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The Living Daylights: Dalton's FRWL?

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#1 jorgem



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Posted 31 December 2011 - 09:14 AM

Is TLD Timothy Dalton's FRWL?

1. Kara Milovy is quite look like Tatiana Romanova.
2. It is considered the most cold-war James Bond movie.
3. Chloral Hydrate is also involved in the story.

#2 doublenoughtspy


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Posted 31 December 2011 - 10:52 AM

Too bad we didn't get to see Maryam D'abo in nothing but a choker :-)

Some similarities between Grant and Necros as well: both choke their victims with an innocuous looking item.

#3 mttvolcano



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Posted 31 December 2011 - 04:41 PM

They are also blonde and massively strong henchmen...well it is implied anyway.

#4 Mr_Wint


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Posted 31 December 2011 - 05:57 PM

4. Bond is a central player in the villain's diabolic scheme; Steal the lector in FRWL and kill Pushkin in TLD.

As for Necros, he is probably the best of the blonde Grant-inspired henchmen we have seen. Well, at least until Daniel Craig came along.

#5 dogmanstar



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Posted 31 December 2011 - 06:34 PM

I don't really see it. Perhaps in the flavor of the film but beyond that . . . . not too sure.

#6 PrinceKamalKhan



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Posted 02 January 2012 - 09:59 PM

Is TLD Timothy Dalton's FRWL?

Yes. For all the reasons listed by the above posts. Plus, both films feature a defecting Soviet officer whose scheme involves escalating tensions between the UK and the former USSR. Also, in both films the leading lady is a pawn of the Soviet official in question and does not realize she is to be killed as part of the plan.

I would say TLD is Timothy Dalton's FRWL as CR is Daniel Craig's OHMSS. I also think of MR as Roger Moore's TB and DAD as Pierce Brosnan's DAF.

#7 OOSe7en



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Posted 02 January 2012 - 11:09 PM

Absolutely agree. FRWL from beginning to end.