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In Topic: Star Wars fans

Yesterday, 08:44 PM

Bought Star Wars Battlefront last Friday and have been splitting my time between that and Fallout 4. Thought the beta was quite good, but it doesn't equate to the finished product. Extremely immersive and lots of fun. I'd say it's a must buy for gamers and Star Wars fans.

In Topic: Future locations for Bond films

Yesterday, 08:39 PM

I'd like to see a significant portion of a Bond film take place in Central/Southern Africa.

I would like that as well. Definitely want to see Australia used in a Bond film soon. Same with Seoul, South Korea and Nice, France.

In Topic: Ideal Bond Directors

Yesterday, 08:37 PM




If they want a good script, there's only one guy they gotta call: Bryan Fuller.

I ADORE Bryan Fuller's writing and he could do wondrous things with Bond (he is a Bond fan, Hannibal being replete with Bond references), but I'm going to be really selfish and say NO! He should be working on bringing back my favourite TV series (Hannibal) as well as his adaptation of my favourite book (American Gods)


Hannibal ended perfectly and the idea for the fourth season wasn't a great one. They should leave that alone. And Fuller's work on American Gods will be mostly concluded by the end of the year.


I had faith in the season 4 idea, afterall Hannibal as a TV series is replete with bad idead made to seem like good ones by VERY good writing. Do agree that 3's ending was a perfect ending, I'd just rather see more. I do think he'll be working on American God's for some time yet though, he is (now) lead show runner so will be still working on it well into production, which initself is still some time off going by a distinct lack of cast.


I think Hannibal is better left the way it is. It was always Will & Hannibal and the show perfectly ends with them. Would I have liked a fourth season? Sure, but season 3 concluded very well. Looking forward to whatever Fuller cooks up next (American Gods). As for Bryan Fuller writing Bond 25, I could definitely get behind that idea.

In Topic: How Many Times Have You Seen 'SPECTRE'?

Yesterday, 08:33 PM

I said once was good enough for me, but my father wanted to see it so I ended up joining him to see if maybe it would perhaps be better on a second watch.


It wasn't. But hey, he liked it so I guess that's what matters.

In Topic: Who is Oberhauser?

Yesterday, 08:26 PM

I wasn't sure where to post this, so I figured this might be a safe bet.


Following the explosion of Blofeld's lair in Morocco, when Bond & Madeleine are leaving in the helicopter, off in the distance you see two SUV's leaving with what I'm assuming Blofeld (and hopefully kitty) and whatever men leaving(?). Noticed this on second watch and thought I'd share.