie of movies that when it all comes down to it only have maybe 4-5 really good movies.

I mean good movies as in they are great movies even if you're not a Bond fan.

These are the movies that I would give the highest rating when comparing them with all the movies in the world not just with the Bond universe of films.

From Russia With Love
The Living Daylights

I love these movies so much that I can forget that there's been more forgettable Bond movies than the other way around.

When I first heard the idea of a reboot and going for something different than the Brosnan movies I was relieved and started to gettin' up my hopes.

The Brosnan movies are my least favourite Bond era and and it felt as though they just got worse and worse, trying to hide a thin story with massive action and effects for million of dollars.

I went to Casino Royale with my whole family and even though I had pretty high hopes for a modern James Bond movie I didn't exactly expect top be blown away.

Because that was what happened. It might be my greatest experience in a movie theater ever. I just felt this joy and excitment that lasted for many many week.

Finally my favourite character James Bond in a good movie, a modern movie made for my generation.

It was raw, gritty and even fun in the exact right places. It went back to the basics without losing the modern feeling. It didn't felt retro at all.

Easily the best action movie in this millenium and the best Bond movie since Thunderball.

One thing is a little bit bad though, my hopes for Quantum of Solace are extremely high and there's always a chance for dissappointment then.

But I will always have my Casino Royale and I will always be able to say I'm proud that a classic Bond movie was made in my lifetime and that I saw it on the big screen.

Something to tell your kids in the future maybe :tup: