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In Topic: Which country should Bond visit next?

Today, 12:25 PM

Australia would definitely be a top choice.  And it would offer so many different locations that Bond could have his whole mission there.


After the dark and/or cold locations of the last three films I would love Craig to be somewhere sunny, hit the beaches and return to the glamour of the CR´s first half.

In Topic: Minor snippet of news

Today, 12:21 PM

That is possibly the main drawback of Campbell returning, the media would likely argue we've seen two of his takes on Bond already. Personally I'm sure he knows the drill and the various pitfalls of 007. But I'm not sold he's the guy to go to now.


I´m not either.  I would prefer someone new and hungry who is most of all a Bond-afficionado.


Also, perhaps Campbell rather wants to be remembered as the guy who successfully introduced two new Bonds as major success stories instead of tarnishing that rep with bringing in Craig´s last film in this very difficult climate.

In Topic: LOGAN LUCKY - new Daniel Craig film

Today, 10:16 AM

I actually was disappointed by the trailer because it makes the film look just like a hillbilly-version of "Ocean´s 11".


Sure, Craig´s accent will be funny.  But if the whole film rests on that kind of comedy...

In Topic: Minor snippet of news

Today, 10:14 AM

Campbell is not exactly high in demand right now - so he could be game to return.


Otherwise, there is a certain ageism involved in the business - so even if EON said we want Campbell back, the headlines would focus on an "oldtimer" directing Bond instead of the young, exciting new talent who could give the series the badly needed rejuvenating shot in the arm.

In Topic: Sir Roger Moore (1927-2017)

27 May 2017 - 11:23 AM

Great idea!