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Sean Maguire guest stars as Ian Fleming in Timeless

25 October 2016 - 05:58 PM

Anyone else watching the time travel show Timeless? In the episode that aired on Monday, they end up travelling to Germany during WWII and run into Ian Fleming. Obviously Fleming wasn't actually in Germany at that time (as far as we know), but it was a fun episode with a lot of James Bond nods. They infiltrate a castle and stop a Nazi plot. When the return to the present, 

I enjoy the show for the time travel, so it was a fun surprise to see Fleming pop up.

Read The Prologue From Strike Lightning

11 August 2016 - 02:56 PM

The officical Young Bond website has posted the prologue from the next Young Bond novel, Strike Lightning. Link is below:



Secret Histories series by Simon R. Green

23 May 2016 - 08:20 PM

Has anyone read any of the Secret Histories series by Simon R. Green? They're urban fantasy novels that sort of also parody James Bond. I just picked up the first one, The Man With the Golden Torc, on Audible and it's entertaining so far. Here's the list of all the novels in the series. Each of the titles is a parody of a James Bond novel, mixed with the supernatural.


The Man With the Golden Torc (https://www.goodread...the_Golden_Torc)

Daemons Are Forever (https://www.goodread...ons_Are_Forever)

The Spy Who Haunted Me (https://www.goodread..._Who_Haunted_Me

From Hell With Love (https://www.goodread...-hell-with-love

For Heaven's Eyes Only (https://www.goodread...ven-s-eyes-only

Live and Let Drood (https://www.goodread...e-and-let-drood

Casino Infernale (https://www.goodread...asino-infernale)

Property of a Lady Faire (https://www.goodread...of-a-lady-faire

From a Drood to a Kill (https://www.goodread...drood-to-a-kill

Dr. DOA (https://www.goodread...27270742-dr-doa

Ian Fleming as a character in Fiction

19 May 2016 - 03:38 PM

Has anyone read any of the number of fictional books that feature Ian Fleming as a character? I gave the Ian Fleming Files a try. They're sort of mindless fun. Here's a listing of all the books I've found so far:


The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Armada by Damian Stevenson (https://www.goodread...n-fleming-files)
The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Parsifal by Damian Stevenson (https://www.goodread...n-fleming-files)
Too Bad to Die: A Novel by Francine Matthews (https://www.goodread...-too-bad-to-die)
In Secret Service by Mitch Silver (https://www.goodread...version=service)
Shaken, Not Stirred (The Secret Files of I__ F______, Code Designate 17F) by Aaron Cooley (https://www.goodread...ken-not-stirred)
No Dawn for Men: A Novel of Ian Fleming, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Nazi Germany by James LePore (https://www.goodread...no-dawn-for-men)
God's Formula: A Novel of Ian Fleming and JRR Tolkien in WWII France by James LePore (https://www.goodread...7-god-s-formula)
The Bone Keepers by James LePore (https://www.goodread...he-bone-keepers)

Death to Spies (Ian Fleming #1) by Quinn Fawcett (https://www.goodread....Death_to_Spies)

Siren Song (Ian Fleming #2) by Quinn Fawcett (https://www.goodread...3670.Siren_Song)

Honor Among Spies (Ian Fleming #3) by Quinn Fawcett (https://www.goodread...nor-among-spies)


Of them, I've only read the first two, but I'm going to pick up Too Bad To Die and In Secret Service this weekend. I feel like I remember hearing about a fiction book about 30 Assault Unit that featured Fleming, but I could also be misremembering it. Anyone else have any to add to my list?