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James Bond Funko Pops

08 August 2017 - 06:07 PM

So, I wasn't sure where to put this, as there's not really a forum for new merchandise, but Funko announced at San Diego Comic Con that they got the license to produce James Bond Funko Pops. If you're not familiar with Funko Pops, they are stylized figurines and bobble-heads. Many other franchises have been given the Funko treatment, including Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics. The announcement at SDCC came a few days before EON announced the release date for Bond 25, though no official social media announcement has come from Funko yet. There was a leak a few days before SDCC, which I honestly didn't put much stock into, as they included Jinx as part of Wave 1. As it turns out, she is included in Wave 1. The full Wave 1 listing is below:


Sean Connery as James Bond
Roger Moore as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond
Jill Masterson
Personally, I'm excited for this. I have been collecting Funko Pops for a while and cannot wait to see which characters they will bring out for Wave 2. I also like the variants in the pictures with the white tuxedos for Sean & Roger. There's never much to collect in between Bond movies, so it's nice to know that these will be out there.
There's a little more info at the link below, including some prototype images at the MI6-HQ link.

Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention

08 August 2017 - 05:44 PM

This year, the  Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland, will feature three Bond Girls: Maryam D'Abo (The Living Daylights), Maud Adams  (The Man with the Golden Gun & Octopussy), and Max Vesterhalt (For Your Eyes Only). In previous years they've had other Bond girls, including Britt Ekland and Luciana Paluzzi.


Here's the website for more details: http://mgram1.wixsit...lgia-convention

Johnny English 3?!

03 August 2017 - 07:54 PM

Apparently production began today on Johnny English 3. I had no idea they were even making a third one. I will admit, I do enjoy the first one, but the second was only so so. I'm curious what new ground they think they can cover with a third movie.



Sean Maguire guest stars as Ian Fleming in Timeless

25 October 2016 - 05:58 PM

Anyone else watching the time travel show Timeless? In the episode that aired on Monday, they end up travelling to Germany during WWII and run into Ian Fleming. Obviously Fleming wasn't actually in Germany at that time (as far as we know), but it was a fun episode with a lot of James Bond nods. They infiltrate a castle and stop a Nazi plot. When the return to the present, 

I enjoy the show for the time travel, so it was a fun surprise to see Fleming pop up.

Read The Prologue From Strike Lightning

11 August 2016 - 02:56 PM

The officical Young Bond website has posted the prologue from the next Young Bond novel, Strike Lightning. Link is below: