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13 April 2017 - 08:16 PM

Being a CBn staffer wasn't all fun at the time. There were people with weird conspiracy theories, claiming that CBn made up the whole "Brosnan out" story in order to prepare the grounds for Brosnan getting fired for real. There were times when I did think twice before logging in to the forums, unwilling to read through the piles of dung that were heaped upon us. Little did we know that it would all become far worse after Craig was announced...


Little tidbit form those days: about a day or two before the announcement, we had unofficial confirmations from various sources that it would be Craig. Alas, less than 12 hours before it happened, one of our major sources send us a message which was meant to be a Craig confirmation from his side, but which was worded a bit unfortunate. We suddenly were in doubt for an hour or two and thought we'd end up with tons of egg on our faces and see an announcement for the fifth Brosnan Bond the next morning...  :P

In Topic: Minor snippet of news

07 April 2017 - 09:25 PM

Was PB out year & half after DAD?



CBn had word and first reported about it in early February 2004 (for which we got a lot of stick and hatred from loads of naysayers until the very day when Craig was announced). There is an interview somewhere (can't find it, sorry)  from earlier in 2004, in which he says that his time as Bond is over, which means that it was confirmed even before we reported. Funnily, no one took this into account in the debate following the CBn report. 


What followed was a lengthy and rather heated debate (especially on these boards), and media reports that had Eon claim that "Brosnan is Bond, for now" (which only meant that hadn't found a replacement, yet) and Brosnan saying that his future as Bond is "opaque" (oh, how we all loved this "opaque" thing, it became the in-word for the following months).


Much later, Brosnan said in another interview (which, again, I unfortunately can't find) that he he got the call when they were shooting a particular scene for After the Sunset in the Bahamas. According to the shooting schedule, this was some time around mid-December 2003

In Topic: Minor snippet of news

23 February 2017 - 05:21 PM

I wouldn´t be surprised if the purchase of the helicopter was a personal thing...

"This time it's personal"?



In Topic: Minor snippet of news

21 February 2017 - 07:28 PM


Certainly a possibility, although it's hard to see how there could be much in the way of progress without a studio. And MGM would have a livid interest in announcing their own game for the future - if there was anything to announce, that is.

Well, it's possible things are shaped into a certain mould -budget, script, etc. - and MGM is presented with the readymade package and the option to eat it or leave it. Either way, we'll hear about it.


Any development on BOND 25 seems tremendously unlikely.

It's fun to imagine that EON developed the film in secret and that they're getting ready to pull the trigger on a new film, but, if so, they've been so secretive that Baz Bamigboye doesn't know about it!


Careful with news from Croatia. I still have a scan of a Croatian newspaper that has an "interview" with Tina Turner in which she confirms that she's going to sing the title song for Casino Royale...  :D

In Topic: I am giving away a big part of my collection.

17 February 2017 - 03:30 PM

John Cox over at Book Bond is, or was, a collector of such material.


Indeed I have donated like items to the good and the welfare that is his interest.


He used to be on these boards but I think he has veered more Book than Film of late.

Thing is: John is currently selling part of his collection, too.