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What's your favourite moment from each Bond film?

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#31 Gustav Graves

Gustav Graves


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Posted 10 December 2009 - 06:13 PM

Doctor No --> Bond and Honey dining with SPECTRE's no#1 Dr. No
From Russia With Love --> Rosa Klebb kicking like a mad witch
Goldfinger --> Bond and Goldfinger playing Golf
Thunderball --> Killing a member of SPECTRE at SPECTRE's headquarters
You Only Live Twice --> Feeding Helga Brandt to the piranhas
Casino Royale '67 --> Evelyn Tremble visiting Vesper's appartment
On Her Majesty's Secret Service --> Bond and Tracy skiing together
Diamonds Are Forever --> Elevator fight
Live And Let Die --> Bond meeting his pet snake at the bungalow
The Man With The Golden Gun --> Bond sneeking in Andrea's hotel room
The Spy Who Loved Me --> The entire car chase in Italy
Moonraker --> Bond following the girl in white in the jungle
For Your Eyes Only --> Torture scene in the water / Chasing Blofeld
Octopussy --> The entire chase bomb part....really exciting
Never Say Never Again --> Fatima Blush dying of laughter
A View To A Kill --> Sir Godfrey killed / horse race
The Living Daylights --> Opening in Gibraltar
Licence To Kill --> Bond waterskiing
GoldenEye --> Tank chase
Tomorrow Never Dies --> Entire car park chase
The World Is Not Enough --> Boat chase / Elektra and Bond skiing
Die Another Day --> Fencing Mr Graves
Casino Royale --> Entire terrorist chase in Miami / Torture scene
Quantum Of Solace --> Opera sequence

#32 DaveBond21



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Posted 10 December 2009 - 10:23 PM

Moonraker --> Bond following the girl in white in the jungle

I enjoyed Roger's comments on that scene, in an interview he did last year with the Australian film critic, Bill Collins. He said that the blonde girl had one eye that looked in a different direction to the other. Lewis Gilbert kept asking her to look Roger in the eye. Roger said he took Lewis to one side and told him...

"She is looking me in the eye. With one of hers"


#33 darthbond



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Posted 10 December 2009 - 10:50 PM

Dr. No - The cold blooded killing of Dent.
FRWL - The prelude to the Bond vs. Grant fight.
GF - Bond's retort to Goldfinger. "Can you afford to take that chance?"
TB - Bond's tour of Palmyra.
YOLT - The tour of the ninja school.
OHMSS - Bond and Draco's first meeting.
DAF - Bond and Blofeld(x2)in the penthouse.
LALD - Mr. Big/ Kanaga's interrogation of Bond.
TMWTGG - Bond's interrogation of Andrea. (So far, I like talking scenes a lot.)
TSWLM - The pretitle ski chase.
MR - Bond arriving in Rio.
FYEO - Bond and Columbo in the boat.
OP - Bond and Orlov right before the chase.
NSNA - Bond's fight with Count Lippe.
AVTAK - Bond vs. Zorin. (I still get chills!)
TLD - Bond and Pushkin's interrogation.
LTK - The Tanker chase.
GE - The Pretitle Sequence.
TND - Bond's cold blooded killing of Dr. Kaufman.
TWINE - The "Stockholm Syndrome" scene. (I don't know what else to call that scene.)
DAD - Bond and the General at the bridge. (Not suprising, my favorite part is EARLY in the movie.)
CR - The torture scene.
QOS - The epilogue in Russia.

That has been kind of fun.


#34 DR76


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Posted 13 December 2009 - 04:53 PM

DR. NO - Bond, Quarrel and Leiter at Puss Feller's club

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE - the entire theft of the Lektor sequence/Bond, Tatiana and Bey board the Orient Express

GOLDFINGER - The CIA agent stops Goldfinger's bomb from exploding inside Fort Knox

THUNDERBALL - Fiona Volpe and Largo's henchmen get the drop on Bond

YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE - The attack inside Blofeld's volcanic lair

ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE - Bond's escape from Piz Gloria

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER - Bond's fight with the real Peter Franks in Amsterdam

LIVE AND LET DIE - the chase through the Louisiana bayou

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN - Bond and Goodnight have lunch with Scaramanga

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME - Bond's first encounter with Anya and Jaws at the pyramid show

