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In Topic: Peter Cushing, ghosting, and long term Bond forum conversations

25 April 2017 - 07:33 PM

Probably. In all likelihood the demand for creating new material with the physical semblance of deceased actors will be very limited. Not only is the audience a fickle one, we are also by nature quite forgetful. Outside certain geek circles names like Monroe, Karloff or Garbo are just actors of past ages. They may be cherished and celebrated by their fans. But nobody actually asks for their return to the big screen. Actors start out small, become famous, stay there for a time. And then they gradually fade into obscurity again, such is life. The vast majority of Star Wars fans will have cheered about Cushing's bit part - but they would have watched the film with or without him. To most younger audiences Peter Cushing is just an actor who died long before they were even born.

In Topic: MGM: 007 films to come out on a 3-4 year cycle

25 April 2017 - 11:53 AM

The final act of Spectre stinks of such changes.

Very much so. Though I think some odd ends are scattered all over the script the last act is the main letdown. Much could have been rescued by a solid finale.

In Topic: MGM: 007 films to come out on a 3-4 year cycle

25 April 2017 - 11:19 AM

Feel free to use it... :D

In Topic: MGM: 007 films to come out on a 3-4 year cycle

25 April 2017 - 11:15 AM


But any Bond film beginning with him doing... well, not a spectacular stunt would be kind of irritating, wouldn´t it?

It would be pretty spectacular seeing Bond rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, paramedics using a defibrillator on him, running with the stretcher to the shock room, Bond half conscious looking at the ceiling lights, face of a doctor appearing, explaining to him they'll now put a glass wire into his heart to leave a stent there, gloved hands with catheter probe appearing, bit of blood on the green sheets, doctor explaining they are now inside his heart, Bond asking the doctors to excuse the trouble so late into the night, looking for the monitor to see what happens.

Beside which Blofeld and Hinx are standing; Blofeld in terribly good spirits and perfectly restored, smiling.

'Don't worry, I'm only here to watch; I won't interfere, James, big injun promise...'

Fight ensues during which Bond strangles Hinx with the glass fibre catheter from his heart, all the time bleeding copiously from the open catheter lock on the right side of his neck...

In Topic: Who do you want for Bond 7? * POLL ADDED*

24 April 2017 - 07:08 PM

That tallness issue: this is by no means as problematic as other things. It is trouble concealing it, yes. But much less than it would be to make a flabby or wiry actor look muscular. Camera angles, the choice of frame, lifts in the shoes, there are many tricks to make us see what we want and swallow the bait.

Meanwhile a bad actor won't become one jot better because of a sixpack or a 6'5" frame.