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James Bond Funko Pops

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Posted 08 August 2017 - 06:07 PM

So, I wasn't sure where to put this, as there's not really a forum for new merchandise, but Funko announced at San Diego Comic Con that they got the license to produce James Bond Funko Pops. If you're not familiar with Funko Pops, they are stylized figurines and bobble-heads. Many other franchises have been given the Funko treatment, including Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics. The announcement at SDCC came a few days before EON announced the release date for Bond 25, though no official social media announcement has come from Funko yet. There was a leak a few days before SDCC, which I honestly didn't put much stock into, as they included Jinx as part of Wave 1. As it turns out, she is included in Wave 1. The full Wave 1 listing is below:


Sean Connery as James Bond
Roger Moore as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond
Jill Masterson
Personally, I'm excited for this. I have been collecting Funko Pops for a while and cannot wait to see which characters they will bring out for Wave 2. I also like the variants in the pictures with the white tuxedos for Sean & Roger. There's never much to collect in between Bond movies, so it's nice to know that these will be out there.
There's a little more info at the link below, including some prototype images at the MI6-HQ link.

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 04:44 AM

I can't wait either. My biggest gripe about Bond is the lack of merchandise especially here in the USA. About the only thing you can find with certainty is the movies themselves. Most bookstores don't even carry Ian Fleming's novels let alone the continuation books. Occasionally I'll find a single copy of Casino Royale but that's about it. The majority of my Bond books have come from half-price book stores. When it comes to toys forget it. I lucked out and discovered some Corgi Bond cars at Walgreens around 2007 and last year Hot Wheels put out some Bond cars in their basic line up.  Having some of the vehicles is nice but action figures or figurines is where the franchise really falls shorts. The Sideshow Legacy 12 Inch figures showed up at some local Hastings stores but they were quite expensive and I only managed to acquire Brosnan's Bond on clearance.


And that the other side of my grips about Bond merchandise. What little merchandise or collectables that are avaialble or quite expensive and are gear to the high end collectors. It's certainly fine that those items exist but some in the realm of affordability for the average consumer would be nice. That's where the Funko Pops comes in. The cool, they're collectable, and best of all they're affordable. I don't mind paying eight to ten dollars a pop. Why spend  250+ dollars for one Big Chief Studio Bond figure when you could have 25+ Bond characters instead?


Funko also produces a wide variety of collectables. I would love to see a Bond action figure line similar to what they've done for Batman 66 and Game of Thrones.








If they did this for Bond I would buy all of them. Who wouldn't want a Sean Connery Bond action figure with an Aston Martin DB5? Or a Goldfiger with his laser cutter. The possibilities or endless.