MOONRAKER - Bond rescues Manuela from Jaws in Rio

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - (tie) the Cortina ski chase/Bond, Columbo and the latter's men attack Kristatos' refinery

OCTOPUSSY - Bond attempts to prevent the bomb explosion on the U.S. Air Force base in West Germany

A VIEW TO A KILL - Bond and Stacey escape from building fire

THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS - Kara and the Mujahideen attack the Soviet air base in Afghanistan

LICENSE TO KILL - fight at the Wheelhouse Bar in Key West

GOLDENEYE - the Bond and Trevelyan fight

TOMORROW NEVER DIES - Bond and Wei Lin escape from Carver's men in Ho Chi Minh City

THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH - Bond and Dr. Jones escape from Kazakhstan nuclear silo

DIE ANOTHER DAY - the Jinx/Frost fight aboard Graves' cargo plane

CASINO ROYALE - (tie) Madagascar foot chase/Bond wins the poker tournament

QUANTUM OF SOLACE - the aerial dogfight between Bond and one of General Medrano's fighters

#35 DaveBond21



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Posted 07 January 2010 - 02:38 AM

MOONRAKER - Bond rescues Manuela from Jaws in Rio

This is quite an underrated scene, and I wish they had built the suspense up even further by having Jaws (in his costume) edging towards Manuela even more slowly.

#36 A Kristatos

A Kristatos


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Posted 23 January 2010 - 04:10 AM

Well, as tough as this may be, here's my list of favorite moments from each film:

Dr. No - First screen appearance of Bond: "My name is Bond, James Bond!"

From Russia With Love - Bond/Red Grant fight.

Goldfinger - "Do you expect me talk? NO! I expect you to DIE!"

Thunderball - Kiss Kiss Club dance scene with Fiona and her death.

You Only Live Twice - Bond's "death" in the PTS.

Casino Royale (67) - Any scene with Mata Bond! B)

On Her Majesty's Secret Service - A tie between Bond's "unveiling" in the PTS and Bond reuniting with Tracy at the ice rink (I love the way the camera pans up to her face!).

Diamonds Are Forever - Bond/Peter Franks fight.

Live And Let Die - "Ah, Mr. Bond, we've been expecting you! Two drinks for our guests!" This sets the stage for nearly every Bond parody from here on out!

The Man With The Golden Gun - The conversation between Bond and Scaramanga during dinner.

The Spy Who Loved Me - PTS.

Moonraker - "I think he's attempting reentry sir!"

For Your Eyes Only - Bond/Columbo conversation on his boat.

Never Say Never Again - Bond's suitcase revealing his gourmet meal to his nurse at Shrublands. Honorable mention to any scene with Fatima Blush!

Octopussy - The casino scene between Bond and Kamal Khan.

A View To A Kill - Bond and Zorin discussing "purchasing a horse".

The Living Daylights - Bond interrogating Pushkin.

Licence To Kill - The truck chase.

Goldeneye - Bond/Alec Trevelyan fight.

Tomorrow Never Dies - The Dr. Kaufmann sequence.

The World Is Not Enough - Elektra King death.

Die Another Day - Bond/Graves fencing duel.

Casino Royale - Bond and Vesper's arrival in Venice. Honorable mention for the Bond/Demetrios poker match where Bond wins the Aston Martin from him.

Quantum Of Solace - Bond meets Camille.

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#37 DaveBond21



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Posted 23 January 2015 - 05:43 AM

Skyfall - the final moments


I also enjoy the Komodo dragons!

#38 thecasinoroyale



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Posted 23 January 2015 - 03:36 PM

Great thread! Here's my current list, soon to be updated in November 2015! ;)

