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In Topic: Oh, Brother! The Course of Two Winters

09 August 2017 - 06:50 AM

Playing Devil's Advocate here.


Never once do we get the impression this time with the Oberhausers was anything more but two weeks of holidays. And forgettable rainy holidays at that. Bond shows more emotion to the DB5 than he does to the Oberhauser story.


Bond loves his car. He doesn't share that sentiment when it comes to Franz. Bond tells Q "He's not someone I'll ever forget." Franz certainly made an impression on Bond, very likely a negative impression, but Bond never realized just how much of an impact he had made on Franz.


This is not convincing on any level. Not just is Bond immediately willing to accept a man is alive he would have good reason to assume dead for over 30 years - he also swallows the idea hook, line and sinker that this man is the head of a mafia-like crime organization. It's as if Bond has been looking for a Moriarty all his life. And thankfully finds one.


But Bond directly sees all of this with his own eyes. There isn't an idea to swallow. It's all right there. He sees that Franz is alive. He sees that he is the head of a mafia-like crime organization.


Finally, the motivation on Blofeld's part is just as ludicrous and it would have helped the film a great deal if Bond had at least addressed this. Franz kills his father out of jealousy? Because of a few weeks some boy, hardly more than a stranger, has spent with them? Are you serious???


It only takes a one night stand to ruin a marriage, destroy a family, and get someone killed. A young boy growing jealous over his father spending time with another boy over a period of months seems very plausible to me. Especially if that boy already had problems, something Bond alludes to, if not directly spells out, in his conversation with Q.


That should have been Bond's reaction, even more so after the claim Blofeld was behind the past events. Any sane person would ask Blofeld where he lost his marbles. Bond instead goes along with the freak show. Not because he's just as meshugge as Blofeld - or so we hope - but because the script demands it.


Bond already knew that Franz was messed up. He's not surprised he finally went off the deep end. Sane people usually do not run Illuminati like organizations.


As for Blofeld claiming he was behind EVERYTHING. As the head of Spectre and it's offshoots such as Quantum and Silva he is indeed pulling the strings but it wasn't always directed at Bond. In Casino Royale Spectre was simply cleaning up the mess that Le Chiffre had made and Bond exacerbated. Blofeld may have even been amused that Bond was involved but he remained in the shadows and didn't pursue a personal vendetta. However once Bond brought down Quantum Blofeld realized it was time to strike back at James and those he worked for. By unleashing Silva on MI6 Blofeld was able to embarrass MI6 and get M killed. It played directly into Blofeld's 9 Eyes scheme and Bond still would be none the wise, if not dead. Unfortunately Bond survived and Blofeld knew it would only be a matter of time before they would confront each other directly.


It's similar to what happened in the Connery films. Bond starts off as a "stupid policeman" who continually interferes with Spectre and Blofeld's plans until they finally meet each other face to face. I will grant you that EON could have accomplished the same goals WITHOUT the backstory of Bond and Blofeld having known each other as children. I chalk it up to EON not only wanting to do something different with the Bond/Blofeld relationship but also finding ways to explore Bond's past without creating flashbacks. Tying Bond's backstory with the villain's accomplished that. It's also very reminiscent of Tim Burton's Batman. "I made you, you made me first." Having Batman and The Joker responsible for creating each other was controversial at the time but has become less so as each new interpretations of Batman hit the big screen. I suspect that same with Spectre the further away we get.


That really gets to the heart of the matter you either buy it, or you don't. It never bothered me because I thought there was enough material in the script to support it but as you put it there's enough material or lack there of to also not buy it. So to each his own.


Anyway good discussion.

In Topic: James Bond Funko Pops

09 August 2017 - 04:44 AM

I can't wait either. My biggest gripe about Bond is the lack of merchandise especially here in the USA. About the only thing you can find with certainty is the movies themselves. Most bookstores don't even carry Ian Fleming's novels let alone the continuation books. Occasionally I'll find a single copy of Casino Royale but that's about it. The majority of my Bond books have come from half-price book stores. When it comes to toys forget it. I lucked out and discovered some Corgi Bond cars at Walgreens around 2007 and last year Hot Wheels put out some Bond cars in their basic line up.  Having some of the vehicles is nice but action figures or figurines is where the franchise really falls shorts. The Sideshow Legacy 12 Inch figures showed up at some local Hastings stores but they were quite expensive and I only managed to acquire Brosnan's Bond on clearance.


And that the other side of my grips about Bond merchandise. What little merchandise or collectables that are avaialble or quite expensive and are gear to the high end collectors. It's certainly fine that those items exist but some in the realm of affordability for the average consumer would be nice. That's where the Funko Pops comes in. The cool, they're collectable, and best of all they're affordable. I don't mind paying eight to ten dollars a pop. Why spend  250+ dollars for one Big Chief Studio Bond figure when you could have 25+ Bond characters instead?


Funko also produces a wide variety of collectables. I would love to see a Bond action figure line similar to what they've done for Batman 66 and Game of Thrones.








If they did this for Bond I would buy all of them. Who wouldn't want a Sean Connery Bond action figure with an Aston Martin DB5? Or a Goldfiger with his laser cutter. The possibilities or endless.

In Topic: Johnny English 3?!

04 August 2017 - 02:22 AM

I love the first film, minus the toilet humor, and also thought the second film was so so. However I'm looking forward to a third film. Glad it's happening.

In Topic: BOND 25 confirmed for 2019 release

31 July 2017 - 05:31 AM

Some (probable) guff from the Sunday Mirror: http://www.mirror.co...erhand-10895860



In Topic: BOND 25 confirmed for 2019 release

30 July 2017 - 02:17 AM


...to which I would have replied, 'F*** off, I am fighting for my life...'

A line of dialogue sorely missing from the series. It would put back the bloody facts into a post-factual world...



A line like that points to a direction they could go in. With just about everything attached to cameras, computers, and the internet old school physical technology could be used to help counter it. You can't hack into a slip of paper. Shift the spy game back to cloak and daggers instead of satellites and hard drives. Put human intelligence on the ground without being continually monitored by superiors. Technology is with us and its not going away but maybe the can find more interesting ways to deal with it.