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In Topic: BOND 24 - Principal Photography Begins December 6th 2014

Today, 04:38 AM

God I really hate the two week gap between the UK and US release dates. 


Yesterday, 11:26 PM

OHMSS style ski chase with a bang? Sign me up!

That would be RIVETING! 

In Topic: What piece of music are you listening to

Yesterday, 07:41 PM

Picked up two new albums myself this past day. Alternative Rock/Metal band, Slipknot has released their first album in eight years, .5 The Gray Chapter, and it's not too bad actually. It's definitely not on the same level as their 2001 album, Iowa. It's somewhat similar to their 2004 album, Vol. 3: The Subliminal Versus, as well as lead singer, Corey Taylor's other band, Stone Sour. It's a bit heavy and light, but the bad was on some rocky roads with the death of their bass player back in 2010, as well as the departure of their drummer. All in all, I'm just glad that their back with a new album.


The other album I picked up was U2's Songs Of Innocence. This is the band's first album since 2009's No Line On The Horizon, and It's pretty disappointing. Aside from the album's lead single, I really didn't enjoy the rest of the album, and I haven't enjoyed a U2 album since 2000's All That You Can't Leave Behind. Even with all the marketing and plugging that Apple did, I don't like Songs Of Innocence. Being a Windows Phone user, I didn't get the poor album downloaded on my phone automatically. At least that's one good thing.

In Topic: What do you want to see in Bond 24?

Yesterday, 05:40 PM



As for SPECTRE and Quantum. Honestly, After the letdown and all the issues that Quantum Of Solace had, I don't think continuing off from that story arc is the way to go. Not many people liked that film, and going back trying to cap it off might put bad tastes in other's mouths. When Bond threw Vesper's necklace in the snow and walked away, that for me, was Bond moving on and away from Quantum. Same thing goes for SPECTRE, I could do without updating them or having Blofeld. 


To be fair, Quantum was the least of the problems of the movie, which, above everything, suffered from an incomplete script; infact, one of the main problems of the movie is the fact that it ended without a complete resolution, and QoS would only benefit if Quantum were back and got a proper conclusion.


It'd be like not wanting the P99 because Bond used it in GoldenEye Reloaded and 007 Legends which were two awful videogames.


Yes the script was incomplete, but It still had an awful plotline. The resolution is pretty clear. Quantum killed Greene, Bond confronted Yusef and Bond moved on from Vesper's death and the whole Quantum Organization/Conspiracy thing. There's no real need to go back to that story arc. They had a chance, to try and make it interesting, and failed. Even with incomplete script(s) and extensive rewrites, it didn't work, because the overall plot, wasn't interesting in the slightest.

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Yesterday, 05:32 PM

Now THAT, I would love to wear!