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Yesterday, 03:44 AM

Here it is:

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Yesterday, 03:07 AM

There was supposed to be s new trailer today, but it has not materialized yet...

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24 April 2017 - 04:39 PM

Just hope ORIGIN respects John Pearson


While I enjoyed The Authorized Biography of 007, I find it doubtful that this new comic, Origin, will either acknowledge it or follow its story line. They probably won't go out of their way to contradict it, but I don't think the writers of the comic will be restrained by trying to keep everything in sync with the book. The Young Bond novels have already contradicted a lot of the details from the Authorized Biography of 007, so I doubt that it is the canon story of Bond's life at the moment (if there really is such a thing as canon in terms of Bond).

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21 April 2017 - 03:39 PM

EDIT: Sharpshooter you beat me to it.

Not that I'm gonna argue against actual stories about Bond in WWII (still hoping the Young Bond novels get there eventually), but how many origins does Bond need? First there was Casino Royale, then the Young Bonds, now this?

I did find this bit interesting: "This will be the 100% origin story of the secret agent James Bond, officially approved by the Ian Fleming estate and the Broccoli family."
Not sure if that's just conjecture on Bleeding Cool's part or if it's confirmed.

Also yeah, is that Casino Royale graphic novel ever coming out? It's been more than a year and Amazon keeps pushing their release date for it back.

At any rate, this continued support for the line seems to be in contrast with an article on MI6 that said the titles were in freefall and probably wouldn't last much longer.

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18 April 2017 - 08:50 PM

Don't have time to screenshot it, but I spotted