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In Topic: Favorite James Bond Soundtrack

20 March 2017 - 09:10 AM

Wonder if we should add the soundtracks to Skyfall and SPECTRE to the poll soon? Or perhaps we can wait until Bond 25 comes out.. :D

We really would like to. Only our problem is the forum architecture doesn't allow for more options within one single poll question. I searched for ways to circumvent this, to no avail; dreadful sorry for the inconvenience.

In Topic: Nobel prize winning poet Derek Walcott dies; his thoughts on Bond

19 March 2017 - 08:18 PM

Some interesting reading there, thank you for sharing this.

Though Walcott seems to mix up the films quite early in the series (Aston in FRWL?). Also he seems to make hardly any distinction between film Bond and its literary counterpart. I'm astonished to read about a formula that must not be changed when the book in question, YOLT, does exactly that, and with as much aplomb as you are ever going to get from Fleming.

I also strongly disagree about the passages where GOLDFINGER's Fort Knox attack meets with Walcott's approval when to me they seemed fake and too easy. But of course, horses for courses...

Anyway, thanks a lot for these interesting snippets from an early fan of 007.

In Topic: Over 100 Bond Items For Sale or Trade: NEW Listings

18 March 2017 - 07:13 PM

Best of luck, Matt.

In Topic: Who do you want for Bond 7? * POLL ADDED*

18 March 2017 - 04:56 PM

I still haven't seen the UNCLE vehicle. And from what I've seen of him as Superman he did not actually seem challenged by the scripts. Cavill might be an interesting alternative, established yet not so successful he'd be out of range paycheque wise. Audiences are already familiar with him, action is not a hindrance for his physique, talent is obviously not a problem, and Superman hasn't become his trademark role...so why not? I suspect MI could at the moment be more of an issue than Superman. But then they didn't oppose Craig doing MUNICH, which was tackling the theme from a different direction.

Cavill might perhaps be a bit too conventionally handsome for Eon's recent tastes. But then again maybe not. Much would depend on what material he is given and how the general direction of the series is going to turn out once Craig leaves.

In Topic: The "BBC viral video dad" doesn't like Bond

16 March 2017 - 07:59 PM

Thank you for digging this up, interesting reading. Although it seems really a bit pointless. When ever was Bond supposed to be a documentary? I believe that idea hasn't even reached the guy with the funny hairdo yet.

This largely reopens the ages old argument about fantasy spies vs realistic ones without adding a new perspective. Of course his students come to his class with all kinds of silly ideas about the world. But that's not Bond's fault - or Clancy's - but simply the fact they are young and impressionable and still believe in some kind of higher order. Of course we know better, we are thirty years older, we've seen utter nutjobs setting the world on fire. And our wives get taken for the nanny...

No really, I appreciate Professor Kelly's musings, they are word for word what I keep musing over when I suffer a spot of indigestion. But I regularly arrive at the - uncomfortable - insight that my musings are probably more related to my age, not to the actual matter at hand.

The case for Bond as a secret agent of the antiglobalisation movement is a valid one, no doubt. But it's also tainted a bit by the fact Bond is a product as global as you can think of. So the question would be who is really deceived by the ploy? If indeed there are people who understand Bond as a devious propaganda tool; not really sure about that.