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Yesterday, 04:35 PM

Now that´s a fantastic trailer, IMHO:


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Yesterday, 09:01 AM

Part of Bond's appeal is how he uses his strengths to compensate for his limitations. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what Bond is all about? A flawed human with no superpowers who uses his skills and intellect to level the playing field against impossible odds.


I absolutely agree.  And what you describe is exactly why I like Bond so much.  And why he is important in an age in which heroes have become muscle-monsters who don´t use their intellect but only their strength in order to defy gravity and easily fight on despite the most devastating blows which would send a human being into the hospital for months.

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Yesterday, 05:23 AM



But a strike is not yet decided upon.  It may come - but it may also be resolved quickly.  And maybe P&W will have delivered their first (?) draft by then to get things moving.

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Yesterday, 05:21 AM

I agree that a Bond approaching retirement is not working for the purpose of the films.  However, Moore had the chance of staying very successful while aging - and the films were tailored to that.  As a huge Moore fan I am glad that he got the chance to make AVTAK.  Although at the time I was disappointed by the result, now I appreciate the film for the many things it achieves.  I also appreciate NSNA using Connery´s age to its advantage.


But in the end, Bond will always have to be attractive and agile in order to fend off the villains - and that´s where every verisimilitude of aging goes out the window.


So, I approach this aspect from this angle: I´m grateful to have seen AVTAK and NSNA - but EON should not go down that route again for diminishing creative returns.  


Which means: hurry up, DC... 

In Topic: Favorite Roger Moore James Bond Film

28 March 2017 - 11:11 AM

Interesting new review of AVTAK by the great John Kenneth Muir on his blog.  Check it out: http://reflectionson...ew-to-kill.html