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Story that's sort of inspired by Bond

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Posted 16 December 2014 - 12:40 AM

What, you may wonder, does that mean? Well, it's an e-book titled 'Waiting for the Deatbringer' that's free, (yes free!) until midnight Dec 17th Pacific Standard Time, here, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FOBSYCG Here's the blurb, which should explain what I mean by sort of,


A super villain, a femme fatale, lots of high tech gadgets, one line jokes and a high body count, that sounds like a James Bond tale! Well, this story was inspired, in a sense, by Ian Fleming’s hero, but it has a very different nature, some might call it an anti-Bond story. Here’s a short description.

    Frank Munroe is an assassin, regularly employed by the security services of the USA and Britain. Rose McDonald is a CIA operative, very good at her job and with a high moral stance. She loathes Munroe, whom she regards as a contract killer, but the two have to work together on an assignment she’s told is vital to the security of the western world. In time, as they both face the same dangers, her attitude to him begins to change, and more importantly, to her country, when she witnesses the horror of what America and its allies will do to promote their interests. As the deaths mount, so do her doubts.

    Finally, Rose has no choice but to place her complete trust in Munroe, as she strives to thwart the diabolical consequence of this assignment, the coming of the Deathbringer.

“You, me, the CIA, the western world, we're the death bringers, wherever we go we bring death." 


It's a different  take on the secret agent tale, though it does have plenty of action, like this extract, where the stories femme fatale demonstrates her deadly skills,


Marie stood erect. "Oh dear, your knight in shining armour has let you down. Never mind, whose next? Ingrid, you've caused us a lot of trouble, freeing our prisoners and killing their guard with a knife through the neck, Expertly done, but I expect you took him by surprise. How good are you when your opponents ready for you?”

Her face ashen with fear Ingrid's mind raced to try and think of a way she could fight this lethally skilful woman, and noticing a large spanner on the ground, it must have fallen from their land rover, she bent and grabbed it, then hurled it at Marie, aiming for her head. Again Marie's reaction was instant, she turned so her side faced the thrown spanner, which hit her on the shoulder. A bruising, painful blow that she ignored, and, with Ingrid still in the throwing position, her head low, Marie grabbed her hair and propelled her downwards, at the same time bringing her knee up to strike Ingrid in the mouth. The English woman staggered back, her front teeth knocked out, and in a state of shock she was an easy target for Marie now, who delivered a martial arts kick she often used in the gym to break planks of wood. As the target on this occasion was the other woman’s abdomen the damage done was awful. In too much pain to even scream Ingrid would have sunk to the ground had Marie not kicked her again, this time full in her face. As Ingrid swayed like someone who was drunk, her face a gory mess, Marie hit her with a sweeping kick to the temple, splintering bone and driving it into her brain. And she fell, dead.

Marie glowed with excitement, "I hope someone is going to give me a better fight than these two managed." The men with her were agog at what they had seen, clearly thrilled by the carnage, and Marie enjoyed their wonder at her deadly skills. "Rose," she spoke with grin, "you’re so concerned about ethics, and fighting the good fight," her voice showed her contempt for the American woman, "well, come and teach the bad girl a lesson!"


One of the men, grinning broadly, spoke to Marie in Portuguese. "He enjoyed that," she laughed. "Ah men, they love a cat fight! But never mind them Rose, let's talk about us. You Americans have always been good at bullying Latin America, never caring how many you kill in the process." Marie's smile disappeared. "So, Yankee bitch, try it with someone who fights back."