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In Topic: Will Mendes's sophomore Bond be better or worse than "Skyfall"?

28 June 2015 - 08:08 AM

I'm expecting to prefer Skyfall more than Spectre.

In Topic: MOVIES: What Have You Seen Today? (2015)

27 June 2015 - 01:10 PM

The Terminator - 1984 - 5/5 - Directed by James Cameron - starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Biehn.

At nearly thirty-one years old, James Cameron's The Terminator still packs a punch like no ever. One of the finest pieces of science fiction to ever grace the screen, with a unique story, brilliant direction, a relentless presence from leading man, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


A Resistance soldier from a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) is sent back in time to the year 1984 to protect a woman named Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). Meanwhile, a cyborg killing machine, a T-800 Model 101 Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent back in time as well to kill Sarah. The catch: Sarah Conner is the yet-to-be mother of one John Conner. The Man who would grow up to become the leader of The Resistance in the future and would go on to nearly defeat Skynet, a defense network that would cause a nuclear holocaust and rage war with the remnants of humanity with cyborgs. With a highly intelligent and killer cyborg after them, Kyle & Sarah must stay a step ahead and defeat the terminator, all while Sarah must accept her destiny and the future.

The Terminator could have easily turned out to be an 80's science fiction B-Movie, but instead becomes a great piece of storytelling. It's a simple, yet deeply layered story that is about survival and the preservation of mankind in the future. The idea of a killer cyborg sent back in time to kill someone may sound like an iffy idea, but James Cameron executes it so perfectly. He, along with co-writer, Gale Anne Hurd, craft a tense, atmospheric sci-film that at times feels like a horror film and is indeed quite scary.


Prior to The Terminator James Cameron was a special effects technician (he even worked on Escape From New York) and his only directing credit was Piranha II: The Spawning. It took a fever and a bad dream about a metallic torso crawling from an explosion to spawn the idea that would be this film. Low-budget/indie studios saw the film as a risk, but nonetheless, Cameron turned it into a hit on a $6.4Million budget. Cameron conceived the film from his dream and stated that it was John Carpenter whom he was influenced by and idolized in wanting to create a stylish horror film. The Terminator is a relentless science fiction action film, with the nerve-racking tension of a horror film. It's one hell of an edge-of-your-seat thriller.


That brings me to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who brings Cameron's killer cyborg to life, almost too perfectly. His hulking physique, robotic body movements, and emotionless face add to the scary nature of the terminator. A walking nightmare that will not stop until it has completed it's mission. It's exactly what Kyle Reese says in the film: "It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead". That quote tells you everything you need to know about the T-800.


To rival Schwarzenegger's Terminator, you have Michael Biehn's Kyle Reese, who absolutely doesn't look like he can do much against a terminator. It's almost David and Goliath when you compare the two, but the hardened soldier that is Reese, holds his own very well against the Terminator. I've always enjoyed Biehn in this role, as I think there's absolutely no one else who could pull it off better than him. His portrayal is just as brilliant as Schwarzenegger as the soldier who has seen the struggle of humanity and the horrors of war, who is tasked with a mission that goes beyond importance. Biehn has such impeccable chemistry with co-star, Linda Hamilton whose character, Sarah Connor is a treat to watch evolve over the film (and the sequel). She's a young woman who must quickly accept what future she and her son now have and accept her destiny. No matter how hard it is to believe, she doesn't want to, until the end of the film, when realized fighting is survival.


The cinematography captures the mood of the film so perfectly, and Brad Fiedel's industrial score only heightens everything. The action sequences, particularly the police department shootout and the factory finale are all very well shot. They give off a terrifying, almost claustrophobic vibe all while a killer cyborg is on the loose. These are all aided by the slick editing which brings the sequences perfectly together instead of appearing dull. With such an intricate story, The Terminator is very paced at 107 minutes, never feeling as if the film is becoming boring, instead keeping you waiting for more as the impending dread further looms.


The Terminator has no doubt created itself such a wonderful legacy, not to mention further pushing the bar with the special effects, despite it's minuscule budget. Sure it looks dated in some areas, but they honestly still look impressive for me. Stan Winston is one hell of an effects guru, and his work will continue to live on. A classic in it's own right, James Cameron's film is just absolutely flawless in every aspect. It's even better than some of the genre and action films that Hollywood continues to pump out. It's highly influential and completely enthralling. It's timeless. It's relentless. It's a goddamn masterpiece of filmmaking.

In Topic: Daniel Kleinman will design SPECTRE main titles

27 June 2015 - 10:31 AM

I see.

In Topic: TELEVISION: What are you watching? (2015)

27 June 2015 - 09:38 AM

Just discovered and watched all of Silicon Valley these past couple of weeks.  Hilarious, especially the "mean jerk time" bit at the end of season one.  Totally captures the obliviousness problem solvers get when obsessed with a problem.  Also, S.W.O.T. (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunites-Threats)--can't wait to use that one at the next stupid staff development day!  "This just became a job!"

Glad you've enjoyed Silicon Valley! I think it's the best comedy show airing on television right now, and each episode just leaves me wanting more! Mike Judge & Co. have done a terrific job on developing the show's story over 18 episodes without getting stale or just repeating stuff. Love the direction, and especially love the characters. Looking forward to see what's going to happen in Season 3.

In Topic: Daniel Kleinman will design SPECTRE main titles

27 June 2015 - 09:20 AM

I love the ideas on this thread.


Apparently (I'm not really sure how reliable it was, though) on the leaked script it is confirmed that the title sequence


which actually makes me very happy.