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I guess I'm the only one who absolutely hated Fargo from start to finish.


That is interesting.  What did you hate about it?



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I know Ford wanted to kill off Solo and maybe he still does so he can focus on another Indy. One can wish.

And one can keep on wishing. Disney now owns the Indiana Jones Franchise, and though Harrison Ford wants to do another one, it won't happen. At least any time soon. Disney plans on putting out six Star Wars films over a ten year period, which includes a new trilogy with three films, and three spin off films. The earliest we'll see another Indiana Jones film, 2020 or 2021. By that time, Harrison Ford and/or Steven Spielberg will either be retired or deceased, thus Disney will go ahead with a reboot.

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I wonder if they'll cover up his tattoos...

I don't think so. It gives him character per se. Adds to the intimidation factor.

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I went for a minimalist approach. Oh and Red.


Wow nice work. simple and effective.


E bom trabalho Marketto, esse poster da Spectre é nots 10.


Thank you, Agent 76! It was originally a black and white still of Craig, but after adding in the text and the gunbarrel, I found too plain. So I dropped the image down to red and changed the text coloring. I'm much happier with this one. It pops and it's quite appealing on the eyes. At least for me :D


That really pops! Liking it a lot

Thank you!