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Oh, Brother! The Course of Two Winters

25 July 2017 - 07:32 PM

I have a question about Bond, Blofeld, their relationship and just how long they actually spent time together.


How long was Bond under the custody of Hannes Oberhauser? Blofeld tells Madeline that Bond spent "two winters" learning to ski, climb, and hunt, but was it two consecutive winters or was Bond with them for over a year lasting from one winter to the next? I assume that two winters means just that, two winters. Bond spent around three months with the Oberhausers one year and then spent another three months with them the next year. During those two periods Oberhauser was granted temporary guardianship for Bond by his Aunt Charmain. Between those two winters Bond went back to his Aunt.
I've seen a lot of criticism about Spectre assuming Bond and Blofeld are brothers and were raised together. This is clearly wrong as the film doesn't support this idea. Bond and Blofeld are NOT brothers. Bond only spent around six months with the Oberhausers over two consecutive years. While under Hannes' guardianship he told his son Franz to treat James like a little brother which Franz despised. It's the equivalent of spending the summers at your Grandparents and having to put up with a bratty cousin who's jealous of you.


After Bond left Franz's disgust for how much kindness Hannes showed Bond festers and eventually leads him to murder his father and stage his own death. He takes the name Blofeld and embarks on a darker path which ironically leads Bond back into his life.


So was Bond with the Oberhausers for six months over a period of two years or was he with them for over a year?