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In Topic: Why is Skyfall so highly regarded?

17 December 2016 - 03:48 PM

It became so popular to trash QoS that the press was almost destined to love the next one, especially if it addressed the supposed sins that kept QoS from being a masterpiece in their eyes.


That and the fact that it had some true "artists" working on the film, the kind that the academy could wrap their arms around and embrace because they'd already done so several times over in the past.  


Yes, it was built up before it even opened by the fact Mendes was directing. 




SF was a little different and showed what could be done with a Bond film. It was exciting in those terms. It was also the 50th anniversary. IIRC the competition was relatively low at the time of release, which always helps. A film's success is often due to timing.  


There was also a four year gap since QoS so there was time to fully embrace Bond again.


SF is good, interesting, well made and different. I prefer the previous two films, but think it is better than Spectre. 

In Topic: How does Licence to Kill stack up now?

19 October 2016 - 08:32 PM

Very good film. Repeated viewings make it easy to forget how different it was at the time and how gripping the revenge angle was: every scene between Bond & Sanchez was electric. I think there was a lot of effort behind the camera amongst the key production team so it was a shame the film didn't do better business on release, particularly in the US. The tank chase is superb and a fitting end to John Glen's stellar contribution to the Bond series. 

In Topic: Steve Knight writing Bond 25, new rumour from Reddit

14 September 2016 - 09:26 PM

But even Purvis & Wade admitted in an interview that Haggis refined the script for CASINO ROYALE. The idea with Vesper`s child was for QUANTUM OF SOLACE, by the way. And it`s just one bad idea. How much bad ideas Purvis & Wade had for DIE ANOTHER DAY?  I do respect their work for the series, but in a direct comparison, I would say that Haggis is a better screenwriter than Purvis & Wade.


I tend to agree. I like what they did on SF, but the script for Spectre was awful in the sense it what such a missed opportunity and riddled with cinematic cliches instead of being a true Bond script in the way CR and OHMSS etc were. I would welcome Haggis adding some input to the next Bond. 

In Topic: Dame Diana Rigg on HARDtalk

17 August 2016 - 08:47 PM

Great interview. Shame they didn't talk more about the merits of the film and Riggs performance in it.  

In Topic: How a pair of gloves almost cost the SKYFALL production millions

03 July 2016 - 01:17 PM

I agree the second story is far more plausible. 


I seriously doubt that Craig and Mendes were 'completely miserable' during production of Skyfall. For one, Eon have a reputation of protecting their director freeing them up to creatively make the best movie possible. Second, if it was that miserable during film making then that atmosphere would transcend to the screen (which it doesn't IMO). Third, Mendes would never have returned for Spectre. Most Bond fans know from the umpteen stories from behind the scenes that making Bond movies is hard work but fun. Nice story, but I don't buy it either.