‘Dr.No’:Bond introduces himself to Sylvia Trench. Nothing had come before it, or since, to be THAT defining and cool.
‘From Russia With Love’: The Orient Express; charming, thrilling, exciting and dangerous.
‘Goldfinger’: Bond vs Oddjob ‘Thunderball’: The carnival pursuit and Volpe’s deadly dance.
‘You Only Live Twice’: Bond battles Osato’s thugs at the docks.
‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’: The assault on Piz Gloria.
‘Diamonds Are Forever’: Bond vs Franks, all before taking his identity.
‘Live And Let Die’: The crocodile farm tour and subsequent escape.
‘The Man With The Golden Gun’: The 360 car jump – sheer stunt brilliance, minus the whistle.
‘The Spy Who Loved Me’: The Lotus Esprit bike and helicopter chase.
‘Moonraker’: The pre-title sequence.
‘For Your Eyes Only’: Reaching St Cyrils, such a tense and well shot sequence.
‘Octopussy’: Bond races to Karl-Marx-Stadt and disarms the bomb.
‘A View To A Kill’’: Bond vs Zorin on the Golden Gate Bridge.
‘The Living Daylights’: The pre-title sequence.
‘Licence To Kill’: The tanker chase finale.
‘GoldenEye’: Bond vs Trevelyan around the cradle.
‘Tomorrow Never Dies’: Teri Hatcher in her lingerie.
‘The World Is Not Enough’: The London chase of the pre-title sequence.
‘Die Another Day’: Aston Martin vs Jaguar.
‘Casino Royale’: The Casino Royale poker game.
‘Quantum Of Solace’: The pre-title sequence.
‘Skyfall’: Bond reaches Whitehall and rescues half of MI6.

#39 Call Billy Bob

Call Billy Bob

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Posted 23 January 2015 - 06:20 PM

Dr. No - Bond causing the Three Blind Mice to drive off the cliff. "I think they were on their way to a funeral."


From Russia with Love - The PTS, Grant stalking "Bond."


Goldfinger - Bond and Goldfinger playing golf.


Thunderball - The briefing room. Such a fantastic set!


You Only Live Twice - The ninja training montage/Tanaka's gadgets. "It can save your life, this cigarette!"


On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Bond pursues Blofeld on bobsled.


Diamonds Are Forever - The introduction of Wint and Kidd. "If God had wanted man to fly..."


Live and Let Die - George Martin's score as Bond takes the taxi into Harlem.


The Man with the Golden Gun - The PTS, Scaramanga's funhouse.


The Spy who Loved Me - Bond vs Jaws as Atlantis sinks.


Moonraker - Bond vs Chang in Venice.


For Your Eyes Only - Bond avenges Luigi.


Octopussy - The auction. Such a fun intro sequence for Kamal.


A View to a Kill - The horse race between Bond and Zorin. A nice little bit of tension.


The Living Daylights - Bond and Kara evading police in the Aston Martin.


Licence to Kill - The attempted assassination of Sanchez. Always thrills me.


GoldenEye - Tank chase. First time I thought Brosnan truly became Bond.


Tomorrow Never Dies - Remote control BMW in parking garage.


The World is not Enough - Valentin's caviar factory. Great action sequence.


Die Another Day - Fencing at Blade's. A lot of fun.


Casino Royale - Winning the DB5 off of Dimitrios.


Quantum Of Solace - Fields killed a la Goldfinger.


Skyfall - Bond's face and the music queue after the DB5 blows up. It's like he's saying "Oh, HELL no! You did NOT just blow up my car!"

#40 S K Y F A L L



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Posted 23 January 2015 - 06:30 PM

GE when Bond falls down the ladder of the satellite dish. Classic.

#41 seawolfnyy



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Posted 23 January 2015 - 09:11 PM

Here's my take:


Dr. No- When Bond shoots Dent. "That's a Smith and Wesson and you've had your six."

From Russia With Love- The entire scene at the gypsie camp.

Goldfinger- "Shocking. Positively shocking."

Thunderball- Chase through the Junkanoo and ending with Fiona's death.

You Only Live Twice- Little Nellie scene.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service- Assault on Piz Gloria.

Diamonds are Forever- Bond fights Franks in elevator.

Live and Let Die- Boat chase through the Bayou.

The Man with the Golden Gun- Scaramanga challenges Bond to a duel.

The Spy Who Loved Me- Can chase in Sardinia ending with the Lotus diving into the water.

Moonraker- Boat chase on Amazon river.

For Your Eyes Only- Locque's death.

Octopussy- Bond: Taxi chase in India.

A View to a Kill- Shootout in Stacey's house. "What's this loaded with?" "Rock salt." "Now you tell me."

The Living Daylights- Sniper scene in Bratislava.

Licence to Kill- Finale chase.

Goldeneye- Interrogation of Bond/Natalya by Mischkin.

Tomorrow Never Dies- Motorcycle chase in Vietnam.

The World Is Not Enough- "I never miss."

Die Another Day- Sword fight at Blades.

Casino Royale- Final scene: "The name's Bond, James Bond."

Quantum of Solace- Bond meets Fields.

Skyfall- Chase through London.