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Can't wait to see the traumatic event that leads him to be disfigured and bent on destroying Peter Pan, whom he obviously works with during this.

It'll be interesting to see how they detail this in the film.


Wow Rooney Mara looks gorgeous as Tiger Lily.

You can say that again!

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Well it's the 25th of November, so they're a tad late on releasing their info and secrets.

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Batman Begins was the first Batman film in eight years, from when Joel Schumacher nearly killed the franchise. Tim Burton's Batman film wasn't an origin film at all, though while it was revealed that it was the Joker who killed his parents, Bruce Wayne's origins have never properly been told. So with Warner Bros. and Nolan focusing on a new Batman franchise, yes, actually telling it is necessary.

The Amazing Spider-Man was only out four-five years after the third film of the original trilogy and was still, relatively fresh in some people's minds. Sony made the mistake of retelling the origin again. That's what Raimi's first film was essentially (until we meet the Green Goblin), and in Webb's film it's taking up nearly the entire film in stead of moving. It's taking something that's small and expanding it to great lengths and being bloated. Further exploring it in the second film wasn't necessary as it was eventually dropped in favor of the many other sub-plots.

I'm not saying The Amazing Spider-Man didn't rush through anything, because it did. It went full Spider-Man 3 basically. While I didn't like Raimi's third Spider-Man film, his first two films did do a great job of building everything up nicely and shaping it all up. This new franchise is now relying on the upcoming Sinister Six film to eventually decide the fate of whether or to actively pursue a third and possible fourth Spider-Man film.

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Did anybody report that Waltz is contracted for more than one film?  Because if he indeed is the rebooted Blofeld he would have to stick around, woulndn´t he?


I wonder if Craig´s last Bond will feature a rebooted Tracy then...

That is interesting, and as far as I know, he hasn't been contracted for more than one. Maybe he has, and it just isn't being reported and is being help tightly under wraps, but I think this is potentially a one film for him.