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Posted 12 August 2001 - 07:03 AM

My choice for the next James Bond would be Martin Kemp from Eastenders. The main reason being that he's very good looking, the right height & 6'1'' and uses his face well enough to make us viewers know what he's thinking. Connery and Moore had this quality, but sadly we've not had a 'celebrity' actor since then that can convey what's in his head without having to show too much anger or hatred. You don't need an 'actor' for this part, you need a James Bond. We associated Connery as James Bond because he was relatively unknown and Roger Moore took over because like 'Doctor Who' he was the natural transformation. For an actor to play the part realistically you dont have to have a famous actor, or even a good actor. You need what I call a 'celebrity' actor who we will associated as James Bond. If Connery was famous when he did Dr No the franchise wouldn't of lasted so long because he would of been Sean Connery playing James Bond not as James Bond. Roger Moore worked hard and kept the franchise going because he played with the audience in a way that was appealing. We did believe he was really doing it because his reactions were believable because the films were so well made. Good Directors can make the situations real by clever camera work and fast editing not the 'over exagarated' 'in yer face' action that is apparant in the last few films. I really believe that the plots and action of the new films are taken or 'borrowed' from other films as opposed to breaking new ground in their own right.
Lets get back to what James Bond is made of killing, drinking, smoking, bonking and generally giving we the audience a generous helping of action, but please, calm down the rediculous 'under cranked' unrealistic action that ruins a story line and grates on the nerves. Let's get back to the good old day's of the hypnotic tension that made James Bond a Spy. Otherwise your going to give poor old Pierce ( I've met him, he's a real nice chap ) a heart attack.
Calm Down James.