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The Real Casino Royale 2006

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#1 hoagy



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Posted 24 November 2015 - 12:30 AM

Just spotted this on IMDB


   The Real Casino Royale (2006)


I tried but could not past the web address, but you can find it on IMDB, though you'll have to select "all entries for"


I never, ever heard of this before !


Has anyone seen it ?

#2 casinoroyale75



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Posted 24 November 2015 - 02:03 AM

No, but thank you! Can't wait to watch it! :D

#3 hoagy



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Posted 24 November 2015 - 02:31 AM

Think of the possibilities missed !

DN  "The Real Jamaica" including a disclaimer that spiders do not abound

FRWL  "The Real Istanbul" including a visit to a Real Roma Camp !

GF  "The Real Bluegrass State"  with banjos aplenty

TB  "The Real Bahamas"  -- good enough to lure our star to live there !

YOLT  "The Real Volcanos of the Pacific" -- Lairs aplenty !

OHMSS  "The Real Euro Ski Resorts" -- now featuring no germ warfare

DAF  "The Real Vegas, Baby" hosted by Sammy Davis, Jr....sorry we cut you from the film, man

LALD  "The Real Bayou" -- where those boats set records as they blew by you !

TMWTGG  "The Real Phuket"  pronounce it correctly and there's no comments to be made

TSWLM  "The Real Underwater Cities of Tomorrow !"

MR  "The Real Space Flights in Our Future"  including some time with Richard Branson and his plans for private flights

FYEO  "The Real Isolated Monasteries" all filmed from a distance because we were not allowed to film there and they hung their laundry to ruin our shots

NSNA  "The Real Bahamas...Again"  hosted by Mr. Bean

OP  "The Real India" unfortunately, Padma Lakshmi would have been too young to serve as host

AVTAK  "The Real San Francisco" filmed from the end of a firetruck ladder

TLD  "The Real Vienna" Carnival rides !  Waltzes ! Shnitzel !  Wieners !

LTK  "Sunny Mexico !"  I mean, Panama

GE  "The Real Eastern Europe"  We'll let you visit now that the Iron Curtain rusted.

TND  "The Real Rupert Murdoch"  Please turn off your mobile phone during this broadcast

TWINE  "Meet the Real Hottest Lady Nuclear Physicists"

DAD  "The Real Heart of Seoul"

CR  ummm...done, see above...

QOS  "The Real Bolivia"  Please bring your own water

SF  "The Real Scotland" hosted by our most famous Scot himself !

SPECTRE  "London Swings !"