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Casino Royale - One year on

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Posted 18 December 2007 - 09:23 AM

I do think there were lots of Bondian elements in Casino Royale and that Bond was enjoying himself sometimes - beating Demetrios at cards, flirting with Solange, having just met Vesper on the train, having just beaten Le Chiffre in the casino - and so there was the Bond we know and love in there too.

In fact DaveBond, my FAVOURITE moment- after spending that time in the car with Vesper going over their roles (separate beds, she being a devout Catholic with the name Miss Broadchest, etc.), as soon as the receptionist asks him who the room is for he responds "James Bond."
No wait- the end where (as I mentioned in my post above) he makes his fin de scene with the music finally announcing his emergence as Bond with his first self-introduction as "Bond, James Bond." And he looks dressed a la Daltan in the opening of LTK!
And again, where in Daltan's films was there that element of Bond that Craig ignores? As much as I love Moore's films, thank God we aren't moving Bond back to that representation!