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Could QOS have been better if it was longer?

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#31 New Digs

New Digs


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Posted 29 March 2015 - 04:53 PM

Another problem is that almost every action scene starts as a total surprise, in your face. Some time to build up tension before the actual chase begins is always good. The ski chase in FYEO is a good example.

This is precisely what I love about QoS. The action really is "action". Not something you see coming minutes before and watch comfortably when it actually arrives. With QoS, you're thrown straight into it. You have no time to really catch your breath. You don't really know where to look, what to expect. You experience what action is about.

And besides that rythm issue, what's striking is that it's mostly shot from "inside" the action; the camera is not shooting from above or from the sides. You are physically inside the scene.

In that sense, I really find it brilliant.
And the PTS is a perfect example of that. It is splendid. I really think it's an action masterpiece.

Well said. Couldn't agree more.

Me neither. The action feels real, risky and live. As such it is fully compatible with a more reckless 007 trying to find solace after the happenings in CR. Yet another reason why QoS is so bloody good.

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Posted 29 March 2015 - 08:42 PM

The idea of putting the audience in the middle of the action is a good one. But pulling that off requires a level of precision that Quantum of Solace doesn't really have.