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In Topic: CBn is moving...

20 June 2017 - 09:57 PM

However, moving a vessel such as CBn - active since February 2001 - from one harbour to another isn't done in a day. Or a night either. We are currently still in a kind of advanced test mode; this means we are operative but want to handle the migration of members in phases and, in this early stage, by invitation only.   
Some of you already received invitations by The Admiral to the new place. Or will receive them during the next few weeks as we go along. This is solely an organisational thing and should be dealt with in relatively short time.

Do we need to be on our best behavior to get an invite?

In Topic: Moonraker - why such a bad rap?

20 June 2017 - 09:42 PM

Bang on. I was about to post something along the same lines.

MR had a great reception. Several prominent critics had it on their runner-up list of the year's best films. But the holier-than-thou fanboys and certain people in the media who like to tell everybody else what to think hated it. Or perhaps the lazy media just assumed that if Benson-Brosnan-Rubin-Schenkman hated it, then so must everybody else. After all the film was a big hit. The original "fake news", if you will. Also, there's no denying MR was far and away the most over-the-top Bond film. Not until DAD and it was around that time that MR came back into its own.


If you want an answer to the question posed in the thread, here goes:
Moonraker did NOT have "a bad rap" in 1979: it was hugely popular and even had fans among critics.  It made a boatload of money and it wasn't until Goldeneye that a Bond movie made more.
BUT...and this is key...while it's fair to say most moviegoers enjoy a Bond movie now and then, most are NOT hard-core Bond fans.  They go to see a Bond film, they enjoy it to one extent or other, then they move on to something else.  They don't obsess about individual entries and talk about them for years after, and they don't compare one to another.  When I was growing up, no "guy on the street" even knew any of the titles, except maybe "Goldfinger."  To most people, the way to distinguish one Bond from another was by what was in it:  there was "the one with the volcano" or "the one with the alligators" or "the one with the flying car" (took me a while to figure out that one).  The "best" movies were the ones that managed more than one such memorable detail.  For example, Goldfinger had "the car with the ejector seat" AND "the naked girl painted gold" AND "the fat guy with the killer hat."  TSWLM had "the ski jump off the side of a cliff" AND "the car that goes under water" AND "the guy with the steel teeth," etc.
In the Summer of '79, Joe Public paid his ticket for Moonraker, had a good time and went back to his life.  From then on, MR's legacy was in the hands of hardcore Bond enthusiasts, who picked it apart like vultures.  You had the "if it's not Connery, it's crap" crowd, the "Bond should never go to space" crowd, etc etc.  If like me you were living in a no-account town in the middle of nowhere, pre-internet, you had no contact with fans elsewhere in the world so you relied on books and magazines.  So there was Steven Jay Rubin's "James Bond Films" and Benson's "Bedside Companion" and Brosnan's "James Bond in the Cinema" telling us how awful MR was from their lofty perches as "professional critics" and we had to think, "Wow, was it awful?  They're the experts, so I guess it must have been."  And so it became one of the fundamental, sacred tenets of received wisdom imparted to all fans who wanted to be taken seriously by their own kind.  "Let the word go forth:  Thou shalt have no favorites before Connery, Goldfinger is the Sacred Text, Moonraker is an abomination, forever and ever amen. " 
Moonraker has a bad rap because a small handful of fans got to stand on a soapbox and excoriate it for many years before the internet leveled the playing field and let everyone express their opinions with equal weight.  Before we were ready to admit that every fan is entitled to his or her most and least favorite.  Before we had to courage to go against "consensus" (and the revelation that fandom is not so monolithic as we were led to believe). And the further we get from those days of tyranny by the minority, the more MR will be taken on its own merits: wonderful in some respects, awful in others, just like all the other Bonds.  Ain't none of 'em art, but ain't none of 'em trash, either.  It's largely down to personal preferences.  
In a just world, MR will be remembered as "the one with the space shuttles" and we'll let it go at that.

In Topic: The Ultimate James Bond Quote Game

20 June 2017 - 09:31 PM


In Topic: The Ultimate James Bond Quote Game

19 June 2017 - 09:03 PM

Great! Ok, how about..
" You're the first!! "

It's either J.W. Pepper sharing some quite snuggle time with Bond in a cut scene from TMWTGG, or it's Bond to Koskov in TLD.

If I'm only allowed one then I'll pick the latter.

In Topic: The Ultimate James Bond Quote Game

16 June 2017 - 08:54 PM

Bond seeing J.W. Pepper in TMWTGG?