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Favorite Roger Moore James Bond Film

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Favorite Roger Moore James Bond Film

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Posted Yesterday, 09:01 AM

Part of Bond's appeal is how he uses his strengths to compensate for his limitations. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what Bond is all about? A flawed human with no superpowers who uses his skills and intellect to level the playing field against impossible odds.


I absolutely agree.  And what you describe is exactly why I like Bond so much.  And why he is important in an age in which heroes have become muscle-monsters who don´t use their intellect but only their strength in order to defy gravity and easily fight on despite the most devastating blows which would send a human being into the hospital for months.

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Posted Yesterday, 04:56 PM

So much of this movie feels like just going through the motions, from "let's get Roger again" to "let's find another variation on Oddjob" to "let's borrow the villain's plot from 'Goldfinger'" to "hey, it worked last time to hang Bond from a plane, this time let's make it a blimp."  There is no life or spark to AVTAK, and the living, breathing avatar for that sense of tiredness is poor old Roger.  A new Bond might have led to some energy on other levels as well. But if you're going to put Rog in the movie, don't pretend he's still 30.  It's not fair to him or anyone else.

The movie didn't say anything about Bond's age. Why not pretend that Roger Moore is playing a 57-year old James Bond?
As for the rest of the movie. To me it is just not believable that EON would intentionally decide to make a "subpar" movie as you imply here. Let's not forget that this is by far one of the most expensive films made in 1985. The idea that some "lazy" filmmakers would wander around the set not knowing what they are doing is just absurd. The intention with this film (and every other Bond movie...) must have been to make the best one yet.
In AVTAK, they put more emphasis on the villain and his scheme. I guess they were inspired by Brandauer's Largo in NSNA. The importance of the villains caper was frequently mentioned in several interviews. Bond is also less reliant on gadgets and forced to rely on his own wit. The female character is more developed than what we have seen before. The action is more advanced than anything previously seen if you take the locations into account. Just imagine the bureaucracy nightmare of jumping from the Eiffel Tower and filming chase scenes in Paris and San Francisco. Let's burn up the City Hall while we are at it. Overall, I think it is evident that plenty of hard work went into the script to tie it all togheter. As an example, Zorin has several reasons to burn up the City Hall... get rid of Bond, Stacey, Howe and all the investigations stored in the City Hall archive. Compare that kind of writing to SPECTRE, with Blofeld randomly popping up in London to blow up the MI-6 building...

Oh, and the 007 stage completely rebuilt to film the most advanced set we have seen since perhaps MR.

#783 SecretAgentFan



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Posted Today, 05:45 AM

Good arguments.  


For my taste, AVTAK mostly suffered from the timing of its release.  It came after the two-Bonds-in-one-year-period (OP and NSNA) and after INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM drove action cinema to a new excess.


It also was the summer of RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART TWO, and people became accustomed to a much bloodier and brutal muscle hero.  Bond seemed to be to refined, too old-fashioned, and with Moore´s approaching age the media wanted to tear down the aging Bond films with it.


So it became easy to pummel AVTAK for all its weaknesses and to ignore all its strengths.  It was just time to call Bond out of touch with the zeitgeist, and after its incredibly long series of success it probably was overdue for that treatment.


Still, AVTAK is not a bad Bond film at all.  IMHO.

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