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13 September 2014 - 10:16 PM

Not sure this one will really happen, though.

I have to agree with you on that one. With the decline in interest as well as box office revenue with Stallone's latest films, I honestly don't see a fifth Rambo film getting made any time soon. I'm sure a studio, this being Millennium Films would greenlight it, but, still, I doubt it would happen. The last film did decent, but no one, at least everyone I know who saw it, even remotely enjoyed it. 


Hmm this movie looks interesting. I have never seen the Mad Max movies though. 

The original film is pretty good, though I prefer the sequel, The Road Warrior much more. The third film, Beyond Thunderdome is simply just "meh" and I think it's the weakest in the series.

In Topic: What movie have you seen today?

13 September 2014 - 01:50 AM

2 Guns - 2013 - 2/5 - Directed by Baltasar Kormakur - starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg

"You never heard the saying, never rob a bank across from a diner with the best donuts in three counties?"
2 Guns is the second American film by Baltasar Kormakur and second pairing with Mark Wahlberg, and follows two men, DEA Agent, Bobby Bobby Trench (Denzel Washington) and USN Officer Mike Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) who are paired up with each other after investigating each other other after a failed attempt to infiltrate a drug cartel.
From start to finish, Guns features twists and turns, left and right, and virtually everyone is getting fucked over in this film. It's not confusing to follow at all, in fact, it's just quite annoying. The film was marketed as a buddy cop type of film, which it is at heart, but it takes a while before it becomes essentially a buddy cop film and we are thrust into viewing the paring of Washington and Wahlberg. That then leads me to say that, their pairing is actually a lot better than I initially thought it was going to be. I've always thought of Wahlberg as a likable guy, and I firmly believe that he can reach his potential with a good script and good director. having said that, he does comedy very well, and action fairly well. The chemistry together is actually very well, and the two feed off of each other very well.
Other than that, the film is just incredibly weak. It takes too long to get the ball rolling and lead into the overall film, and besides Washington and Wahlberg's performances, everyone else is just flat and dreadfully, especially Bill Paxton. The action scenes are just standard, run of the mill and you've seen them before. If the film followed just a standard plot, and crossed out the double crossing, and focused on the chemistry of the two leads, this could have been an pretty basic, mildly entertaining film.
I have to thank Kormakur for favoring coherent action scenes with practical effects over cheesy CGI (The Expendables Franchise) and quick jump cuts and shaky cam fetish (Bow your head in shame, Paul Greengrass!). To some, this could be mildly entertaining and enjoyable for the casual action genre fan, but there isn't anything here that is remotely memorable. 2 Stars for 2 Guns
"You've heard of the hidden hand of God? Well, that's God's son of a bitch."
The Fifth Estate - 2013 - 3/5 - Directed by Bill Condon - starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl
"You can't go far in this world by relying on people. People are loyal until it seems opportune not to be."
Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is incredibly interesting along with the leaking of United States documents. So it was obviously inevitable that the film version of WikiLeaks would throw in some inaccurcies and filler information to bloat the film up. The trailer for the film was okay, and the film tanked at the box office. having said that, The Fifth Estate wasn't really that bad of a film. I enjoyed it for what it was, despite it NOT telling the completely truth about WikiLeaks.
The screenplay is a bit iffy, along with Bill Condon's direction, but it's honestly the performances by Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl that make this wholly interesting. And while it covers the basic grounds of WikiLeaks, it leaves out a lot of the information that should have included in the film. The film also portrays Assange as this type of megalomaniac as a manipulative and selfish person, who is only out for himself, but I honestly couldn't buy it. That doesn't say that Cumberbatch was horrible, because he was far from it.
The editing along with certain sequences were very iffy, but that doesn't mean that the film is hard to follow by any means. I look at The Fifth Estate as if Bill Condon was trying to take the story of Assange and WikiLeaks and give it a type of Aaron Sorkin, a la The Social Network treatment and make it a sophisticated drama/thriller. If you really want the complete truth about Assange and WikiLeaks, then do as Assange said and go out and research the true story for yourself.
This is basically Hollywood's WikiLeaks film, and I managed to still enjoy it more than I though I would.
"As Oscar Wilde said, "Man is least himself when he talks with his own person. Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth. "
Houdini - 2014 - 3/5 - Directed by Uli Edel - starring Adrien Brody and Kristen Connolly
Adrien Brody plays arguably the greatest escape artist and illusionist in the world, Harry Houdini. It follows his early childhood life and early beginnings as a performer to his marriage and being recruited for espionage at MI5 and his eventful death at the age of 52.
The performance by Brody is a treat to watch. He's extremely charismatic as Harry Houdini and the voice overs throughout the two part film are quite good. Even the performance by Kristen Connolly wasn't half bad, and it was good to see her again, as I haven't seen her in anything sine Drew Goddard's The Cabin In The Woods.
The first part which covers his background, and early tricks is easily the best of the two part miniseries. It's highly enjoyable, despite being a little hammy in spots. The second part isn't bad either, but it treads more and heads into some strange territories as well. Not to mention the miniseries had this type of CSI like analyzing nature to the film that literally tells you everything behind his greatest escapes, illusions, and tricks, which is a little distracting and annoying at times.
Houdini isn't bad by any stretch, and it's a great way to kill three hours, but I feel like in the end, I wanted much more than what I was hoping to get.

In Topic: Chiwetel Ejiofor Eyed For ‘James Bond’ Villain

07 September 2014 - 01:46 AM

With Ejiofor's next project, "The Secret In Their Eyes", shooting in October, and Bond 24 not beginning shooting until December, it is still very possible that Ejiofor will end up being cast.  His next project probably won't have that long of a shooting schedule -- the original version (it's a remake of an Argentinian film) shot in less than 2 months -- meaning he'll likely be free by the time Bond begins.



It depends on the shooting schedule like you said, though I think that's too far of a stretch. He'll be jumping sets and rushing in prepping up for his character rather than having the appropriate time needed to pull of a villain role, especially one in a bond film. However though, Never say never.

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05 September 2014 - 03:58 AM

I may buy the Blu Ray specifically for the steelbook case, but I might not because I'm not to impressed on the extras that are present.

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05 September 2014 - 03:26 AM

I can see the need for the monsters, since Gojira is sort of an anti-hero, and having yet, another American production of the famous monster showing up and destroying buildings would've been just a rehash of the 1998 film. You need a monster (one was fine, having two was overkill) to sort of make things equal. Only thing was that Gojira wasn't shown as an anti-hero for the most part.